I often think about unique events in my life, some I’ve shared and others I’ve withheld, but I figured I’d offer a bunch this week because it turns out there was that one time…

  • I drove my Malibu on train tracks near midnight and my bestie had to swipe my keys when he convinced me to stop at the gas station for a quick distraction snack. 
  • I knew this life’s programmed mission was to become a father so I never invested in relationships that lacked long-term potential.
  • I accepted that I’m still a silly boy at heart who will always enjoy potty humor. 
  • I broke up with a lady using a one liner in the college quad because “I’m moving to San Diego so the long distance thing won’t work.”
  • I discerned that I say a lot of things I don’t necessarily understand except I somehow innerstand. 
  • I moved to San Diego without a job because I bet on myself and I knew that if I didn’t eject from my hometown’s old school crew then I’d likely end up in jail like some of them.

Huh, there’s also that one time…

  • I noticed that Kilo Villalva, The Goldendoodle Prince, was basically my life’s manifestation of Falkor, The Luck Dragon, from The NeverEnding Story.
  • I never called the dentist back after their countless voice mails because I thought they’d get the hint that I despised other people’s hands in my mouth, and I was relieved when their inbox hauntings finally ended because wifey told them I would never again sit in their scary chair.
  • I learned “scio” in Latin means “I know.”
  • I did an overnight camping trip in Scio, Oregon to record this total solar eclipse video, and the night before on 8.20.2017, I saw a huge rainbow halo around the sun before darkness hit, and later that eve, I watched a falling star drop from my Twelve O’Clock High to my Nine O’Clock.
  • I left my body and decided to not enter the black hole portal in the kitchen wall resulting in my consciousness snapping back into my human costume like a rubber band.

Ha, there’s also that one time…

  • I believed someone kept visiting me and I had to keep saying No when I really wanted to say Yes.
  • I was a child, teenager and adult and I believed we could move objects without apparently touching them, or fly, with the energy feeling like the poles of two magnets pushing against each other — north and north, etc. 
  • I never told a single person the wild words I said toward that eclipse during its totality, and I even removed these words from the video’s audio, and Ha, I never told anybody I edited that audio until here, too.
  • I closed my eyes and saw a strange symbol I couldn’t identify or locate anywhere on the internet, and it looked like an ancient script or hieroglyphic of some kind. 
  • I offered some of my most intimate mental particles like my journal entry from 3/22/2019 which stated “I woke up thinking I came to change the world.”
  • I maintained faith that You and I are changing the world.
  • I realized that the Word was written onto my heart long before I ever read a verse on any page.
  • I suspected that certain people are pulled to certain geographical locations across the earth to spread special energy to balance the world’s electromagnetic grid.
  • I found out in my 30’s that my cousin who was also born in April of 1978 also grew up thinking that she was going to die in a car accident before the age of 25. 
  • I made the 12th of 80 lame clichés insanely great by stating, “Time is money… Money is power. Power is energy. Energy is everything.”
  • I met the face of what appeared to be a grey while in a sober state just before meeting slumberland. 

Ya know, there’s also that one time…

  • I made a deal with a buddy in 7th grade that we would abruptly end every one of our phone calls that we wanted to exit with the following words followed by a hang up, “Okay, fine, well, then bye.” —> Click.
  • I chose not to look at the face of the inter-dimensional entity that begged for my attention while gyrating its hips in that haunted apartment in San Diego. 
  • I watched a helicopter flying over my son in the woods of the ‘Sas and it flew away when I saw it from the window followed by him quickly coming across the property and telling me that he felt it overhead—as if it was scanning him. 
  • I chose not to look at the face of the inter-dimensional entity that crawled the wall and ceiling while my girlfriend slept next to me in her apartment. 
  • I was permanently suspended from Twitter on 1.29.2021 with one of my last messages being these words which I shared in a quoted retweet from John Paul Rice, “I encourage everyOne to look to the Light for their path that must be traveled Inside to bring (y)our Healing into Being.” 
  • I learned that after 3 years and many mirrors that had millions of views, they scrubbed my original movie from almost every channel on YT.
  • I recalled how when I was in maybe 3rd or 4th grade, I completed an assignment by creating a world of Light Beings by drawing them onto the page.

Finally, there was that one time…

  • I dreamed the night before my wife’s sonogram in 2005 that we would have 2 sons, and the 1st was confirmed later that morning, but we lost our 2nd child years later after he grew almost 4 months in my wife’s womb.   
  • I listened to my wife tell me that someone stopped in front of our house, took photos and quickly drove away. 
  • I realized that I may very well have been a very bad, possibly evil human if I really lived those prior lives.
  • I observed a manster perform as the President of the United States. 
  • I threw away every single gansgter rap CDs I owned, my roomie got sick about it, nearly dumpster dived for them, but I was glad they were long gone because I didn’t want anyone else to receive them. 
  • I broke up with a friend who lied to me by dropping off her monopoly game at her cubicle when she wasn’t there and then I never spoke to her again.
  • My primary doctor and gastrointestinal doctor both thought I had cancer in 2019 because I had 4 major indicators, but the colonoscopy came back spotless, except I never believed I had cancer, and if they had tried to tell me something was inside me, I still would have disBelieved.
  • I learned that one of my mentors, adored by hundreds of thousands, was not the person others believed at the time, and this person told me to make it by selling out and saying what others wanted to hear.
  • I started to process why so many people have told me I have an old soul, and why they called me Grandpa Dave in my early 20’s.
  • I changed my blog brand and website domain from StoryandCraft.net to DavidVillalva.com to TheLucidStory.com to DavidVillalva.com while also redirecting BeAmongTheLucid.com back to DavidVillalva.com. 
  • I broke up with a girlfriend on her birthday and blogged about it 20 something years later because I never cease being a dumb dumb.
  • I started making real money through this blog via a pricey online course, smart copywriting, tricky email opt-in funneling tactics, but hated the internet marketing game, chose to over-deliver to everyone who purchased that course, offered more value again to make sure everyOne was at peace with all deals, and then let everything I’d built decay for 2 years while I found myself again despite getting listed as #11 by Writers Digest for Top Writers Blogs because I had to reconcile this question, “Why build an online business around a model I hate while simultaneously corrupting my creativity?”
  • I listed so many bizarre things that they maybe made you wonder if I needed a reality check.