Earth is a wild realm to observe these days.

Sometimes, I watch the world and wonder if it’s putting on a show just for me. But I’m not hating, despite some’s apparent desire for me to do so.

Nope, instead, I’m here to broadcast Hope, and sometimes things just need to be simplified.

So for this reason, this week, this day, 5.22.22, I am presenting 11 simple reasons why you should choose Hope today, tomorrow, and yesterday.

You should choose and pursue Hope:

1. Because you deserve it.

You are a wonderfully unique and messy beauty.

Do you agree? Are you wonderful? Unique? Messy? Beautiful?

If you disagree with any of those descriptions then I urge you to re-evaluate yourSelf. You are the One who chooses how to view your Being.

Think mirror.

The moment you choose you don’t deserve something is the moment you lose it.

2. Because you need it.

Running on a half-tank?

Approaching Empty?

Are you already without Hope?

Because if that’s the case then you need some Hope more than ever before. Denying yourSelf this inevitable gift is just a dark and hopeless opus you don’t need to deep dive.

3. Because Hope actually exists.

And if Hope exists anywhere, then it can ring True inside you.

And if you can get it to bling-bling in you, then I’d bet you can get it to blink inside others, too.

4. Because Hope is medicine.

Sometimes I hurt.

Other times I want to cry, but I’m unable to discharge its salty substance. And I hate it when I stay stubborn because every time the best meds come from Hope.

But you can self-prescribe it, right? No need to see or be a doc. Just step up, open up, and let it fill your Heart.

5. Because fear is a load of crap.

Straight up, if you’re not living in Hope and Light, then where do you dwell?

I’d assume it’s fear and hell, except they ain’t nothing but empty shells. (Believe me, I know.)

You should choose and pursue Hope:

6. Because Spirit loves you.

Have you ever met Spirit?

Sometimes I walk in the woods and move my hand through the breeze.

Many times I like to place my bare feet on the earth’s soil.

Crepuscular rays are brilliant.

Sunsets are magnificent.

Her smile is enough to make me smile. 🙂

During these times, you must remember you are One with Spirit.

You must recall your original nature and trust how this story ends before it begins again. 😉

7. Because you’re not dumb.

Come on, are you really going to bet on something other than Hope?

Let’s get real and start turning the right reel.

8. Because you’re not soft.

Those who bounce back the fastest become Ones who shine the brightest.

The light may go dark but you better believe you’re back to Best before the rest.

dark to Light.

That’s strength.

That’s you.

If you choose.

9. Because you know Truth.

I cannot see inside your mind.

For all I know, I am the only One who really exists.

Ha, yes, you can tell me you’re real, and I can tell you the same, but how can we prove it to each other?

In the End, I can only experience my own personal holographic universe using my own single digit senses, and it’s the same for you.

So what’s your Truth?

Is there Hope in it?

If it’s there then you’re in the clear.

10. Because you have me.

I will email blog posts to compel your regular thought patterns.

I will offer Words I pray are worthy of your review.

I will share the Good News about The Great Awakening.

11. Because I’m counting on you.

There is work yet to be done in this realm, and I need you.

Even when the outside world is vibrating constant chaos, you and I must choose to change this place.

And we’re not changing anything without Hope which starts in the Heart.

Are you burning inside?

Light, are you on?

Blink once if you get me and infinity if you’re with me.