Have you ever felt like the story of your life was a hopeless opus?

If so, you know this unfulfilling experience can spiral into pain, depression, anger or indifference, because you’re aware things were supposed to be different.


Because deep down you know you are designed to seek, create and believe beyond your current best-Self.


I believe that while we’re experiencing this waking life, we’re meant to identify our skillsets, pursue our dreams and create with intent – except in order to achieve these things, we must first agree upon who we are inside.

So what lights up your insides?

Many people already know their burning internals, yet it seems their passion does not always partner with natural gifts. Fortunately, practice improves potential here so One can self-help here.

But then there are those who are lost without purpose. It seems these people often repeat a pattern of work, consumption and sleep – without dreaming during night or day – so it’s no wonder why most people are misaligned when it comes to projecting thoughtforms that can change their storyworld.

BREAKING NEWS: You are meant to create something special for yourSelf and others.

Note: You must know your positioning to properly calibrate your Creative Guidance System (CGS).

I am here to offer potential paths to help you reconnect with yourself, and as a result, recall what you’re here to discover through the creative process – and get back on track with fulfilling your life’s work.

Ultimately, my deepest dream is to help you become lucid to the story of your life.

1. Ask yourself:  Who am I?”

Have you ever been without anyone else in your mind, looked into the mirror, and asked, “Who are you?” 

One should pose this foundational question in both the literal and figurative senses.

i. Try this: Watch yourself in the mirror without limits. Untimed. No expectations. And ask yourself questions beginning with the aforementioned inner-inquiry.

If you do not know who you are, how can you truly share yourself with others? How can you give your best-Self to a friend, a colleague, a partner, yourself?

Did you know there are studies revealing eerie cases of people seeing wild things while locked inside their own reflections? Who will you find if you opt to open this watch window?

ii. Try this, too: While asking questions in solitude, I suggest you fill the page with free flowing thoughts exploring deep and dark truths about yourSelf.

Start by taking a journal and writing your most rare thoughts without worrying if someone else could ever read them. I’ve done this during many seasons, and it’s always delivered worthwhile results.

i.e. Pattern recognition.

And if you still fear what others will find if they stumble across your most intimate mental particles, then burn your pages upon completion. Or type and free flow onto a screen that gets deleted before shutdown–except before doing so, evaluate what you released onto the digital canvas. You never know, maybe you’ll see pieces of yourself that you didn’t know were there.

Maybe they’ll be pieces you forgot existed. Maybe they’ll be pieces worth saving. Maybe they’ll be pieces worth building back.

Maybe these pieces will help make up your whole parts. And just maybe you’ll end up piecing yourself back together again.

iii. Try it for real: Ask yourself in your own reflection, “Who am I?”

If you don’t know what you observe inside yourSelf, how can you trust what you observe outside yourSelf?

2. Ask yourself:  Where did I come from?”

Have you ever wondered if you navigated existence before your current character known as (insert your Assigned Name here)? 

Yes, I am proposing that you existed prior to your present waking life.

Were you a Being before breathing as a human? Are you contained by this realm? Do you exist outside of time and space?

Are such things possible for you?

Are such things impossible for you?

Can one character’s space make a difference?

Im possible = Impossible

Okay, let’s move past unremembered memories and consider your present sentience that you most certainly perceive…

i. Consider this: What did you love to do as a kid? What did you spend your free time doing? How did you play as a young one?

What compelled you to forgo any of these aspects of your original nature? Do you think regaining where you came from could benefit you? Do you think regressing into someone you used to be could possibly return you to progress?

Who would you once again enjoy Being? Maybe it’s time to get back to being a kid at heart?

ii. Consider this, too: Where you came from has a lot to do with what you’ve absorbed.

Did you go and unlock doors of drama and tragedy? Were you forced to meet disturbing episodes that you want to forget? Did you willingly wander and stare into black mirrors that displayed fear and terror as entertainment?

What if you focused on screens that strictly promoted healthy and loving experiences?

What if you gave up watching all television for 3-6 months? Yes, this means no Netflix binging for 1-2 seasons, but what if this form of digital celibacy could help you distance your stored horrors and help you travel into a new creative state?

iii. Consider this for real: Mental malware is built into the entertainment and educational productions told and sold. Media can be fun stuff, but it’s called programming for a reason, and it can install background processes that cause cycles of pure numbing and wasting.

Are you rooted in yourself or another’s programming?

Is your focus in creation or consumption?

Are you brightening or dimming?

Are you growing or closing?

iv. Consider this again: Ask yourself, “Where did I come from?”

Once you know where you came from, you can map where you’ve been, and then you can plot your life’s new storyboard.

3. Ask yourself: “Why am I here?”

I can confidently assert that you are not here to perform a cycle of wake, work, consume, sleep, repeat, until deceased.

Of course, I also cannot tell you why you are here. Alas, this is for you to self-tell.

But what if you just heard the reason erupt inside? Would you even trust yourself?

i. Answer this: Have you already heard an answer or a possibility, but silenced the voice dreaming to sing its song?

A clear answer can be terrifying because immediate change is often required, and this choice to change breeds uncertainty, so the unknown becomes an inevitable antagonist that One must face.

But it seems many people already have an idea of why they are here–except they turn away from the answer because fear is more than an invisible monster.

ii. Answer this, please: Would you rather portray a role cast by another or dance with fear and seek your potential?

Why are you here experiencing this blink-and-it’s-done human lifespan?

Do you want to take a run at writing, editing, producing, and directing the story of your life?

What’s more terrifying? Pursuing your dreams and maybe missing the mark? Or reaching “The End” after never fully engaging the game?

iii. Answer this, pretty please: “Why am I here?”

Search your why and let the (re)calibration games begin.

4. Ask yourself: “What can I create?”

What does your dream life look like?

Put the money aside for now. Yes, it provides security, but with too much of it, or the inability to maintain a healthy relationship with its fruit, money can often lead to emptiness and compounding consumption.

i. Riddle yourself this: If money mattered minimal, what would you create in your heart and on the earth?

If you could be anyone, who would you cast yourself to be?

If you could live anywhere, where would you place your setting?

If you could storytell anything, what would you manifest as your message?

If you could connect with anyone, who would you contact?

If you could change something, how would you terraform?

What are your gifts and skillsets?

Has anyone ever asked you that? A teacher? A friend? A family member? A stranger?

ii. Riddle yourself with this: Message three of your trusted sapiens, and ask them to share three or four words that describe you. Ask them to offer several single-word nouns or verbs that showcase your strengths. Tell them that you’re trying to see things about yourself that maybe you’ve missed.

iii. Riddle yourself into twists: If you’re feeling open to exposing both poles of your personality, ask those same sapiens to use single words to describe areas that you could use some growth… Ha, that’s just candy coated code asking them to share your weaknesses. 😉

iiia. After data compilation is complete: The next step could be to assess the earthlings’ feedback alongside the beliefs you see inside yourself, and align these truths with who you love to be and what you love to do.

iiib. Match your passions with gifts: You may need to grow some passion to meet your gifts, and vice versatile, you may need to grow some gifts to meet your passions.

No matter what, please play with creativity in these areas that merge your head and the heart.

SMILE. Feed. PLAY. Fart. CREATE. Laugh. DANCE. Work. LOVE. Believe. ETC.

iv. Know your riddles because: Once you see yourself through a new lens, then you should be prepared to meet your potential.

And I encourage you to explore stuff that makes you happy. I encourage you to produce works that empower and satisfy masses. I implore you to materialize things that unite human beings. Transform thoughts into matter by generating goods that help others improve themselves to make this earth a fresh domain for everyOne alive.

v. Riddle yourself artistic and ask: “What can I create?”

Once you make contact with your own creation(s), let’s connect to co-author our new story about humanity.

5. Ask yourself:  “Where am I going?”

The process of making progress is often its purpose.

Yes, the fire refines, but it’s beyond beneficial to limit burns by knowing how to navigate the flames.

Yeah, we already reviewed what you can create, but what you want to create versus where you’re going can equal different destinations.

i. Straight up: After you take your last breath in your current host body, will your consciousness continue to exist?

Recently, a friend said, “I was born ready.”

“Will you die ready?” I replied.

That question suddenly got me writing, “Smile bright, die ready.”

ii. Sideways: Will your consciousness/soul/Spirit continue to live beyond this waking life?

Because what if the purpose of this creation was to offer you a learning experience unlike the rest? And what if your trials and tribulations here can be positioned to evolve your personal Being for its next form?

iii. Inside out: Fine, let’s stay grounded in your current form, but let’s pretend it’s the final year of your life.

And in this mental simulation you know you’ve got fewer than 366 days days left to be (insert your Assigned Name here) and you have time to conduct a life review. How will you assemble your life’s memories?

Will you regret the moves you never made?

Will you appreciate the choices that created change?

Will you know you honored your deepest Being?

iv. Today’s a lot like tomorrow: Your personal performance review could become your reality any day, like tomorrow, maybe even today… but seemingly not yesterday.

v. Broken record: The process is progress, but ask yourself, “Where am I going?”

Today is always the time you choose to repeat yesterday or build tomorrow.


That’s it.

Those are the five core questions to help you calibrate your Creative Guidance System.

Bottom line: Your PGS is capable of directing your instinct, intuition, intention, and more, but it’s your responsibility to make sure it’s routed toward growth and expansion.

Farewell for now my fellow living being, and please know that everything is going to be okay, because you are the calibrator you’ve been waiting for.


Post.Script. This ARTicle exists in part because I tapped into several questions previously asked by Dr. Myles Munroe. I have often found his words to be quite inspiring and expanding. I encourage you to explore his recorded soul on YouTube.