Hey, David here again.

I’m not sure if you caught my welcome email, but you can check out that message here if you still want to download The Storytelling Blueprint or observe pieces of my soul

Either way, I promised to follow up with to further explore, discover, and seek paths to create, believe, and connect – so here we go…

Did you know I spent the past decade studying the craft of novel writing?

My blog was originally built around writing and editing fiction. I searched to unravel the proven framework living inside novels & screenplays while I attempted to transform its skeleton into artistic visual guides.

But this storytelling blueprint can be applied to most entertainment and media from books to movies to more.

Anyway, I offer everything I’ve learned about storytelling at the blog. Please explore HERE to create a story that connects with readers. 

Here’s a quick snapshot of what you can access there:

  * Fast Draft Novel Writing Playbook – Novel Writing Course delivered in a Print or Digital Playbook. This workbook walks you through how to brainstorm, outline, and write a novel that connects with readers (for under $15)

  * The Storytelling Blueprint illustrates the plot & scene frameworks living inside novels & movies (free)

  * Create a Remarkable Villain Infographic featuring Batman vs. Joker  &  Harry Potter vs. Voldemort (free)

  * Find Your Writing Voice – without a Single Keystroke – Self-explanatory (and free)

  * There’s much more, so please dig in and create.