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“You shouldn’t have said the truth.”

That’s what my wife said after I shared this story with her…

The Truth about Yesterday

Seven summers ago, I helped a family load up their moving truck. After we finished I offered handshakes, hugs and two parting words.

“Farewell forever,” I said.

“Don’t say it like that!” said the mother of the moving-away family.

“Come on, let’s be real. We didn’t even hang out when we lived in the same state,” I said.

The moving-away mother explained how she’d see my wife the following month. She shared how much my wife loved her family’s new city and state.

But all I could think was that my wife was at work, and I was the foot-in-mouth fool standing before her proclaiming, “Farewell forever.”

And damn me because I wanted to shove my other foot between my jaws and speak more truth…

Because this mother and I hadn’t seen each other for at least one year, maybe two or more. And despite our mutual respect for one another including genuine care for each other’s families, her moving truck was the sole reason we saw each other prior to her departure.

Of course, my truth can be a real pain in the azz, so I suppressed my muzzle.

The Promise of Tomorrow

There’s a lie inside the power you give tomorrow.

Because you often tell yourself there’s “later.” You tell yourself you can make up with loved ones “in the morning.” You convince yourself that you can focus on your dreams “tomorrow.”

It’s not just your lie though, I’ve lived the same one.

Silly me though because I didn’t feel like I was lying on that summer day when I encountered the moving-away mother and her loving family.

Yeah, maybe she was confident that we’d meet again and maybe we will.

But it’s been over six years so maybe not.

And maybe I believed that “Farewell forever” was an honest goodbye based on our past patterns.

Of course, I didn’t intend to be rude on that day. My truth just fell out of my mouth, and I certainly didn’t enjoy the conversation.

Another one of my truths: I’d rather live the nonfiction of today than the fiction of tomorrow.

The Truth about Today

The reality is even the rest of today isn’t guaranteed.
^^ A simple statement but too many people take its depth for granted.

So I encourage you to witness the true story being told inside today.

Come on, it’s a no brainer to remember yesterday and believe in tomorrow!

But recognize that yesterday is gone and tomorrow is uncertain.

So that leaves you with today

  • Will you make heroic choices for your goals?
  • Will you tell the truth to the characters in your life?
  • Will you work on your craft today to build your better tomorrow?

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See ya next week!

— David