A recent string of days and nights have been wicked, wild and wonderful.

And because I’d like to keep connecting through stories, I’m here to offer you 9 quick snapshots into my recent days and nights.

????  Smile bright.

????  Die ready.


1. I slept in 6 different beds in 9 nights.

And each eve’s sleep ranged from “Ouch” to “Ugh” to “Not the worst” to a final “Whoa” in the end.

It was hard on my body, but aren’t most adventures?

Remember: The fire refines.


2. Star-Lord Villalva, the feline, was declared M.I.A. on the 3rd day.

This cool cat went missing 5 weeks after April MoMo died by car accident in the 6th month during the Year of 2020 Vision, and that happened 6 months after my furry guyde Gizmo disappeared while I toured Israel in the 11th month of 2019.


3. On my 4th day away, our house had photos taken.

This came within 10 days of wifey and me talking about the tide turning.

But then on the 1st day following the end of my 9 days and nights, a plumbing repair cost increased from $1K to $4.2K faster than I could script it.

Not fun, but necessary.

Isn’t this part of the adventure, too?


# 4. By the 6th day away, I freaked my beak full-proper for at least 2 half-full days.

I was beginning to process another impending exploration into The Unknown.

For real: I’m doing my best to not malfunction because there’s no denying the grid’s momentum is moving me from the ‘Sas and back to Cali’.


# 5. From nights 6 to 8, I glamped in Mt. Shasta.

I watched familia break bread, laugh, and celebrate a b-day–all without getting ill.

Also, I’m pretty sure the Neowise Comet compelled some timelines to converge, too. 



# 6. I practiced invisibility mode for 9 days straight.

Hats, hoodies and masks aren’t enough to stay undercover though–nope, you need more to win at hide and seek.

But once you meet this unseen next level, making new creations for the masses becomes as easy as disappearing in plain sight.


# 7. I traveled 5,544+ miles in under 202 hours.

During 1 night I watched an electrical storm for 22 minutes while 10,000 miles high inside an airplane.

The lightning would strike inside the cloud and dance like a rabid beast. Then it would reverberate and color itself irregular.

I also met a kind lady on my 4th flight on my 9th day of travel. 

We connected like we were long lost lineage and she even gave me personal and professional advice. The numbers she recited resonated with recent synchronicities as well.

Reassurance = Pattern recognition within the circuitry.


# 8. On my 7th day of travels, and on my 3rd day of vacation, I patted my chest, closed my eyes, plugged my nose and jumped into the water’s falls.

It was not as cold as my son initially suggested.

It was just as invigorating as I’d hoped.


9. Remembrance rang across the subconscious network during all 9 days and nights.

During these 9 days, Car Seat Headrest’s “Making a Door Less Open” became my newest favorite album.

And during these 9 nights, the spiritual war got fought. Armor up, souldier.

Remember: Trust yourself.