I refused to cash the check.

I’m nineteen years old riding shotgun in my buddy’s convertible. That’s when he hands me a two-hundred dollar check made out to my name. He explains that if we keep driving west on the interstate, we’ll arrive at a grocery store where I can cash this counterfeit check. 

He shares how he can produce many more like the one I’m holding. He offers a rich story while sharing that he doesn’t want to see me “miss out on coming up” like him and others.

I’m a young and dumb teen, yet still, I return the check, and ask him to drive me home.

Within one year that old school bestie was arrested for check fraud.


I often look back and replay the decisions I’ve made in my life story – because many of these audibles altered my path in significant ways. 

This reflection recently reinforced how everything is rooted in decisions – because choices are the foundation to moving stories from their Beginnings to Middles to Ends and back agains.

Yes, choices create and connect the scene structure of all stories simulated on and off the page. See here if you want to see this Story Pulse come to life on a plotline.

But it appears that the choices driving your life are not always yours to wholly own, however, you do simultaneously Self-possess options because this game remains Player’s Choice.  


Choices intertwine the spine of time & space. 

So in order to create alternate storyworlds, the player/user must challenge their character to make new choices and pursue new missions that progress their adventure. 

And once the nuances of this simple pattern are comprehended and new choices are applied in each scene, the player/user is only limited by their creativity and imagination when designing their new stories because upgraded settings, goals, and characters can become more than make-believe.


It feels like 2020 barely existed despite my body being in its waking state more hours than any prior calendar year of my life. (Translation: I slumbered my fewest combined hours in 2020 despite loving dreamland.)


Well, I got obsessed with making 6 movies during the back half of the Year of Lunacy known as 2020 – and now I’m doing a quick-hit Self-assessment…


I aged an extra few years from July to December. 

It’s a sobering reality when you look in the mirror and see that you look like total S#@*!

Of course, I did this to myself, but I may try and put some of this aging out back on God because Spirit compelled me to finish (ASAP). 

Minimal sleep. 

Rare sungazings.

Zero workouts.

Missed meals.

Sad songs.


But it was basically me in Low Power Mode flickering my hardest to hit my Highest Brightness for 6 straight months.

Will I be able to turn back the clock?

I used to joke with Wifey and others that I was reverse aging like Benji Button… But things can change, and that’s okay, because if you haven’t figured it out yet, change is one constant in this world that you can count on. 

So I’m looking back at some choices in 2020. 

Some weren’t so wise – like how I treated my body – including me still falling hard for sugar. Isn’t it wild how much we feen the things we should let go?

I also chose to halt the completion of another novel and instead I created a new video project. It’s funny because the exact same thing happened 3 years ago when I was nearing a novel’s completion.

Except this time instead of 1 movie in 4 months, I made 6 movies in 8 months.

I chose to do this because I am compelled to bring awareness about sensitive information. 

And just like 3 years ago when I published the first video project, I sent this new video project to some of my closest and most trusted sapiens. But this time, I told them they wouldn’t even have to leave earth to consider its contents. ????

Last time many millions ended up watching. Is it a fantasy for me to desire and pray for the same thing 2 happen again?

Ha, I wonder how long I can get away with asking questions without giving answers?

Haha, can’t the questions be the answers and vice-versa-style?

Is it strange for me to feel like something b1g is coming?

Is it uncommon for me to see the coming days shining brighter than ever be4?

Is it 2rue that whatever 1 wishes can come into Being?

Is it poor form to recognize and publish that most of my most legitimate wishes in life have come 2rue?

Is it my 3go that drives me to amplify alleged moments of lucidity when so many others currently suffer across the verses?

What must we offer and sacrifice to help change this place? 

Are you an active player/user or are you an NPC?

Am I Selfish for taking a mental break this week 2 regroup?

I made lists of programming to consume and right now I’m observing 3 shows at 1nce, a11 which I’ve seen be4

I’ve strategically hopped across episodes of Fringe (Seasons 1 to 4 and 5) to shifting through Heroes (limited to Season 1) to navigating Love and Monsters to finding my way out of the mind-bending Minor Premise

Check them out if you can make the time. 


The best is yet 2 come.