Okay, so I finished telling wife about this blog post idea, and she said,

That’s cute.

Cute” is the picture book I originally self-published when I was 16 years old.

It’s crazy because I remember when I wrote its story in English, translated it into Spanish, drew its settings, colored its characters, bound its pages, and covered its hardback.

Beginning to End.

And I did everything in one night. It’s hard to believe but I can remember it all so vividly.

I had perfected procrastinating during my Junior Year of High School, but I needed this Spanish grade – so I paused slumberland to get it done – meaning I didn’t sleep one wink that eve.

I recall the morning of… I’m finishing its final assembly just prior to leaving for school. It’s sprinkling outside. The book is due second period.

Wow. This makes me think of that time I convinced my next year’s Spanish teacher on the last day of my Senior Year to give me a D- so I could simply walk and graduate High School.

Anyway, you can check out the 25-year-old bilingual, self-publication below, including new commentary by the author. ????

What is Life!

By D.V.

Same Book

Different Dave from 25 years ago


Vince was my best bro until 11th grade, one of two old school best friends who went to prison.

Let's Play

‘I’m shiny just for you.”


The simple life.

Get Used

Be happy about it.

Time Out

Age out.

Old Timer

Unbecome forgotten.


You’re worthy.

New Day

Open mind.

Holy Wait, What

The ball is a girl.

Not Again

Boy breaking hearts.

Insert Coin

Betting on Lineage.

About the Creator

“I’m a real boy who make-believes for me and you.”

Get Gone

Farewell fun one.