I wake and tell myself the time is 4:11am.

I check my phone to see I dropped the last one.

It is 4:10am.

Time to rise.

LATER, Johann said he’d reach his 7 year work anniversary on 12/17/2019. I told him I expected my own 7 year celebration 4 days following his 7.

He displayed photos of his daughter on his phone, but remember, it was his son who had the hot cheese sandwich.

He shared he’ll soon visit Locomotive 4144 which was originally a 2 footer.

He then tells me that next month, he’ll be working my home’s route for 4 years and 1 month.

LATER, daughter told me that she could see rainbows over the twins known as Emerald and Ruby.

“What do you see over your brother?” I say.

“Dark blue,” she says.

“Yeah, he is kind of in a mood, but that’s cool, I have moods, too,” I say.


I wake and check my phone to see 3:45am.

I know it’s coming soon so I return to slumberland.

I wake and check my phone to see 4:55am.

It immediately switches to 4:56am.


I rise.


I wake and check my phone to see 4:17am.

I know it’s time so after two minutes, I rise.

LATER, as I converse with daughter, she tells me our convo sparked déjà vu.

“Whoa. Déjà vu! I remember my dream. I dreamed this last night!” she says.

“It’s like a déjà vu dream,” I say.

I type here on the night of 11/13 that I aim to wake tomorrow morning between 4:11am and 4:14am.

I slumber.


I wake in the 2am hour. Not time.

I wake in the 3am hour. Not time.

I wake and check my phone to see 4:11am.

It’s time.

I rise.

I commit to a 4:11am to 4:15am self-wake time window.


I wake at 4:09am. 2 minutes premature.

I rise.

I commit to a 5:15am self-wake state.


I wake at 5:14am.

I snooze myself.

I wake at 6:15am.

I rise.

I finish drafting Improper Eternity.