** Pre.Script. The following post was originally transcribed on 7/13/2019 ending 10:12am. It is now the second day of the Autumnal Equinox, and I have cried since creating this piece. **

I want to cry except I do not remember how. 

I know I cried buckets when I put down Rocko. 

Then I cried ugly when my Pop turned in his key.

It’s been five years since tears have fallen. 

I do not cry. 

And this may be what’s missing. I do not let my body operate all systems. 

I must trust it and remember tears do not mean weakness. 

No one taught me this was the case. 

Well, maybe movies and books planted seeds that I chose to water.

Or maybe it was a story I created for no apparent rationale.

Anyway, I must remember it’s okay to cry. 

You have to not try.

A significant one and I agree this is the path. 

Cease the backseat overthinking. 

Breathe oxygen into the lungs. 

“It rubs the lotion on its skin.”

Instructions are given and programs are started. 

I continue to write my new script.

A friend missed the special code in that past post’s featured image. 

It meant something to me. 

It was not meant for others or for you to become confused. 

New nodes are our code.

I can’t cry. 









** Post.Script. It is now 11:42am on 11/9/2019 and I have cried again since the date in the Pre.Script. All systems running within known parameters. **