Sometimes you need to visit a new world.

Because maybe your personal sphere’s suddenly lacking purpose? Or maybe you’re sick of seeing the same old sadness? Either way, maybe you’re done imagining new worlds and you’re ready to finally open them? 

Except maybe you still stay stuck in your temporal cell and rationalize repetition over creation because you promise tomorrow what you wanted yesterday, and despite feeling stupid spun, you reel from change because it offers the one thing that can heal your fractured timeline.

While it remains wise to make peace with why you want to switch frequencies, here are some simple hacks to help shift your spacetime, fast.


When’s the last time you moved your permanent residence or went on holiday?

If you don’t think inhabiting or touring a foreign location is like flipping dimensions, then maybe you need a vacay more than you think?

Come on, switch it up, try roaming new realms. 

Of course, The Age of Rona impacted the travel conduits across the grid, but people are still exploring earth’s circuitry, and they’re reporting that new worlds are rising. I recently saw somebody on FB mention a booming Nashville skyline, and another buddy told me that new casinos now tower over Las Vegas. 

Meeting fresh electromagnetic pockets introduces never-before experiences which can flood your life with revival. So why not take trips to new coordinates that can jumpstart an alternate continuum? 


Yes, get hitched.

Or date(!).

I said the ways would be somewhat safe, not easy. 😉 

Wedlock is like melting two heroes’ quests into a single story that doesn’t write itself. Even trialing another hueman during one date serves as an experimental mission into another person’s temporal playground. That takes commitment.

Enter mating rituals with caution, but know the merger can compound priceless dividends—because if you’re blessed to connect with One who makes you more whole, then your shared universe can become a new homeland you’ll never want to leave.


Comfort blinds humanity of its potential. 

Do you need to uninstall a negative program keeping you tethered to a dead-end script?

Drinks. Food. Games. Substances. People. Places. Thoughts. Etc.

Breaking a bad habit that’s stalling your progress can swiftly transport you into other-worldly environments—because you’re choosing to encounter an upgraded reality where you won’t escape under your crutch.

Sometimes the process sucks, but it doesn’t always have to be totally wack—assuming you overwrite your bad habit with an improved pattern. Also, don’t overcomplicate the matter because you don’t have to rebuild the whole you in V2.

Maybe it means giving up alcohol, but giving into sweets? And then years later, maybe it means saying farewell to daily desserts in favor of less frequent fresh fruit and popcorn?

Either way, closing a decaying time loop and diving into a healthier wormhole works well for anyOne seeking to meet lucidity. 


Your online presence can often become an existential crisis.

Maybe you obsessively observe your watch windows? Maybe you can’t stop feeding your feed? Maybe you over-dose everyday on the world wide web?

The internet captures huemans in black mirrors by assembling their dream timeline. Your fav people, activities, products, programs, and anything else give your avatar everything it could ever want. So turning away isn’t easy, but switching from a virtual timeline to the real deal could be exactly what you need to shift your Spirit.

Even if it’s stepping away for a 24 hour run or deleting an app for a day to test your endurance levels, I encourage you to take the quantum leap.

Jump offline. Double down on your organic life.

No guarantees, but I bet you’ll access a brave new worldview when you exit your own information superhighway. 


If you wanted to transport thoughts into the material, would you need to create a temporal portal for them to travel through?

Your physical realm can be harnessed to represent your deepest dreams—because your intentions power your actions which manifest your timelines. That’s just another way of saying that through Spirit you can create a plane of existence that reflects your most common broadcasts. And that’s just another way to say that people spend their time making matter out of what matters most to them.

Do you invest your mental particles in building designer timelines? Are you aligned with your original nature?

How much longer will you wait to demand that dream career you’ve always sought? When will you stop telling yourSelf the things you’d never dare say to anOther? Why do you keep letting your choices kill your potential realities?

Simply put, you must open your own doorway to become the One you’re meant to be. 

You are the One you’ve been waiting for. 

Open your own dang door.

Create a portal. 

Then all you have to do is invite inside what’s right for you or slide across the timegate.