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Module 4: Cast of Characters

Lesson 6 (of 6) – Feedback

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Worksheet Action Step(s):

Action Step #1 – Your character feedback:

Share your one core characters or character connections with 1-2 feedback options

You must continue to access your Feedback Loop to help you discover areas to improve – while also getting used to the varying opinions of the market.

So even if it’s your favorite character elements packaged into one clear statement, you must challenge yourself to share your characters in some capacity.

Keep in mind: Silence often means indifference. Family and friends don’t want to hurt you – so honest feedback often hurts.

Final notes and recommendations: Use your previous process from the Feedback Loop to complete this action step. Also, primarily focus on your protagonist and antagonist inside your Feedback Loop right now because those two common characters will make or break your story.

 ** What dark truth(s) are you most excited about inside your protagonist’s and/or antagonist’s backstories?

 ** Write one clear and concise statement and request feedback summarizing your protagonist’s and/or antagonist’s dark truths

 ** Summarize the feedback you received (Here or in a word processor)

 ** What feedback will you implement and how will you move forward with your character(s)? (Rewrite your backstories as needed)

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