Resources to Help You Become a Lucid Storyteller

Every storyteller needs a support system. Here’s some of my best stuff I created to help you craft a story that connects with audiences.

The Fast Draft Process

Brainstorm, outline & finish a one-of-a-kind story.

Find Your Writing Voice – without a Single Keystroke

Remember to hone your original nature.

4 Shameless Reasons Why You Should Write for the Money

Assess and self-help your value.

The Storytelling Blueprint

Illustrates the plot & scene framework in books & movies.

Killed Darling Résumé

Meet your next best darling and uncover character like never before.

The Twisted Truth About Becoming the Writer You’re Meant to Be

You’re not fooling anyone.

Create a Villain Infographic

Impact audiences & hero(ine)s with a remarkable villain.

Open Letter from Your Antagonist

Learn why your Protagonist isn’t the most important role in your story.

The Simple Secret to Engaging Readers on Page 1

My pants malfunctioned in the bathroom.