4 Risky Games to Play on Your Birthday

by | Apr 9, 2020

According to the Gregorian calendar, at this time on tomorrow’s date of 4/11, my age on the page will display 42 years.

And according to the Villalva mood cycle, I find b-days to be opportunities for introspection as previously offered in my Open Letter to the Humans Who Haunt Me and The Art of Aging Out.

So with that in mind, here’s a new musing to help you introduce a little danger on your birthday. 🙂



What do you really know about your birth’s celebratory date?

Well, you know there may be photos of your wrinkly mug taken on this date. You likely know humans who told you they saw you first come into view on this date. Of course, you have no memories of this extraction event except you honor its date like it’s where you began your core origin story.

But when did you begin?

Was it when you were an embryo?

Did you start at 24 days when your heart began to beat?

Did you fully exist at 7 weeks when your lips were sensitive to touch, and your ears came to resemble your lineage?

I suppose many manufacturers stamp production dates on goods, and modern medicine seems to mirror this approach. Granted, some assembly is required, so you grew in your mother’s womb, but what’s the core difference between your gestation vs your documented build birth date?

What is the core difference between Dark vs Light.

Who knows, maybe you knew Light while Dark in utero? Maybe even before that?


Regardless of your age, what have you been doing with your life?

Seriously, let’s assess your current best-Self

What have you accomplished that honors your heart’s intentions? What have you created to impact the earth’s conditions? How have you treated those whom you love > hate? What do you know as truth that you’d want printed in your obit?

Here’s my Life Review at 42:

I always believed I was meant to be a father. I have felt this since being a young child as though Spirit imprinted this mission into my Being.

I used to write sappy poems about meeting the woman of my dreams. I always wanted to marry my best (female) friend. Then I actually met her, put my heart out there, and we figured it out.

This woman helped me find my voice. She challenges me to treat myself better. She makes me believe in make-believe. She is a shining Light and we’ve been doing the American Dream thing since 2003.

We created two new biological entities as offspring. I’m a daddy raising two breathing Beings with my bestie. That’s a real trip because I’m fulfilling my seemingly Self-encoded Fatherhood-program(!?).

I constantly tell wifey that I am proud and psyched about how we’ve equipped our kids to observe and interact with this realm. And I suggest we must trust that we’ve offered our best-selves to our children because, one day, they will self-eject from our home and step into their new unknown.

We must trust that we are building pure foundations to usher in a new world united in mind, body, and Spirit.

Basically, I feel like I’m making my most core dream come true in the story of my life. Yes, this parenthood program ain’t over and there’s more to go, but it’s moving forward from scene to scene, and The End is inevitable.

I know I’m a blessed fool, too.

But what about you? Have you ever conducted a life review?


Time is a funny thing during these silly days, especially for those opposed to it being strictly linear or forever measurable, but let’s pretend I wanted to forecast The End.

Alright, let’s say I maintain my current heath rates in mind, body, and Spirit, so let’s keep this simple and say I will survive 2x my current age.

Well, it’s 2020 now, and 42+ years from tomorrow means my Death Date is:

DD: 4.11.2062

Hmm, I wonder what my Life Review will look like on that day?

Are you open to running this mental simulation and calculating your Death Date?

What habits would you change if you set the timer and started your countdown?

Risky Game #4: MAKE A DEEP WISH

Wish like there is a better tomorrow.

Wish like today is magnificent. Isn’t that how now is won?

Here’s my Deep Wish:

“I wish for Spirit to cleanse the earth. I pray for Light to vibrate in the darkest hearts. I wish for healing in every innerverse. I wish for Love to power the universe. I wish to never stop wishing new wishes with fam and friends. I wish to forever wash away all wishy washy ways.”

I just realized that the above wish has been among my deepest dreams for all my life. The atrocities committed against living beings across this plane is enough to make One wonder WTF(udge).

So I dream big and wish deep.

But it’s dangerous because this exercise expends endless energy and the timing isn’t guaranteed. That’s all good though because my Personal Guidance System is resonating. 

Hey, maybe you should give this a shot because maybe we can make a shift happen faster with all nodes broadcasting devoted notes?

Soooo with all of that in mind, I’m simply stoked to find a reason to celebrate Me, Myself, and I

The current plan is for wifey, son, daughter, The Goldendoodle Prince, and me to explore a trail in the wilderness assuming wet weather doesn’t inhibit our adventure. But before hitting the great outdoors, I’ll be working on my book inside my cabin in the woods. And before spinning that pretty prose, I’ll be sleeping in a bit. And before exiting slumberland, I’ll be wishing away and dreaming deep.