“Of course I’ll hurt you. Of course you’ll hurt me. Of course we will hurt each other. But this is the very condition of existence. To become spring, means accepting the risk of winter. To become presence, means accepting the risk of absence.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

I hate saving seats. On planes. At church. Anywhere.

I hate how I save a specific seat for myself on my couch… Mine.

It’s true. I hate pieces of me.

I love more than I hate though. But can anyOne experience this created place without both loving and hating?

Anyway, I hate crying. During movies. When my dog or dad dies. Including when my mind lies.

I hate using the word, “hate,” so in past seasons, I never used to say, “I hate.” Instead I said, “I dislike.”

Anyway, I hate admitting there are still hateful pieces of me that need healing. I hate how this process is still incomplete.

In the meantime, I hate work I don’t love.

Yet I love having work to hate because others would love to have work to hate.

Also, I hate self promotion. I hate broadcasting, “Me! Me! Me!” And I hate how this disdain prevents me from propelling myself into new careers at a faster pace.

I hate how I want the Loves ❤️ in the Book of Faces. Straight up, I hate most of what I sample when I enter its feed(ing). I hate how I know I will once again explore its value to manifest the life I foresee for “Me! Me! Me!”

I hate it when my wife finds a book she loves.

I hate it when people mistake me for Seth Godin. At a conference. On an airplane. Almost on the page.

I hate it when someone smuggles a disastrous thought into my mind.

I hate the fiat money system that currently overlays our realm. I hate how I can’t just give everything away and still support myself and my family.

I hate fearing the loss of what I have. I hate how it was never really mine to lose.

I hate this unfair reality.

I hate fear in general and how it corrupts minds. I hate how it’s powerful enough to compel players to choose game overs and self-terminate.

I hate dreaming on 1/20/2019 about being at a big fair that looked like an MTV Beach Party with drunk people, bathing suits, and substances.

I hate doing marketing the way everyone else does it.

I hate virtual reality. I hate how it tempts users to travel farther away from base reality when I’m seeking to access purer and truer United States of Consciousness.

I hate all the wrongs I’ve done to others. I hate the games I played.

I hate pushing people away.

I hate forgetting to love myself.

I hate war. I hate the death tolls and how the “powerful” humans move pawns. I hate how they profit from destruction.

I hate disease and sickness.

I hate the lack of open mindedness to new ideas, possibilities, and truths. I hate how programming locks psyches in boxes blocking new conversations.

I hate how this earth is no longer what it was meant to be. I hate how it will likely take a complete reboot to begin anew. I hate how it hasn’t happened yet.

I hate the growing division between many humans. I hate how these humans permit their emotions and discontent to be driven by others benefiting from their separation.

I hate how there’s more to hate.

Holy crap, Bathroomman, I hate so much.

With all of that in mind, I love expelling aspects of me that are hateful. I love observing my hate on the page so I can unravel, dissolve, and discard it.

And remember, I love more than I hate. Actually, a lot more.

For instance, I love sitting with my fam more than the hate I have for saving seats.

I love the trading jokes for laughs. I love watching One’s face erupt with creases and wrinkles followed by giggles and grins.

I love my wife. I love how she’s still my best friend after 16 years of wedlock. I love our story of candor and connection sprinkled with just two seasons of darkness.

I love finding light in the darkness.

I love how the fire refines.

I love my son and daughter. I love the joy and life they spill into their spheres of existence. I love how they’re more equipped to navigate life than I was at their ages.

I love it when I look in the mirror, see myself, and say, “I love you.”

I love evaluating and psychoanalyzing my mind, body, and Spirit.

I love creating.

I love writing. I love manipulating words. I love slicing, dicing, chopping, carving, cutting, and pasting them.

I love shaping concepts to create expressions. I love analyzing stories and understanding how their pieces fit.

I love to destroy what I build. How else could I begin again?

I love art and how humans reveal themselves in unique and special ways.

I love caring and hateful people because all people need love.

I love when Seth Godin said people need to “dance with the fear.”

I love when I become lucid in a moment. I love when my innerverse aligns with the universe.

I love all my faces and masks. I love uncovering them to make sure you really see me.

I love opening and holding doors.

I love the potential in the unknown. I love how more minds are exploring strangeness. I love how more humans are willing to unlearn.

I love how sometimes I’m wrong. I love when I don’t feel bad about it.

I love when I’m right.

I love when I’m humble.

I love helping others brainstorm, outline, and write their novels. I love how I stopped selling it for up to $397 using internet marketing tactics. I love how its cost of entry is crazy low for anyone who wants to get it here.

I love knowing I am exactly where I’m supposed to be right now. I love seeing signs on the daily that remind me of this truth.

I love knowing I am on the path.

I love believing in miracles. I love how my belief is based on firsthand experiences and knowledge.

I love trusting myself. I love how I’ve overcome comments, emails, and in-person statements said by others who haven’t always understood or loved me.

I love roaming the dimensions of my mind. I love sharing these travels in blog posts that pose question and propose answers.

I love how this message left so many things out. I love how it could have continued for countless pages.

I love how you can fill in the gaps.

I love how our connection is unlike the rest.

I love how you are still here, not in this email, but navigating this earth (heart) in which we share, because it can sometimes be a hateful place to stay.

I love how you see that the love is greater than the hate.

I love how I love you.

I hope and dream you love you, too.

Love > Hate.