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As a reminder, I create narratives, believe in miracles, and help storytellers connect with audiences. 

And I’d like to solidify our new connection using 3 foundational questions that resonate with what I’m about… These are the breed of questions I’d like to explore and answer, together.  🙂


Question #1: Do you create?

Do you craft stories? Photograph oddities?

Paint strangely? Dance funky?

Joke witty? Cook tasty?

Adventure spontaneously? Imagine purposefully?

My experience tells me that if you do not consistently create (even in your thoughts), then you may be over-consuming, and this imbalance can stunt growth and development within yourSelf. 

So please, if you’re not already, focus on what you’d like to create in this realm… both inside and outside of yourSelf.


Question #2: Do you believe?

What do you believe is possible?

Can your circumstances improve? How do they change?

Through intent? Action? Luck? Destiny? Knowledge? Faith?

Can you be transformed? Your mind? Your body? Your Spirit?

Why do you believe anything? Is it based on your own experiences – or what others told you?

One of my deepest dreams is to help you reboot your belief system – so you can become lucid to what’s possible on earth, and in your heart.


Question #3: Do you connect?

Do you seek the least amount of human contact possible, and thrive on solitude? 

Or do the buzz of crowds energize and invigorate you?

Or maybe you’re constantly surrounded by the sapiens, but you still feel disconnected and lonely?

Well, I contend all Beings require connection, and I believe it begins inside OneSelf.

My personal history reveals that when I connect with my innerverse, I become more aligned me with the universe.

But what does a connection with your innerverse even look like? Would you even know your original nature if you met it?

I encourage you to never cease seeking to connect.



Post.Script. – In the next few days, I’m going to send you a couple more emails to build on these thought experiments. Be on the lookout.

P.S.2.0. If you feel compelled, please reply to this email and tell me anything about how and/or what you create, believe, or connect🙂