Real or Fake?

Aug 20, 2020

Is the news in this article, real or fake?

    You choose because I’m still challenging you to make decisions —so here are my life’s past 7 days worth of news presented to you as either crazy legitimate or bizarro tomfoolery.

    * Note:  ANSWER KEY located at end of post.

David in the News: Real or Fake?

A.  October, the pretty kitty, vanished causing great concern until her return redeemed Hope.

B.  The house I live in and love entered contract to be sold.

C.  I ran through the woods searching for the One I lost.

D.  Mother revealed she is a SLIder.

E.  The taco hotspot that serves the bomb nachos gave me food poisoning.

F.  I ate the most amazing mango curry that a man of faith like me could imagine.

G. I witnessed my 4th ghost sighting.

H. I got the deal that I believed was going to happen all along.

I.  I slept maybe 5 hours each eve.

J.  Just before midnight, prayer sparked a new page into existence.

K.  I made significant headway in a complex video project.

L.  The U.S. President retweeted my Killed Darling Resumé.

M.  I watched a blood (colored) sun set on a smoked out skyline.

N.  I almost hit full-tilt CTL-ALT-FRK about masks when riding sky high at 10k feet high altitude.

O.  I questioned if it’s true that once the frequency shifts the enemy will cease to exist.

P.  I further processed Spirit’s will for me to leave this home despite my insides wanting to remain.

Q.  I revisited how the Christ Light guides and we’re all here together to restore Humanity and resonate in Remembrance.

Real = 1
Fake = 0

A.  = 1
B.  = 1
C.  = 0
D.  = 1
E.  = 0

F.  = 1
G.  = 0
H.  = 0
I.   = 1
J.   = 1
K.  = 1

L.  = 0
M. = 1
N.  = 0
O.  = 1
P.  = 1
Q.  = 1