I used to turn away from things I didn’t understand.

Like that time I didn’t answer my phone when it showed me calling myself. Or that time my wife and I heard footsteps, but nobody moved throughout our house. Or that time I saw an apparition standing there before it wasn’t standing there anymore.

I’m shaking a bit as I type this. Goose bumps dance across my arms. Explosions in the Sky fill my eardrums.

Do not mistake me, I am at ease. This is remembrance in the present sense.

Images appear. They disappear.

Things happen. They don’t happen.

We receive data through our adjusted lenses and we assign words to our personal viewings, but our words rarely translate experiences to their fullest potential or meaning. So fragments are gathered and they’re processed by you, the observer.

Are you open to this new thought contagion being planted in your mind?

This message serves as a seed. It offers a new crop of thoughts embedded with my perspectives. Ha, I am compelled to share and be well understood.

What about you?

Have you ever watched your phone show that you’re calling yourself?

This happened to me years ago before Spam Robocalls became the everyday deal. I still kind of wonder what I wanted to say to myself. Maybe I wanted to sell myself a timeshare for my new, perfectly planned vacation?

Anyway, have you ever seen a ghost? Do you believe in them?

I’ve seen many things which could be defined as ghosts. My closet kin have all experienced unique sightings, too. I wonder when my next unknown meeting will present itself?

What about aliens? Do you believe in them? Ever seen one?

How many things do you believe in that you’ve never experienced or personally witnessed? How many things have you seen but continue to disBelieve?

I believe in ghosts because I’ve seen them.

I do not believe in aliens like most believe them to be because I’ve never seen them. Well, I once saw an alien’s face in a mind-state between awake and asleep, but that’s about as close as I’ve come.

Also, when it comes to aliens, I could more easily believe in inter-dimensional travel than outer space travel because cool quantum theories seemingly show us that time and space are not bound by time or space.

Or we could just build metal contraptions to explore the many innerverses.

STEP 1. Press gas pedal.

STEP 2. Break 88 MPH.

STEP 3. Enter new time and/or space.

Now we’re having fun. Okay, so what if you could travel into my mind? What if I could travel into yours? Would it be appropriate to get inner-dimensional?

Now we’re really having fun. Hmm, but many are challenged when traversing their own innerversities, so what would happen if they entered mine? What if I entered theirs and they were inwardly unsure?

Now we’re really getting spun. Well, this post was meant to be a writing blackhole into the unknown except I’m suddenly feeling likes it’s more about me getting owned.

Now we’re really spinning dumb. Look, I just transcribe my consciousness onto the page and let the words speak for themselves. What comes of them is yours to sow.

Now we’re seriously knowing numb. For real, you should really think about what you don’t know.

Cool, now we’re really going into The Unknown.