Are you seeing anything yet?


I’m riding in the car with wife, son, daughter, three nieces, and we’re conversing about the New Year.

“Maybe we can all get 2020 vision?” I say.

“Did you hear that from someone?” son says.

“I’m serious,” I say.


For real, maybe your life’s reel will receive a resolution upgrade this year?

Maybe you’ll come to believe with higher definition?

Wouldn’t you love to stay resolute, and honor your 2020 resolutions?


I typically find New Year’s resolutions to be quite: DUMB

Because too many humans initiate new programs that fail before they finish loading. Also, I figure if something’s worth starting, why not launch: TODAY?

Yet despite my silly over-processing, I still installed one major update on: 1.1.2020

I deleted a dependency which I knew withheld me from reaching my full: POTENTIAL

Synchronistically, a friend emailed me this week sharing that he was contemplating the removal of a “wasteful activity.” He requested external review after he saw: SIGNS

I encouraged him to follow his: INTUITION

Then I recommended that he: CHOOSE

Because I know instinct can make changes stick with: INTENT

I know because I stopped drinking alcohol on: 1.1.2017

Except I’d tried for many years prior to that day because I saw the writing on my heart’s wall. I used to write, print, and sign non-alcoholic agreements with myself to make sure I was still in control. Most paperwork received the title of: MANSTER CONTRACT

It took many attempts to stop partying with the spirits, and in the end, no signature was required. The dependency ended when I made my decision with: INTENT

On 1.1.2017, I could not remember the last day I had not drank alcohol: DOUBLE NEGATIVE

I’d consumed everyday for countless days, but on that New Year’s Day, I stopped, and I did not want alcohol anymore: MIRACLE

When you’re ready: SET, GO


During the back half of 2019, I had fun looking for pattern recognitions in the numbers. License plates always offer a lot when I’m out and about: PAST TO PRESENT TENSE

Gematria helps me see the numbers in letters, and while I’m constantly running figures in my mind, I drop all zeros because, well, they are: 0’s

DREAM – 10.6.2018

I was making The Storytelling Blueprint and I saw how all the nodes connected. Everything clicked.

Then I thought the number of Creation was: 22

TRUST – 12.31.2019

Wife says she wants to paint our master bathroom for the New Year.

“I’m not really into it. I mean I’ve been into it before, but then you weren’t into it, and now you’re into it, but I’m not. But if you’re super into it now, then that’s it,” I say.

“That’s okay, I can do it all,” wife says.

“I just don’t want you to do it all and have anything between us,” I say.

“There won’t be anything,” she says.

Her reply comforts me – so I don’t worry about it – because I choose to trust the sounds vibrating from her vocal cords.

Later, she prepares the bathroom for the next day’s paint job.

VISION EXAM – 1.1.2020

Wife and I stand in the kitchen in the New Year.

“I know you said you were good, but I just want to make sure that you’re really all good if you end up doing the bathroom on your own. I’m working to finish up a couple projects today with the extra time off,” I say.

“Yes, I’m fine,” she says.

I continue to trust her words.

Later, after wife has already completed a primer coat and new color coat, I offer to help wife.

She’s standing on a ladder, and says, “Yeah, I could use some water.”

I fetch it like a good lil’ water boy.

She finishes painting.

RESOLUTE – 1.2.2020

Wife puts the final touches on the bathroom, and it looks fantastic. Also, her words were sound – because she’s finished and she’s fine: PRESENT TO PAST TO PRESENT TENSE

Trust is key between she and me.

At 11:10PM: I say through a smile, “I love you forever, in this life.”

“And in the next life,” she says.

No words leave me because I’m laughing out loud.

“You’re not free from me in the next life if that’s what you’re thinking,” wife says.

She loves me, forever.

I trust her.

But aren’t we supposed to believe the words we share? Isn’t that how this realm was always meant to be?

In 2020: Who will you be? What will you believe? How will you choose to see?