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In Season 3 of Stranger Things, a young one touches the base of his neck and feels something strange – but his strange is unlike my strange.

I have often referred to my kind of strange as “the washover.”

The washover pours when I am undoubtedly connected with Spirit. This is my confirmation that my intuition, knowledge, and intent are in alignment.

Yes, I have misinterpreted this in past days, but I know myself best today, so I now trust my best self most days… Like when I moved two thousand miles away from where I’d lived for 40 years.

When facing the fear inside the initial steps to begin the relocation process, I knew that Spirit would not let me sell my house if we weren’t supposed to go.

The day after I made this claim to wife, I returned home from work and learned that a family member woke up that morning, turned to their spouse, and said, “We’re going to buy David and Janelle’s house.”

Upon receiving this news, the washover swallowed me and Spirit infused the following words into my Being… “I go to prepare a place for you.”


Walking my new grounds for the first time after traveling 2.2K miles, I say to myself, “What the **** did I just do? Show me a sign.”

The wind blows between the trees and the washover douses my Being. 

“All will be well,” Spirit speaks within.

How can I share what this means? I mean when the washover occurs...

Hmm, let’s see, it begins with a spark in the back of One’s neck. Then the energy upstreams a current everywhere ending in One’s extremities. The goosebumps rise in plain sight, and the inner-peace is known by One.

How do I convey the emptiness that ceases to exist?

Maybe One can ask for a sign? 

What is a sign?

It is an answer to one question.

How does One verify one?

Who knows?

One knows.


I told the man I moved 2,000 miles due to a unique spiritual experience – and he asked me to elaborate on the meaning of a “unique spiritual experience.”

I told him the same story that I’d shared with others which intertwines Spirit and family – except here I gave the inquirer one more detail. 

I watched the sun for a long time. Like a really long time without stopping,” I said.

I didn’t tell him it was solid day time. Nowhere near dusk or dawn. This sun gazing duration would no doubt alarm 5 out of 5 doctors.


In Arkansas, on that November afternoon when Spirit guided me to move, everything around me resonated.

The trees cleaner. The wind wilder.

The clouds louder. The sky bluer. 

And I did something that others have always told me not to do, I watched the sun.

I watched it for a prolonged window in time, and the longer I watched, the more it began to look like a black sun with a brightly lit ring encircling its darkness.

It reminded me so much of the total solar eclipse I witnessed and recorded on 8/21/2017.

Then I questioned how it was possible to watch the sun like this nonstop?

So I looked away, and recognized my eye sight worked just fine. So then I went back to watching the sun for fun.

I know I experienced this, but even now, I wonder if you disbelieve such claims – or – maybe you’ll attempt the same and receive differing results.

But I’d never been able to stare into the sun like that prior to that November day. However, I now regularly sun gaze for extended periods, but still, these are not abnormal staring sessions that match that November day.

Anyway, I heard my soul say that I must move – and at the time, I didn’t understand the complexities behind the move  – and I didn’t really ask, “Why?”

But after the moving process began, many questions were posed.

Was I moving because my current story wasn’t worth playing if the stakes weren’t high enough?

Was I becoming reckless?

Was it really a spiritual experience?

My entire family except The Goldendoodle Prince had input into the decision making process, and we all agreed to move from California to Arkansas. Although daughter kept claiming she was not asked prior to arrival. It’s okay though, I forget things, too.

Like the time I forgot to break up with her in-person.

Or the time I almost forgot to cry.

Or the time I forgot to zip slower.


I almost didn’t come to Arkansas.

I almost let my own voice die.

I almost didn’t make dreams come true – because the other night while swimming with my family in the ‘Sas, red tail hawks soared overhead while the sun set beyond the tree line – and I wondered if I was dreaming.

I experienced lucidity.

I considered the moment and wondered if everything was worth it for just that one frame.


But then I saw how many more moments would come. I witnessed many scenes pre-sent in the present heaven.

I wondered if I could give up this dream to wake into a more lucid state?

Would I choose to remember everything, even the strangest of things?


Our creations can be shaped into dreams or nightmares yet I keep forgetting such things.

Have you also forgotten stuff? Like what’s possible here?

You remain on earth where new dreams are spawned all around you on a daily basis. Things which were previously outside of existence are manifesting into reality every single day. 

You can create change. It is possible.

Yes, sometimes it takes many single days strung together to create a significant change, but in the end, it’s your intent that powers the action which creates the dream.

I simply want you to consider what’s possible in this place in which you live and exist. I have a feeling that if you continue the exploration process, you will find what you’re looking for, and create it.

BREAKING NEWS: You are the the One you’ve been waiting for. The Light you need is already inside you.

But you forgot.

Isn’t that why you’ve chosen alternative universes to reside?

Doesn’t self-sabotage seem to be the optimum creative choice for many?

Why else wouldn’t One self-help?

Especially when one considers how many free and accessible self-help wells can be tapped – yet record numbers choose self-inflicted game overs?

As for me, I know the dream continues – so I shape it to my liking – and my liking includes everyOne awakening together Shining in One Light.

Wouldn’t that be something special?


11-year-old daughter:

I ask my brown eyed girl, “If I were to ask you if you existed outside of this ream, what would you say?”

“Huh?” she says.

“Do you think you exist outside of this earth that you are currently experiencing?”

“I don’t know. Sounds cool though!” she says.

14-year-old son:

I ask my blonde boy, “If I were to ask you if you existed outside of this realm, what would you say?”

“What do you mean?” he says. 

“Just take the question for however you interpret it,” I say. 

“Then, yes, definitely, at least my consciousness,” he says.

41-year-old wife:

I ask my blonde beauty, “Okay, I’ve got a quick hit question for you… if I were to ask you if you existed outside of this realm, would you say ‘Yes’ or ‘No?’”

“Yes,” she says.

I look out the window and smile with the breezy trees.

“Ask me another question!” she says.

41-year-old self:

I ask mySelf, the bald One, the aforementioned question.

“Yes,” I say.

Q 4 You:

Yes or No?

You say “________”?


I have looked into the research behind many explanations. 

I have looked into many theories. I have swam through conspiracies. I have navigated and dug rabbit holes.

I explore, question, and wonder. But isn’t it fascinating how vastly different some of our chosen opinions, facts, and realities seem to be? 

So I ask myself:

Why do I choose to see something different? 

Am I simply choosing to believe?

Am I choosing to know? 

What is truth?

So why would one human call another “crazy” when one sees something so different than another?

I find it fascinating because I could easily choose to tell you that I agree with your stance, however, I would not be me.

So you see, I would not be true if I spoke a lie to me and you.


All seek to be found, including me.

I want to be viewed as creative, unique, special, intelligent, beautiful, artistic, caring, inspirational, generous, funny, more, yada, blah. 

Have you discovered yourself to be any of these?

Would you trust the words if they came from another?

Have you unlocked any boxes?

Maybe you’ve disclosed and regifted some stuff?

What would you do if a fire lit in you?


This movie is the reason my fiction was put on hiatus. 

It’s why my Nikon Coolpix P900 skills are farsighted.

Anyway, I published this movie online and shared the link with 22 humans.

Many called it a documentary.

Many called me a joke.

Hundreds of watch windows mirrored it.

Millions of watchers watched.

Thousands of bots trolled.

Thousands of 1’s activated.

Hundreds of people emailed.

Hundreds of replies offered.

Double digit 1-on-1 calls conducted. 

Some recognized me in public and private.

But all of it amounted to nothing but 1’s and 0’s.


Inside this movie, I challenge the most widely accepted constructs assigned to your experience on earth, and as I shared, family questioned my sanity. Friends and strangers did the same.

What’s stranger is that I still believe these strange truths — except I’m still open to the unknown. I’m continuing my own research and I will embrace the final truths we must all share together.

Yeah, I haven’t necessarily advertised such things, certainly never mentioned it on this blog.

Until now.


Many viewed my video project as creative, unique, special, intelligent, beautiful, artistic, caring, inspirational, generous, funny, more, yada, blah. 

The watchers looked to me to help them uncover more. 

They asked me to see them – and at the same time, I was seen – which was something I’d always dreamed of experiencing.

Except I waited many days before answering their emails because the response was too much. I could not manage the sensory input. The simulation was overstimulated.

Fortunately, I’m assimilating much better these days so I am once again exploring this created place in which we all live and exist.


I waited months to respond because I did not know how to offer a full uncovering of myself. 

And by the time I replied, many people had uncovered new discoveries on their own. 

But I’ve seen what it’s like to be discovered, and in the process, I realized that pieces of me were still hidden so I could only present portions of me that were already recovered. 

And now, I seek to share my Self-recovery process.


A friend says, “It’s as good as anything on Netflix.”

He means the movie.

A work colleague says, “I know more about you than you think I know about you.”

He means the movie.

We converse about an expanse of topics, and we agree there are always alternative views to consider.

A long-time acquaintance emails, “Well, watched the first 1.5 hrs last night. And yeah…. Seeing as how you’ve spent a lot time making a long video I’m guessing you’re pretty wedded to these ideas? Because I propose that the counter answers are quite simple and most are freshman physics class level…”

He means the movie.

life-long friend emails, “Dude, was that video for real? To be fair, I have to say I only watched about 30-40 minutes of it. I think maybe you’re giving a little too much credit to your own observations.”

He means the movie.

While dating my beautiful wife and sitting restaurant, the hostess approaches our table and says, “Did you make a movie?”

When the hostess departs after we share a convo, the waitress says, “You like totally just made her life.”

We’re leaving, and while wondering how to say goodbye to the hostess, I blurt out, “Keep searching.”

I mean there’s much more beyond the movie.


An old friend mirrored The Strange Truth Project on his YouTube channel, and the viewing balances promptly danced upward – until they didn’t – until they did again.

Hours 1-2:  2K+ views

Hours 3-7:  8K to 10K to 12K views

Hour 8:  Freezes at 13,213 views

Hours 9-40:  13,213 views + Nonstop emails from humans who watched the video

Hour 47:  11,789 views

Hour 48:  Views slowing rising

Hour 49+:  Views rapidly rising

12/8/2019:  755,577 views

The social media companies only permit the content they want to spread. They prevent certain content from Trending, especially when it helps others become open to new ideas.


I am self-aware enough to see how arrogant or silly I may look for presenting strange alternative views in a movie that you choose to watch.

I remember the first time wifey watched it. Her first words were, “I think you should share it.”

I remember the first time I watched it. I remember when I re-watched it. I remember how I would change things about it due to new experiences and knowledge following its original publication–but I remember why there’s no need. 

I remember the movie serves as a timestamp of the One I was during the uncovering process.

I remember you will know your truth when you recover it.


I have often believed I’m ready to leave this realm.

I have looked into the mirror and said, “I am ready to go.”

I have also spoken this line to myself during many airplane landings – but then I fall back into needing…

Needing to achieve things.

Needing to express Me, Myself, and I.

But it seems it is done.

I am ready to go.

Farewell 2019.

Greetings 2020 Vision.