Players Choice

Player’s Choice

by | Nov 12, 2020

At the age of 20, I was presented with a choice to move to San Diego, California or stay put in NorCal.

A bestie needed somebody to relocate to SoCal with him, and since I’d been exploring an adventure into the unknown, I was challenged to eject from my group of friends dealing in bad business.

Unfortunately, the relocation package was unimpressive = No job, 1 friend, and a distance of 500 miles from everything I’d ever ever known.

Except after months of maybe’s, I accepted my buddy’s call to adventure.


Without a job lined up, I secured a $3K loan, cashed out my 401K, and moved to a city I’d visited just once prior.

Many scenes and one wife later, I’ve never regretted that choice.


20 years later, I made another choice to move into the unknown.

And like last time, I was compelled by Spirit, but I was betting bigger this time because 1 wifey, 2 kids and The Goldendoodle Prince were on the line this time.

So without knowing if I’d get to keep my day job, I chose to transplant my most beloved over 2K miles to the ‘Sas (Arkansas).

That’s where I learned special pockets of electromagnetic energy exist on earth. Think less Bermuda Triangle and more Lost.


2 years later, I made the choice to return to the known.

So I’m going back to Cali and it’s hard to accept—except I also see it’s meant to be.

Ha, isn’t it kinda wack when we’re cognizant of life’s miracles blended in pain?

Anyway, I’m going back West for a redo because that’s what I do…

I listen for direction.

I wait for guidance.

I hear answers.

Except I often want to deny them.

That’s okay though, I still honor their truth in the end.


Sometimes I obsess about the current times, but then I remember the past, present and future tense all possess certainty and nonsense.

Hey, I don’t always know when to hold or go all in, but at least I’m still making choices that matter in the end.


PLAYER: Are you due for a gamble or two?

Maybe not with anything harmful, at least not anything that could permanently harm your forever-ever, but maybe something worth exploring.

PLAYER: What if you could create a different scenery?

What if you could introduce new characters?

What if you could make new endings?

What if you could resume pursuits?

What if you cast a new role?

PLAYER: Is there something you can see, that you do not want to look at?

Is the choice within you?

Is it without you?

PLAYER: Please keep choosing to move spaces.

Please keep pursuing the purpose of this creation.

Please keep turning the points in the story of your life.

Please keep making choices that make the world move and matter.

Otherwise, you may forget that simply playing is how you win the game.



Help people.

Do something kind.

Dream something big.

Believe in something bold.

Spread and storytell the untold.

Remember: This is PLAYER’S CHOICE.