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Module 3: Feedback Loop

Lesson 3 (of 5) – Options

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Worksheet Action Step(s):

Action Step #1 – Your options:

Brainstorm your potential outreach opportunities within the 6 feedback options

The first step is to consider each of your paths to feedback.

Evaluate each option and list all potential resources that may be able to help your story.

Note: Even if you don’t think you’ll be comfortable using a specific option, write down your answers so you have them for future reference.

Questions to get you thinking about your options: Which option(s) can help your story evolve the fastest? Which option(s) will help you receive the most responses? What option(s) will help you get the quickest turnaround?

Option #1: The people you know
Who are the people you trust that could help your story?
(e.g. One-on-one chats with local or long-distant family, friends, colleagues, etc.)

Option #2: Your blog
Don’t have a blog? What social media outlets could you use?
(e.g. Specifically, your personal profile on FB, IG., etc.)

Option #3: Writers’ group (in-person)
What local writers’ group are available in your area?
If unsure, conduct an online search using the words “Writers group” or “Writer meet-ups) + (your geographical location) to discover potential local gatherings.

Option #4: Critique websites & online forums
What are 2 websites or forums you’re willing to explore?
(Conduct another online search or start with this solid post from 2015 which shares 40 potential outlets:

Option: #5: Join a Facebook Group
What are 2 groups where you can receive critiques?
If you already belong to one or multiple Facebook Groups, have you ever participated, contributed or brought value to the group? Have you ever shared any of your work?

Option: #6: Pay a pro story coach
Who have you followed long enough to know their value?
Note: This option must be carefully considered. Hiring someone without a referral or proper evaluation of value is not recommended. If you are looking to hire me, I offer limited sessions. Find out more here.