Sometimes I ball up my toes and stand on them to test my endurance.

Sometimes I wonder if we live in a holographic universe. 

Sometimes I ask myself if the black mirror’s only goal is to program.

Sometimes I distance myself from those I love. 

Sometimes I feel like I’m truly Self-aware of who I am.

Sometimes I know I am only a fractal of the larger Being.

Sometimes I play a losing game by turning away from Spirit.

Sometimes I project my own inner-chaos onto others.

Sometimes I smuggle sweets into movie theaters.

Sometimes I make a scene because I want to be seen. 

Sometimes I create a résumé for a Killed Darling.

Sometimes I offer an inexpensive novel writing program.

Sometimes I claim to be a lucid human traveling in nonlinear time. 

Sometimes the future merges with the past and everyOne remembers the present was always here.

Sometimes I encourage you to trust yourself.

Sometimes I challenge you to calibrate your PGS.

Sometimes I silence outside voices.

Sometimes I despise my own ego.

Sometimes I tune.

Sometimes I observe half-truths which others perceive as real news.

Sometimes I propose the strangest things.

Sometimes I fear how you’ll perceive my next creative project.

Sometimes I hurt when I think about how much we need to change the world.

Sometimes I pray for the earth and all of humanity to be saved and healed.

Actually, I pray daily for this outcome, but…

Sometimes, I remember The New Story is starting sooner than later, and nothing can stop what is coming.