With the summer solstice approaching, I’m once again speeding across memory lanes thinking about that one time

  • I chose to go solo to Las Vegas for my 21st birthday while taking minimal money without luggage, wearing my only suit / shades, and leaving with a life-defining adventure that lasted a day longer than originally designed. 
  • I accidentally killed Pop’s most beloved vehicle doing donuts in the park. 
  • I saw the synchronicities and manifestations in my 40’s become so common that they started to feel like full Remembrance was just a déjà vu dream away. 
  • A sister told me her husband had tricked her into thinking the TV was being manipulated by a ghost when it was really just her husband being sneaky in the next room. 
  • Wifey thought I was being sneaky, but we were really being “electrical.” 
  • I realized I get Spiritual downloads in the shower so I got a waterproof pad and pencil to save my spacetime, and then I learned Daughter experienced similar sensations, so she got AquaNotes, too.

Huh, there’s also that one time…

  • I bombed my best man speech at Brother’s wedding. 
  • Wifey’s eyes and mine locked in agreement about our future daughter’s name the second after Octavia introduced herself at our friend’s wedding. 
  • A bestie assigned me the nickname of “Lil Devil” for my own wickedly wack acts, and I couldn’t exorcise that title for 2 decades. 
  • I watched the stars for 77+ days before I started to record the video project that made most close Ones question my mental particles except for a handful including 2 attorney buddies who privately replied that I presented the hypotheses using compelling arguments. 
  • I realized Wifey was a healer with special gifts because she almost always seems to help dissipate the pain, but it’s not just her touch, it’s her words that go beyond enough. 
  • I started to create my first-ever dating profile, not for moi, but for the faux real Bubba Faust, of course.
  • Within days after I watched Arrival, my 7 year old daughter sketched Wifey and me as Octapods which I laminated because we were somehow syncing about the Heptapods she’d never seen onscreen.

Ha, there’s also that one time…

  • I got fired from my first 3 jobs. 
  • I got laid off from a job on my 5-year anniversary. 
  • I daydreamed the exact day, location, and time window I’d get the job offer for the gig that lasted 15+ years. 
  • My neighbor in the backwoods told me the previous house on my property had burned down before they built the new house I was living in.
  • I thanked my old school bestie 25 years later for stopping us from further using that Ouija board in his house which still had the residual spiritual presence of the guy who Self-terminated there. 
  • I kept choosing the exact location of the double 6 when all the dominos were facing down.
  • I watched The Blair Witch Project with Brother on 7/30/1999 and we agreed the hour(s) changed because the movie’s start time, runtime, and clock’s time couldn’t align afterward.
  • I picked up the phone knowing who it was and said, “Yo, Severin.”

Ya know, there’s also that one time…

  • I shared a dream with Brother when we slept in the same room and our two dreams fit together like pieces completing a puzzle. 
  • My friends dropped by my house to expand my world because I loved being a homebody.
  • I realized that social media guru dude I followed was part of a system harvesting time and money for their Silly Cash Pyramid.
  • I wondered why I couldn’t remember almost all of my early years and then I learned in 2021 that Mother recalls her earliest moments including her being a baby in her crib, and she even fact checked her memories by reciting the look of furniture and features to her mother. 
  • I froze the first time she told me, “I love you.”
  • I flipped the wave-runner and quickly turned it upright again before pushing Wifey back onto it so I could also climb it to escape the ocean due to my bleeding finger further filling my irrational fear of sharks.

Finally, there was that one time…

  • I dreamed an entire lifetime in one evening, very similar to that Star Trek: The Next Generation episode from Season 5, Episode 25. 
  • I watched 10 movies in 48 hours while visiting a brother in Phillie during Memorial Day Weekend of 2021.
  • I went a couple dreams deep like Inception, and at each level of awakening, it kept feeling like the “real” deal. 
  • I turned right onto a One-Way Street, moved to the center lane so two vehicles could pass me on each side going the opposite direction, then I spotted a police cruiser, pulled off the street, and then the cop quickly cornered me to ask what I was thinking, so I told him that I saw I’d accidentally turned onto a One-Way street so I knew I needed to exit it ASAP. 
  • I didn’t publish a novel after 10 years. 
  • I made a 6 film series in 8 months. 
  • I pulled out too early in front of the college after dropping off Sister, and the woman’s Acura clipped my Malibu Classic’s driver’s side nose which ripped off its chrome bumper which I then had to remove from the side of the woman’s vehicle. 
  • I couldn’t miss a shot on the court because everything I put up just fell through the hoop.
  • I dreamed on 7/18/1998 that I loved some woman with all my heart and soul, but I was awful to her so I ended up paying for it by some power taking my life, and it was so sad except beautiful at the same time, and it happened at St. Francis Elementary’s parking lot where I had no heart or conscience, but in the end, I did, but it was too late, then my entire existence was somehow put into a beautiful piece of artwork kind of thing looking like a vase.