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End of Daze

by | Mar 18, 2021

Dear Multi-Verse:

  I am ordering a new script that empowers me to satisfy my obsessive curiosities about Reality while simultaneously supporting my Life and helping Huemanity.

Dear You:

  Have you ever had a job that you obsessively adored?

Dear Me:

  I’ve had paid gigs where I’ve served others, and I’ve been happily content during many windows of time, but I’ve never forever felt like “This is The One.”

Dear We:

  Huh, we all seem to serve someone else, but how often do we Self-serve first?

Endexed Memories

Am I obsessed?

Because I Am obsessively observing my path through synchronicities while also remembering that I’m riding a fractured timeline.

Apparently, I’m unbecoming forgotten again.

Endie Flick(ering)

Did you know that parts of a plane engine fell from the sky on 2/20/2021?

Did you know that linked storyline also appeared as similar events inside one of my all-time fav Endie flicks?

Because in Donnie Darko (released 1/19/2001, running time 113 min, set in 1988) —> a plane engine falls from the sky which creates multiple timelines — one being the Primary Universe — the other being the Tangent Universe — and shortly after the plane fell from the sky, Frank (the Rabbit) tells Donnie that in “28 days… 6 hours… 42 minutes… 12 seconds. That… is when the world… will End.”

And when you do the math from that linked story on 2/20/2021 and skip ahead 28 days, it brings you to Satur(n)day, 3/20/2021, which is the first day of Spring which also serves as the vernal equinox.

Sometimes I wonder which timeline I’m minding?

Endigo Child

3/13/2021 @ 12:55pm

I’m doing the lunch date scene with daughter and I say, “Do you ever think you can see people’s auras?”

“Yes,” she says.

“What do they look like?” I ask.


“Do you ever see scary looking auras on people?” I say. 

“Yes,” she says.

“What color are they?”

Grey,” she says.

“Do you ever see my aura?” I say.


“What color am I when I’m happy?” I say. 

Pink,” she says.

“What about when I’m stressed?”

“Strangely, also pink.”

“What about your brother?” I say.

“Mostly white,” she says.



I’m speaking out loud to mySelf saying, “I want it to End. I want it to End.”

Then my Endigo Child walks in, and I say, “Sorry, I was just talking to myself.”

“It’s okay,” she says.

Yeah, it’s okay to speak out loud to mySelf. Ha, this is why I vocalize “I love you” in the shower during all daze. 🙂


The End is just the Beginning, right?

Isn’t Life just the Beginning of its End? Because isn’t your delivery at birth just beginning your newest timeline spiraling toward death?

So I contEnd there’s no separation because The End, Game Over, simply introduces you to a new Beginning, another Start.




I’m sitting in the back of the class in High School and I’m stressing a bunch of silly busy homework I didn’t do. 

I’m annoyed because I know this institutional game isn’t meant for me but the system got me locked down tight.

Suddenly I remember that I’ve already graduated from High School.

Suddenly I remember that I’ve also graduated from college, that I’ve never used my degree for career advancement, and there’s no way I’m going through this school crap again so I stand up and walk out of the classroom.

Suddenly I’m outside on a campus trying to get a ride while I’m on the phone trying to get a big deal closed. Then I’m trying to save the deal.

Suddenly I consider how I’m all done with school and now I just work a day job all the time.



Suddenly I wake up into the (day)dream world and I remember the above events from my (night)dream world.


I’ve been having some unique thoughts that may be EndepEndent to just me, but I’ll offer them anyway.

What if you were in a time loop? 

What if a reset was coming to a Reality near you?

This coming week, I’ll be leaving Candlewood Cove in The Sas and traveling back West to The Way in Woodland, Cali.

I first moved to Woodland in the Spring of 2012 and I’m coming full circle in the Spring of 2021.

Is this just a rerun?


Want a mind bEnder about a possible world Ender?

Thought experiment: 

  What if you were going to reset inside a time loop? 

      And suppose you could go back around the loop with full awareness that it was a loop, would you?


      Would you take the memory wipe?