The fam and I are watching The Truman Show, and @ the 72 min 28 sec mark, Truman tells a potential purchaser that he should buy insurance because: 

  A sunbather may be minding his own business but could suddenly get stabbed in the heart by the tip of a runaway beach umbrella. 

Wife interjects that this actually happened and she once treated a patient in the ICU after an umbrella punctured a guy’s chest below his clavicle.

I ask wife, “Are you part of The Truman Show?”

“Yes David, you are Truman!” she replies. 

We all laugh. 

Then wife speaks directly to daughter, but wife fumbles over a couple words in the process. 

“You really need to brush up on your lines,” I say. 




This realm is now animating photos of anybody, even the deceased. Maybe you already heard tho?

MyHeritage will “Animate the faces in your photos using amazing technology” (known as Deep Nostalgia).

Too creepy or kinda cool to see?

Want something even more wild to perceive?

Ever heard of GANs?

Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) is a class of machine learning frameworks where 2 neural networks contest with each other in a game (in the form of a zero-sum game, where one agent’s gain is another agent’s loss). Basically, this tech can be applied to many things including the creation of realistic looking faces.

ThisPersonDoesNotExist is a website that shows you faces created using this breed of A.I. 

  After you finish reading this piece, I recommend you click that above link, and tap refresh to keep meeting new nonexistent-humans. You can also visit the lower right corner of that page to gather more intel and further explore the unknown.

Q. What if you’ve already come across faces online that were not real people? You know, like they were never real Players in the game?

Q. What if pieces of your personal photos previously posted online were portioned by the robotical engineers to create life inside artificial faces?

Q. Your nose?

Q. Your smile?

Q. Your eyes?

Q. Wild, right?

Ha, all good if that’s a bit much for you because we can stay more grounded if you prefer to continue believing all the stars are “real.”

Did you catch the Deep Fake Tom Cruise on TikTok news trending this past week? Here’s a link to an article to help you acclimate to this onscreen illusion.

I suspect all of this tech has been around for decades upon decades and it’s now being shown for everyOne to know.

Yes, it appears the overlay continues to dissolve.




I’m driving to the chiropractor and I’m seriously wondering if I’m still asleep. 

With my left hand on the steering wheel, I pass Lois Lane and think about how her metallic green street sign is merely a 3D projection. I consider how it isn’t made “physical” until I make contact with it.

I immediately look at the steering wheel and poke it with my right index finder to solidify its existence with both hands.

I arrive at my chiropractor and after she cracks me up, she along with her 2 assistants and I somehow fall into a convo about my current dreamlike state.

“Yeah, I feel like I never woke up today,” I say.

They reply in smiles.

“I mean the only thing I can truly verify is my own consciousness. I can’t even confirm any of you are real. By the way, I’m totally sober,” I say.

Then we somehow shift into a convo about how the next total solar eclipse event will occur on 4/8/2024 and how I’d like to return to The Sas in 4 years to experience its near 4 min of totality. 

Then I share how I love to stargaze by day and that if you stare at the sun long enough, its colors invert and it becomes a blackhole sun which looks eerily similar to total solar eclipse events. 


4 min phone convo

  I call the water delivery company’s number which ends in 44 and I share that I must cancel the service due to an impending location shift.

  The woman shares that she knows Cali pretty well because her husband’s from San Diego. We talk about how I met wifey in San Diego despite her and I growing up 28 miles apart in Northern California.

  She confirms that my account # 20222 will cease to be billed after 3/24.


  I pick up son from school and he immediately blurts out, “Today has felt like a dream all day and everything’s been hazy.”

  I fist bump him and tell him about my GOOD MORNING as storytold above.

  It appears the syncs are increasing for all Players open to receiving signals.


I watch Dune during 2 separate watch shifts beginning after dinner ended.

It’s like the first time I’ve seen this flick because I’m picking up on the strangest things.


10:04pm – I message a bestie who is 14 hours ahead in the Philippines 

  DV: Yo. You ever seen Dune the movie? Whats the first thing you think of when you hear “spice”?

    BH: DMT

  DV: Yeah, the spice let them bend space time

  DV: What about those worms? What ya think about those?

    BH: Every time I see worms I think of Jacob

    BH: “Do not fear, you worm Jacob, and you men of Israel! I shall help you,” declares יהוה and your Redeemer, the Set-apart One of Israel. Isaiah 41:14

  DV: Man. Vibing those numbers too. 4s and 1s are in all my core sequences in life

  DV: Did I tell you I had my mom send me my birth certificate and they documented my arrival at the hour of 1444

    BH: Wow! That’s a trip

  DV: Ha. Anyway, you know the numbers game. Ha. You helped me see diff after we met

    BH: My phone acting strange. My messages are getting hung again like last time

  DV: I’m seeing your messages good.

    BH: Crazy matrix stuff

  DV: Trip. Looking forward to next chat. G night my man

    BH: Goodnight brother man




I think about how I seem to experience a lot of ear ringing in The Sas. I remember the first night I moved here, the ringing was so powerful that I wondered what was wrong with me.

But after a while, I’d just go stand in a special spot in the house, move my arms to a good position, and simply vibe high.

Some say these ringings allow time to be traveled more easily. A few have said they’re invisible attacks. Others say the ringings are raising One’s frequency to the New Earth.

I say I don’t know, but they don’t weird me out.

I’m working smart to stay strong during these changing daze. I hate the fear so I’m choosing to focus on love throughout this maze.

You see, I am still uncertain of the future as I comprehend it. I am drifting between realities, and it’s jarring.

On one hand is the steering wheel that I can so easily touch. I know it’s here right now.

On the other hand is the wheel out of sight, but I feel its presence, and I wonder if it’s really materializing this time. 



Wife, daughter and I are driving to pick up my vehicle after its scheduled maintenance is complete.

Somehow we’re talking about how The Goldendoodle Prince threw up in the car on our way home from originally getting him 5 years ago. 

Then wife looks at her phone and relays that Jade is at home throwing up so she can’t hang out tomorrow with daughter.

As I begin to document this moment in my phone at a red light, I notice the license plate directly ahead reads “333 VBB”.





  Fear attempts to grasp me when I wake. I place my hand on the base of my neck where the heat is gathering.

  I activate my true mood and begin to self-soothe.


Wife returns from dropping off son at school.

Her energy is reverberating aggressively because she sees the house is in disarray and we’re moving 2K miles sooner than later.

  I assure wife that I’ll help reassemble order and I’ll begin specific tasks within 2 hours. I reassure her that we will get through this 2gether.


  I think of you as I look at my phone’s clock and listen to Signs of Life.

  Which reality do you reside?

  Are you swallowing daily doses of fear which consume your spiritual riches?

  Do you know what’s possible here?

  Do you know what you want here?


  I return to talking to you after completing several tasks, one of which included taking The Goldendoodle Prince outside for a potty break.

  Peter Pan now plays, but I skip to Put Your Money on Me.

  I am documenting these days and times to observe what is happening.

  Do you watch the dimensions of your life?

  Do you witness signs?

  Do you skip playing Peter Pan?

  If placed in the situation, would you put your money on yourSelf?

  I skip the next track We Don’t Deserve Love because I know what I deserve.

  Now is the time to remember who you are, however, this also means One being open to an InnerMental Shift.

  Get it? You can only find what’s (b)right by going through your own insides.


  “Are you making rice crispy treats tonight?” wife asks.

  “Maybe, I’m not even sure you would like them,” I say.

  “Maybe I will,” she says.

  “Then maybe I will, but maybe I need 4 kisses 1st,” I say.

  The deal is sealed.

  “Was that a shock?” she asks after a final lip lock.

  “Yes, 2nd time today, were electrical,” I say.

7:38pm – 14 min later

  The television turns on by itself. 

  Wife and I look at each other with wide eyes. Then we both focus on the sole remote sitting on the coffee table.

  Were electrical,” I say.

  We watch each other for a moment before wife jokes, “Big brother’s watching you!”

  I begin to giggle something silly.

  “Did you do it?” she asks.

  “No, I didn’t do it,” I say.

  I keep giggling and it’s truth.

  “You didn’t do it? You’re laughing like you did something sneaky,” wife persists.

  “I’m laughing because people look for explanations to strange things,” I say.

  I can’t stop giggling.

  Wifey waves her hand as though she’s shooing me. “Go away,” she says.




  This message is broadcast from me to you.

  Are you staying lucid to your synchronicities?

  I encourage you to monitor your timelines because we’re entering a New Eyes Age for those open to the unknown. 

  Ha, that compels me to ponder if you and I have interacted in unique ways that we are still coming to remember. 

  I’m also compelled to share that you can’t bring many of your old memories to the New Eyes Age. This means you must release the resentment and pain you’re carrying for others and yourSelf. 

  You also have to say g-bye to fear. It’s not going where we’re rowing so it’s better you throw it overboard now if you plan to cross over.