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Module 3: Feedback Loop

Lesson 4 (of 5) – Gather

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Worksheet Action Step(s):

Action Step #1 – Your feedback options:

Choose at least 2-4 options where you will ask for feedback

Keep in mind that you will only be asking for feedback on your Story Heart and/or Story Summary at this point.

Which 2-4 options will you use to gather more feedback to further develop your story?

Here is where you’ll begin to discover how the market may view your story ideas, and you’ll jumpstart the process of getting regular feedback.

Note: Choose at least one feedback option where you may not be totally comfortable. This exercise may challenge you, but this experience will help you develop a stronger story that better connects with readers.

Feedback Options: People you know, your blog, writers group, critique websites/online forums, Facebook group, pay a story coach.



Action Step #2 – Your feedback options:

Ask for feedback

Remember, you are only asking for feedback on your Story Heart and/or Story Summary.

Write a draft of how you will ask for feedback. Once completed, please use the below verbiage to actually ask for feedback. (Also include any specific follow up questions you may have for people about your story.)

Of course, your request will differ if it’s in person or online. If you’re sharing in person, share your Story Summary and ask an open ended question. Wait to drill down on more focused questions after they’ve shared their initial answer.

Also, please remember how you’re asking people to give you their time and energy – so please be considerate of how much information you provide when asking for their feedback.



Action Step #3 – Your feedback options:

What was the feedback?

Yes, feedback can be rough and tough on this storytelling turf.

So take some time (if necessary) to process the feedback so you can make a grounded decision about your story.

Then continue the chapter once the proper excitement or grieving period has passed. 😉 .

Summarize the feedback you received