Mission: Hold Willing Captives

by | Apr 18, 2019

“I hate it when you find a book you love,” I said.

Wife didn’t even look up.


When wife’s hooked on a book, it’s not down ’til it’s done.

She’s compelled to discover what happens to the characters living on the page. She must learn how the story ends.

That’s the power of a believable-make-believe narrative.

What would you do to impact someone’s life like that?

What’s the first step to maintaining attention like that?

Have you asked yourself these questions?

Better yet, have you answered these questions?


What keeps an audience inside a story?

I have previously offered curiosity as a core culprit.

But what else compels reading spells?

Does the audience seek connection?

Do they secretly need new learning experiences?

Do they want to simply disappear elsewhere?


What keeps you inside your story?

Do you know its outcome?

Many stories thrive when outlined.

Others fly on freestyle.

But all approaches must come to hold willing captives.

So the storyteller must have purpose in their prose.

And the storyteller must answer these questions being posed.

Are you still in love with the story you’ve proposed? 

If not, how will others come to love its hold?