Mental Particles Vol. 5

Mental Particles Vol. 5

by | Jul 30, 2020


I woke up thinking I came to change the world.


I had to escape in the snow because someone was after me.

I made it out but it was hard.




Pop committed a crime so he disappeared, but I was trying to help save him.


I have swam through many theories and conspiracies. Isn’t it okay to explore, question and wonder?

Isn’t it fascinating how wanderful our chosen facts may really be?

Why do I choose something different than you?

Isn’t it fascinating that you own the choice, too?


I narrate, edit and publish streams of consciousness.



Me and 3 others had gifts.

3 were done but 2 had to go back to being stuck with a Master or something. We tried to free them.

It was all good in the end.



I was on the run. Someone died. Someone else was going to die. Maybe one of my children or me. I was sad. So sad.


I experience different seasons of creativity. Sometimes it’s novel writing or movie making or invisibility cloaking or mental fitnessing or consciousness streaming.

I encourage you to play your own creation game during any season.


I woke feeling pretty well rested. I am aligned with having a great and blessed day.

I am still visiting a friend and it’s been a blessed trip in so many ways through connections and conversations. I am grateful for J, G, O, B, K, K, B, K, Fam, Kin, Friends, Jobs, Careers, Creativity, Dreams, Pursuits, Being Content, and More!

I will have a blessed day with Spirit, Father and the Christ Light.




You can only be 40 so many times.

Cartoon idea:

Left side is Godfather-like mob table scene vs. Right side is mirrored setting of the world’s legalized institutional elitists.


Yoda, Poo:

“No try, only do.

Number two, I do.”


Send video messages to people.

Show them I’m not too weird.


Spontaneous Combustion:

I sprint around my property.

I take a cold shower.

I switch it up.



Skit about a situation.

Good friend quiz: What kind of friend are you?


The Macrocosm observes the Microcosmos.


61 152 187



Lazarus tells Thomas the truth.


Every One has anOther.

EveryOne has an Other.


I stargaze by day and night.

The lost in place space happens on the regular.

The sun-locks occur erratic many days.

Parallax on home screen:

Upside double down lawn with lady on it.

Sometimes what a story needs most is hidden from your view.



I was near a bridge with mother and more people.


Draft your novel, fast.



“You used to be who we are,” says Lazarus.


The Third Lens 2.0:

I have often referred to The Third Lens except I am not confident all innerstand exactly what eye mean—so I shall reinforce my perspective.

The Third Lens is the window you were never taught to wash.

It’s the vision others may have hoped you never learned about.

It’s the sight many diets close.

It’s the door that some don’t want open.

It’s the view that dissolves when it wastes away.

It’s the path that remains invisible when not sought.

It’s the belief that can make you think you’re going crazy.

It’s the knowing that makes you know you’re truly sane.

It’s the lens that (I) so desperately want you to reclaim.


I have taken several cold showers this past week—except I’m typing these words after having taken only one cold shower so far this week.

You see, foretelling future events feels right here. I know I’ve already done it once so I’ll do it again hence —> New script written.

It’s true that the above words came true. I took more cold showers so the future has been fulfilled.

And right now I’m sitting on an airplane thinking of you. I wonder if you could use a cold shower? Ha, my eyePhone’s predictive text wanted to write “gold shower” instead of “cold shower.”

Anyway, do you want your words to come true?

How does one create the future?

Present. Faith. Trust.

I love myself despite my inner awkwardness, too.

Pay no attention to the hooded bald man bobbing his head to Stuck In Gravity as he types a song for you on his iPhone bHole.


Wheels in wheels. Meals like donuts. I’m wheels for realz with no more steals.


Stars observed through the P900 lens look like little luminaries vibrating underwater.

Sacred geometry.

421 polytype.

Creativity is the weapon. You are either creating or you are consuming.

Creativity combats consumption.

When you are strictly consuming, you are in the system. To break free, you must create to deploy the weapon.


I saw my first new kind of light today. I was standing there urinating when I saw a flare pass by. I looked over my shoulder to try and find its source.


Then it passed again and I realized it was a different kind of light.


Mirages and miracles.

We often can’t see these things right in front of us.


What is the ringing sound?

Have you seen Southland Tales?


I’ve written many words onto the waterproof pages but it seems like they still wash away?

The pain is free.

You can know this miracle, too.

Awareness + Intention + Love = Lucidity

This is mirage free, boo.

But then it gets interesting—because after I wrote the above text, the universe challenged me via email–excerpt copied and pasted below:

“Should you have trouble logging into your Identity Care account or have questions regarding the specifics of the alert, please call…”

Nah, I know who I am.

My name is freed.


Self Improvement Project:

Wife and I have hit the gym many times a week for many weeks. Journal game continues on track for annual event. Sprints around property become cyclical. Cold showers are frequent enough to tune mental limits.

The vault is opening even more toward what I believe.

A light was recognized for first time. Synchronicity sings up past and future cycles inside present. Daytime stargazing becomes unrecognizable versus total solar eclipse event on 8/21/2017. Sound waves and dances between trees for spiritual downloads. The sun is how we shine and connect messages. Remember the lens to meet me in the end. Heat resistance abilities continue to strengthen. Cold resistance remains weaker so low temp training must continue.



Somebody was trying to ruin me. Aquaman was there to help. Someone stole my wallet and phone (swapped it with another), kidnapped Jae and showed me her through photos. I had the kids and I was trying to get home to her. It was a _____ gang that did it to us.


People shift from realities to realities. People come up to me and swear they know me. Swear it. Five times at least. They eventually believe me when I say I’m not the one they’re looking for.

Wife and daughter disappeared at a fair recently. I wandered everywhere and wondered where they went?

I understand that ideas I’ve proposed are quite implausible for many, especially when you consider what’s possible. However, I also understand that I am not alone. Yet I see these rather famous and powerful men speaking about travel into outer space. You see, I do not believe in an outer space in the way that most people see it.


I have spoken to many people and I’ve asked them what they think about the many elements impacting the grid.

It seems the general consensus is that a reboot is required in order to begin anew.

So the overall agreement is a game over must be met? With everything collapsing? Before we can rebuild?


“Messages are connected through One in the sun.”

I heard these words as I star gazed by day for an abnormally long timeframe.

The Road:

I stay—and the path brings experiences of disappointment because it seems nothing ever satisfies here.

The fame. The money. The people. The hate. The love.

The everything.

Yet I am not One to self-terminate so I stay on the road through darkness.

I know what it means… “In the valley of darkness..”

And you think I have too little to mourn versus others? Who are you to tell me if my ego is vaining improper?



I breathe deeply.



“What are you doing?” wife says.

“I’m changing some energy,” I say.


Others have shaped the lens in which you view the world.

Unfortunately, this also affects how you reflect who you are.


Sync Ups:

Several Ones tell me they connect with the words I broadcast and this feedback brightens my Light.

How is this possible? Do we share a united consciousness?

Are we One?

Who am I?

Who are you?

Who are we?

In the past week, I nearly forgot, and I hate that.

But then I remembered and the washover poured.

Have you ever felt its burn?

When is your turn?