Six-Film Docuseries


Don’t believe everything you see on TV.

The Fake News Project served as my public expression of privately processing the horrors from COVID-19’s death counts, quarantines, and conspiracies.

The docuseries cited mainstream media outlets, declassified documents, and government operations. However, multiple parts focused on my own dark accusations, unfair assumptions, and embarrassing predictions.

I thought The Strange Truth Project would be my only documentary about “conspiracy theories.”

So I was shocked to find myself spending every minute of my free time from April 2020 to December 2020 researching, scripting, voicing, and editing a six-film 13+ hour docuseries.
(That’s an average of one 2+ hour film being fully produced every 45 days for 9 months.)

I felt compelled to investigate the sanctity of the media industry, the human trafficking epidemic, and the Spiritual battle between good and evil.

On the first day of publication, YouTube censored and removed two of the six films. Multiple channel and copyright strikes later, and all the videos were taken down. (They can now be found at the INTERNET ARCHIVE, see below for links.)

Above all, The Fake News Project revealed the true potential of my productivity and hubris.

Because I laugh at myself for many ways in which I presented the content. I laugh at myself for thinking I had it all figured out. It turns out a little levity goes a long way and a dose of humility saves a lot of face.

If you choose to watch this docuseries, I encourage you to protect your mind, body, and Spirit because while the information can be helpful to increase awareness, much of the material is conjecture and the rabbit holes remain deep and dark.


13 hrs 26 min







Click any of the six images below to view the film at the INTERNET ARCHIVE

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