The innerstanding is happening.

Do you know what’s possible when your insides sync sans polarization?

  ????  The result creates an uncovering of discoveries.

Are you searching for your true stories?

  ????  I recommend you ask yourself countless questions beginning with this one:

      Why?” you say.

      “Why everything?” you continue.

Isn’t “Why?” what we asked the ones who raised us?

Isn’t “Why?” what the ones we raise(d) ask(ed) us?

So Why not return to our original nature and keep asking:


I often wonder “Why” people and I look to others for answers? Then I remember we’re all searching for something.

But can we trust all answers from outer spaces?

Should we analyze all data being presented by outer beings?

Must others first earn confidence? How is trust given?

What must you innerstand before pledging your faith in another?

I don’t want to be a pessimist spinning division here—I’m a believer in hope, abundance and unity—so you must know I’m asking about trust cuz:

    I keep seeing many people accepting stories they’re told without external or internal inquiries.

So I ask “Why?” — because it seems that upon scrutiny, the proposed pieces do not always interlock. 

Right about now is when I start wondering if you’re feeling what I’m unspooling.

    “Why do you think you got this all figured out?” you say.

    “Actually, I don’t,” I say.

This is why I want you and me to keep asking, “Why?” —because I need someone who is open to talking about the strangest things.

Maybe we should look inward to remember the truth about our own intentions?

Maybe we’ll remember to once again trust our intuition?

Maybe that’s when we’ll begin to dissolve their institutions fueled by illusions?

“But Why, daddy? Why?” the Son asks.

Because I love you,” the Father answers.