Build Your Novel By Plotting Like The Best

Every future best-selling novelist needs a support system. Here’s some of my best stuff to help you create inspiring characters, plot like bestsellers, and write fiction that makes a difference.

Create a Villain Infographic

Impact audiences & hero(ine)s with a remarkable villain.

Why Your Hero Isn’t Your Story’s Most Important Character

Recalibrate your creative forces…

The Storytelling Blueprint

Illustrates the plot & scene framework in books & movies.

Killed Darling Résumé

Meet your next best darling and uncover character like never before.

Find Your Writing Voice – without a Single Keystroke

Remember to hone your original nature without moving a hand.

The Simple Secret to Engaging Readers on Page 1

My pants malfunctioned in the bathroom.

The Storytelling Blueprint

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4 Shameless Reasons Why You Should Write for the Money

Assess and self-help your value.

The Twisted Truth About Becoming the Writer You’re Meant to Be

You’re not fooling anyone.

Open Letter from Your Antagonist

Learn why your Protagonist isn’t the most important role in your story.