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Module 4: Cast of Characters

Lesson 5 (of 6) – Connections

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Worksheet Action Step(s):

Action Step #1 – Your backstory connections:

Take another run at the backstories of your characters

Now that you have written backstories for your common characters, you must push yourself.

You can immediately strengthen backstories by going deeper and darker. Going deeper means reaching farther back in time or digging into specific dramatic moments that shaped core pieces of your characters. Going darker means amplifying or further dramatizing the most important and influential backstory moments.

Another way to improve your backstories is to create connections between your characters. Forming connections means intertwining character backstories which will help you provide twists and surprises to readers (and characters). Many storytellers believe these connections become obvious to readers, but the truth is that readers still want and expect them.

Note: Set yourself apart from the average storytellers and strengthen your characters right here, right now.

 ** List your favorite backstory moment that comes to mind for each of your common characters? (Please access your backstories in your separate word processor as needed)

 ** Evolve your favorite backstory moments that you just reviewed by going deeper and darker inside each of those moments (Please use a separate word processor to enhance and supplement your original backstories)

 ** List 2-5 possible connections you may be able to create between two common characters (Look to your favorite stories if needed)

 ** Choose 1 connection and add it to the backstories of 2 common characters (Brainstorm below and expand inside your original backstories inside a separate work processing application)

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