Lineage 0.0

When it appeared over my shoulder, I was standing in the pool.

I looked to my son before me, and asked, “Did you see that?”

“Yes,” he said.

“What did you see?

His eyes kept mine. “Like a shadow.”

Family 1.0

My daughter stood with us in the pool as we discussed the appearance.

I shared how I know I used to be capable of more easily seeing such things as a child. I told them how I stopped looking, and I was just returning to forgotten possibilities.

My son was surprised that others do not always see as he does.

I suggested there is another world all around us, but some have chosen to view through a lens adjusted by others.

Family 1.1

Within forty-four minutes, I shared the above story with wife as we walked across our property.

She did not immediately pick up what I was putting down.

“It was like a dark spirit,” I said.

She processed the words, but seemed to approach with apprehension.

I told her that during the past few days, I’d been thinking about how maybe the dark ones were not all bad. I said that maybe movies and books have encouraged biased thought patterns.

I said that maybe there are different colored spirit beings –

   just as there are different colored human beings.

And I said that maybe just as there are good and bad human beings of different colors –

   maybe there are good and bad spirit beings of different colors.

Kin 2.2

I often wonder how many human beings believe they have seen spirit beings.

Wife, son, daughter, and I have all shared personal stories about such things.

Friends and more family members have shared experiences of such things.

I know them.

I know myself.

We trust each other.

Have you seen something?

I want to know you.

I want to trust you.

Kin 3.3

And then I suddenly wonder if you know me.

I wonder if you trust me.

Do you want to know me?

Do you want to trust me?

As for me, I know we must meet in trust to tell a new story together.

And then we must be open to shadows and shades unseen by me and you.

Because 2 can look at 1 and the same view –

    yet 2 can still experience original views.

And we must accept that we are 1 and the same –

    yet 2 can still be unique in the game.

Kin 4.4

Are you willing to consider such things?

Are you open to meeting where unseen possibilities are entertained?

Do you know unprecedented experiences can still be made?

If not, what’s the point in this game being played?