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Module 3: Feedback Loop

Lesson 5 (of 5) – Close

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Worksheet Action Step(s):

Action Step #1 – Your feedback options:

Analyze the feedback and determine what you should apply to your story

Yes, Determine which suggestions make sense for your story.

Of course, look for any trends inside the feedback, and determine if implementing them would change the story you want to tell.

Remember: Feedback is supposed to help improve and refine your story – but you’re the creative director – so only you can ultimately decide how to move forward with your story.

Red Flag Note: If you don’t have any contrasting, intriguing or helpful feedback, then it likely means you need more feedback. If this is the case, please tap into more feedback options.

What trends do you see that may help your story?

What feedback will you integrate into your story?



Action Step #2 – Your feedback options:

Solidify your story choices and share it with your feedback outlets

The Now it’s time to close the loop with the people willing to give you their time.

Restate your Story Summary and then draft how you will share it with the people who originally gave you feedback.

Short example of closing the loop with a friend via text: “Hey there, I just wanted to follow up regarding the solid feedback you provided regarding my story (a few days ago). I considered all of your suggestions and thought about the different ways to make my story better. After looking at everything, I decided to continue moving forward with the story summary below. What do you think? And thanks – assuming you’re open to sharing your thoughts again! :)” .

Restate your Story Summary after integrating the feedback (If necessary, return to your Story Heart and Story Summary Actions Steps for help.)

Write a draft of how you will share your Story Summary (Then share your Story Summary and keep refining until you’re satisfied.)

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Maybe you’ll be helping someone create the story they’ve always wanted to write?