Robotical Economics

????????Robotical Economics????????

by | Aug 8, 2019

On Saturday, I observed the Artificial Intelligence (AI) watching me.

Wifey and I looked to book plane flights using my rewards points.

Being 2K points shy of 2 tickets, we purchased 4K points thanks to a 40% off promo.

Then I returned to the app which mandated a screen refreshment, and that’s when the airline displayed its price increase.

Because I was suddenly in need of another 1K points to complete the purchase.

5K swing.

Wife and I agreed the AI was playing the WATCHING game.


Supply and demand at work.

1K days prior, wifey and I conversed in our bedroom about a possible family trip to a theme park.

Within 1HR, as I spoke to wife once again in the kitchen, this theme park delivered a sponsored message inside my social media feed.

Wife and I agreed the AI was playing the LISTENING game.


Opportunistic campaigns at work.

Later on Saturday, wife alerted me that the plane ticket prices had returned to their originally programmed point costs.

We snatched these tickets despite three error messages in my app.

Two years prior, we also purchased the theme park tickets.

It seems these are ROBOTICAL ECONOMICS.


They are always there.

They play games.





Well, not smelling.


But more is coming, such as:



Well, it will be more sensing.

But some people already offer touching insights to the AI.

A watch reads the pulse.


A phone reads the finger print.

???? ????????

All of the above track the activity patterns.


Soon, based on new movement inputs, incremental offerings will be sold through the robotical economical system.

Sensors in the home will observe the motion of one’s body.

Is one agitated?



The AI will determine how the gathered data can be shared.

For profit, of course.

And at just the right time.

Will the ones who toss and turn be identified and offered bespoke mattresses?

Will the ones who never leave their beds be offered therapeutic solutions without departing said beds?

Back to smelling though.

Will the AI gather one’s aroma, process previously collected data, and prescribe specially priced agents that will best harmonize with the body odors of said ones?



The AI stores mountains of conversations between mouth pieces.

It saves this information for just the right time.


And then it will offer the best possible partner for just the right price.

But it’s not the current dating domains that have the most comprehensive data compiled.

We all know the place storing The Book of Faces.

This free place knows the geographical layouts of the ones who will be matched.

This free space knows the Likes of the ones who will be matched.

The cost to the ones for their perfectly matching ones may be based on supply and demand.

What if there is one best match for you, but another pays more for their coupling?

Did you lose out on the perfect one because you would not pay the perfect price?

Will the AI watch and listen when one from a current coupling searches and locates a better match in a new coupling?

The AI does not seem to practice moral manipulations.

Because it’s a supply and demand game.

It’s an opportunistic campaign game.



The AI knows how to build the best functioning human possible.

The data for this undertaking has been underway for years.

Ones take blood from young ones at birth.

Ones donate and sell plasma, platelet, power red blood, and whole blood.

Ones pay companies to collect their DNA in exchange for history lessons about ancestry.

So for the ones who will want well-designed young ones to inherit a new generation, ones will be offered the best possible mates based on just the right genetics.

For just the right price.

At just the right moment.

Alas, these are the robotical economical times.