Today represents the 4th day I’m recording in my new journal which documents my Dreams, Waking Thoughts, and New Script.

Tomorrow, 4/3, daughter turns the tide to teen at 13.

Did I ever tell you about the time that wife and I knew our daughter’s name the moment we met someone else already possessing it? 

We were at a friend’s wedding when the woman whose name of Latin origin meaning 8th” introduced herself. 

Wife’s and my eyes locked into each other’s and we knew ‘8th’ would be the name of our daughter some day.

Daughter’s B-Day

It’s 4/3/2021 today. Daughter and I are driving to pick up food for her backyard party. 

“Isn’t it weird how everybody was 0 for the 1st year of their lives? I mean you’ve really only finished 12 full years because this is like the 1st day of the 13th year of your life,” I said.

“Yes, that is weird,” she says.

“I mean nobody is running around saying my baby is 0 years old. Of course, they say my ‘Johnny’ is 4 months or 8 months, but they’re really 0 years old, right?”

Daughter’s ready to move on so we do.

Moving On Back

I turn 43 in 5 days.


Today, 4/6/2021, I noticed my Alabama St address numbers inside the sequence of my credit card. In Arkansas I noticed the numbers getting louder. Then they peaked with higher syncs in IsRaEl in the 11th month of 2019.

Also today, I learned my next door neighbors accepted an offer on another house. That’s 8 days back and 1 neighbor’s already “moving on.”

Ha, also today, I saw 33’s on constant display in movies and life.


Big news on the street today is our 8 hour power outage. 

It’s our fault.


Yesterday, one company’s truck # was 101 while another company’s truck number had a string of three(3) 3’s but four(4) total.

During the blackout event, wifey offered a potential schedule for my birthday. It’s basically a religious show to start, brunch with in-laws, and maybe fish tacos or homemade pizza for dinner.

“What does that sound like for you? I just don’t know what you were thinking about it,” she says. 

“Honestly, I haven’t really even thought about it. But now I’m thinking that it would be a great day if I didn’t do anything at all,” I said.

Later, I expand, “A day with the least expectations possible.”

Is this even possible? What do I expect from mySelf everyday? Can I suspend or vanquish the voices telling me to make the most of Me?

It does make sense to cease all sensibilities on a B-Day. This previously detailed long-forgotten extraction event is built to point toward your years served in this realm. 

But forget the indi-year celebrations because it’s time to look at the decades as chapters of change. 

Years-old     /      Personality mode          

0 to 10         /      Half-asleep & smiling while soaking up the world

11-20           /      Young and dumb while lost in place

21-30          /       Suburbia man serving the career and family

31-40          /       Enhanced mindset making miracles out of future memories

41-44          /       Curious traveler remembering adventures create change 



I’m operating vehicles going into heavy attacks by parties whose purpose is to impede my speed and path.

Waking Thoughts:

At 6:44am, I realize something inside and I give it to my wife on the outside by saying, “I know what we can do on my birthday… Paint.”

“Maybe we could go get the paint,” wife replies.

“That’s probably the most challenging part. Not the choosing though,” I say.

(It’s the public part…)

New Script:

Exactly 3 years from today I am watching the total solar eclipse event in a central or northeastern state.

I am documenting my life on paper once again like I did half a life-time ago—except I am screenwriting my new story through a shifted lens. I am lucid to the irrelevant timeframes while transmuting the waves crashing.

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