I’m emailing to follow up on my prior promises. (Catch up here and here if desired.)

For today, I’ve got one core question:

Do you believe you know who you are?

As for me: I believe and trust me. However, I’ve shared lots of things that others find hard to believe – like The Third Lens or Strangest Things.

Navigating this earthly realm is hard enough when others disbelieve us – but it gets wicked pretty quick when we can’t identify our own beliefs.

Straight up, I don’t need you to believe me, but I do want to help you believe and trust yourSelf.

Because wouldn’t you need to know yourSelf to know what you believe or why you believe something? 

Otherwise, wouldn’t your beliefs be thought systems developed or programmed by others?

For instance, with something as simple as your name, have you ever considered how your name was assigned at birth? Obviously, you didn’t choose it.

Do you believe your name is the best fit for who you are? Of course, you could change your name if you believed it was unbecoming.

As for me, I’ve deliberated this and found solace in my name. I simply had to meet my truth and re-assign its meaning.

So what does it take for you to believe in something as your truth? Would you to need to see, touch, smell, taste, or hear it?

We often need to unlearn before we can solidify existing or new beliefs – so I encourage you to reboot your mind, and re-calibrate your Personal Guidance System (PGS).

Challenge what you’ve been taught. Think thrice about who you were told to be. Reconsider why you believe in anything.

If you arrive in the same place, then no harm, no foul, right? 

But what if you find yourSelf welcoming new possibilities? What if you become open to new truths? What if you encounter new perspectives?

Well, in these scenarios, I can almost guarantee there will be loss – because you will be shedding pieces of your mental construct.

But wouldn’t you rather believe your own mind, body, and Spirit – than another’s?

Ok, cool. Just making sure. 



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Anyway, I just hope you keep searching – because I believe we must meet in new convos to improve this realm in which we all live and exist. And whether that’s with me or another, please never cease believing that we can change this place.  🙂