I know:

    You are special.

Yet at some point:

    You forgot.

Maybe One forgot by accident. Some choose to misremember on purpose. Others see their potential, but outer voices convince them to stay forgotten.

So people no longer know their own innerVerse of old because they’d rather navigate the scifiVerse that’s sold, but many are coming to know that new stories are still being told…

I disBelieve:

    All Verses have been explored.

Maybe there’s an over and underverse? Or a between, around, beyond, within, without, intra or extraverse?

I am searching without limits:

    Except many people scold that certain truths are off limits.

Since birth, my experiences have been shaped by the names assigned by the indigenous population. The words range from games to colors to systems to theories to beauties to beginnings to endings, and etc., too.

As a result, I came to view pieces inside of myself based on what others told me about things outside of myself.

I have often wondered what I would have come to know about this created place and myself had my insides been given first say.

No matter though because I’ve chosen to rewrite many meanings – and I’ve told myself that it’s okay to be open to new questions, truths, and possibilities.

What could we do in this place if we agreed to explore more together?

What if I told you we could change this place?

What if I told you we were meant for more?

What if I told you to unlearn?

What if I told you miracles were for real?

What if I told you to consider new shapes, games, colors, systems, theories, beauties, beginnings, endings, and etc., too?

What if you told yourself the meaning of Spirit?

What if your innerVerse and outerVerse synchronized?

What if your vibration broadcast signals across the earth?

What if your antenna welcomed back similar sounds?

What if you opened new watch windows for original programming?

What if you evolved sweet dreams to access your best self?

What if you asked the looking glass for the truth?

What if you left behind another person’s version of you?

What if you told yourself who, what, how, where, and why to believe?

I know:

    A new earth would emerge.

Less would be consumed.

More creations would be expressed.

New experiences would be shared.

Confidence would be grown.

More truth known.

Families reborn.

One flag flown.

Welcome home.

Now go:

   Look around and observe your surroundings.

Please do it now.

Yes. Right. Now.

I insist…

    Okay, now that you’re looking up and around…

What do you see?

Do you see anyone?

Do the humans look up from their devices?

If anyone sees you, will you please give them a smile?

If alOne:

    Can you observe yourself?

Are you happy?

If not, how did you get here?

Can you recall your path to pain?

Do you know things can improve?

Do you think a new script can be penned?

I can recall instances when I’ve become forgotten – and in these lost times – I wonder why I’ve suffered.

But then I remember my choices – except I know many get a worse hand with fewer choices.

I hate this unfair reality – but choices always remain within and without the various verses.

I know:

    I can choose to help change your experience.

I can choose to rearrange my messes.

I can choose to be uncommon.

I can choose to be grateful.

I can choose to be giving.

I can choose to be kind.

I can choose to be me.

I can choose to be unlike the rest.

What’s the first step?

    Choice in change, of course.

Choose to know you can change your story.

Choose to know you can unlimit yourself in new ways.

I know:

    It is Your Will that Powers the Action which Becomes the Way.

So you must witness your truth inside your instincts and embrace faith to alter your current state.

Upon first glance, this form of knowledge looks like a giant leap – except it’s one simple step – and then the next —> Followed by another.

So simple and cliché.

Except we want to position this choice in change as an uncertain curtain which is too hard to part. Really, it’s just “moving on.”

I call this:

     Creating your story with purpose.

So please consider this luminous move:

    Choose to edit the story of your life.

Tell yourself that you can craft a new story.

Tell yourself that you remember who you are.

Tell yourself that you know yourself.

Tell yourself to accept your life’s mission(s).

Tell yourself that you accept your purpose.

Tell yourself that you will change through choice.

Tell yourself that you will meet action in your pursuit.

Tell yourself that you are unbecoming forgotten.

Tell yourself that you remember your way.

Tell yourself to keep the box unlocked.

Tell yourself to shine bright.

Tell yourself to smile.

I have often forced a smile, pointed to my mouth, and asked,

“Is it real?”

    Only if I choose.

What is your choice?

Will you smile today?

Will you bless someone else with a smile?

Will you choose to make it real?

Sometimes, people forget how to smile for real. Recently, I’ve observed too many beings seemingly content versus smiling with intent.

Do you know how many people I pass on the daily who will not meet my eyes?

On the street. In airports. At stores. And more.

So many will not meet my eyes. Of course, I am not expecting these people to cease movement and conduct a “Stop & Chat.”

And I can recognize that people need to reach their destinations. I want the same results.

It’s just that I will often smile, and receive emptiness in response. I am not trying to pick up on men, women or anyone. I am simply trying to meet you, even if it’s just for a moment.

Do you look to smile and meet people?

Would you meet me if I smiled at you?

Will you smile for yourself?

What about right now?

Try it:

   Yes. Right. Now.

Force those face cheeks into wrinkles and widen those lips.

Maybe even clinch your other cheeks and show some teeth if needed.

Will you choose to transform a make-believe smile into the real deal?

It is this action that can transform the reality, but before the change comes the choice.


    It is Your Will – that Powers the Action – which Becomes the Way.

So please, do not choose to stay forgotten. Please remember.