by | Mar 5, 2020

I’ve been on this kick, writing about how One must know their mind’s programming in order to maximize their potential.

Otherwise, why play the game?

Straight up, don’t you want to exceed your current stakes, setting, and goals?

Feel like you’ve been stuck a bit? Lost some control of the story of your life?

Don’t freak, I stall, too. So let’s talk this through for a min my hybrid friend.

20 years ago, I used to be a control freak, like super freaky, and my control-alt-freakiness caused me to question how I was able to dream the future.

At 19 years old, I experienced nights where I would dream something, and then that dream’s key story elements would come alive the following day in my waking life.

You see, dreams do come true. Miracles, too. What about for you?

Anyway, after these premonitions occurred multiple days in a row, I freaked my beak a bit.

Then I actualized that I better actually grasp what was happening in my consciousness at all times, regardless of my eyes being open or closed.

In the past 20 years, I’ve also witnessed visions arrive during my waking life, too. I’ve seen things happen before they apparently happened.

I persist that Time is the Eye. What about for you?

Have you ever got nonlinear with your life’s plotlines? This springs to mind how I came upon my current gig.

I was standing in the shower when I daydreamed the exact weekday, taco shop, and lunch time I would receive the job offer. Then I got the call during my foreseen scene, and I freaked my beak a bit.

Events like these keep me deep in my dreams, with eyes open or closed. Hmm, this syncs nice with how I’m always writing, “Be among the lucid.”

But how can my statement activate your enlightenment?

Ha, come on now, we’re on the same ride, and I’m just here to hype you and shine some Light. We all know the choice is yours, not mine, so let’s circle back and chat about how to seize the night.

Lucid dream: a dream in which the dreamer becomes Self-aware that they are dreaming.

I love to get lucid.

In my prime, I would simply focus on what I wanted to do in slumberland, slip between the sheets, close my eyes, and then drop into my desired dream. I contend that lucid dreaming remains (hands-down) the best VR game offered in the known innerverse.

Have you ever got lucid during day or night?

What would you do if you could get lucid?

As for me, I always wanted to soar like Superman sans outer underwear. Eventually, I reached high in the sky, however, I trained for many seasons prior to altered heights.

Early on, I remember how as a young one, I would dream that I was floating down my elementary school’s three flights of stairs.

Later, I remember watching The Greatest American Hero and I opted to mirror his three-step-liftoff which resulted in me making larger leaps in dreams.

In my peak, I was flying so lofty that I worried about my altitude while observing buildings below.

Do you see how my heightened flights came from progress in my committed process?

What are your processes? Are you committed to progress?

Do you need a reboot? Maybe an OS refresh?

Level ups are available for all players. What is your first step?

Hmm, I suppose what matters most is what matters most to you, because I often say, “We spend our time on what matters most to us.”

Are you open to facing one of your greatest antagonists or must you first float down stairs and work your way up?

Transitioning from a tough setting to suddenly winning the entire game in an instant is rarely permitted in a Creator’s design. This accomplishment would likely require cheat codes which would probably require gamemaker knowledge or experience.

So with that in mind, I recommend you believe in your best-Self right now and choose just one element to upgrade in your mind or body.

Often, an upgrade requires deleting or overwriting the prior system. In my case, yikes, I’m still debugging my sugar cane malware. It really is like a drug. I hate being an addict.

OMG, I’m totally confessing to you. This reminds me of when I was told to tell my Sins to the priests I didn’t know at the church I used to go. I wonder if that David was less open than the Dave of today?

Last week, wifey and I were talking about the person I used to be. We were outside weeding, hauling rocks, and getting solar. I took off my shirt and we laughed about how I used to always avoid the sun, because 16+ years ago when we enacted our marriage contract, I preferred to be a vamp while working hard to avoid manual labor.

I avoided a lot back then. I still do, but I must still overcome my sweet dreams.

But things can change. They can evolve. They can rapture.

Maybe you’ll wake up during today and know something good will happen? Maybe you’ll know this because you see it happen before it happens? Maybe we can each work on our own happenings? And then when we’ve got those down, we can link perspectives to unite more Beings in the new story we keep saying we want to tell?

You know the New Story, it’s the One where we hang out in places like The Book of Faces without selling agendas and no longer feeding the system everyone keeps yelling they want to rebuild.

Because I am totally down to get it on like Diddy King, but don’t get me wrong, I may still freak my beak a bit throughout the process, but hey, at least it’ll be progress.

Oh yeah, my son already gets lucid at 14 years old. He worked nonstop for weeks and months to make the lucid night games his regular reality.

So if it takes weeks and months of commitment to reach lucidity during nighttime, what would it take to activate Self-awareness during these daytime reels?

Ha, that line compels me to remember a past email when I once told a dude to “Stay lit and legit.” Hot dang was that some-dumb-freaky slang being spit.

Anyway, I’m out, but please know it’s always okay to CTLALTFRK in the past, future or present tense. ????