Know the Call

After 1 knows the call, the 1 is challenged to help others know calls.

Remember: All Calls are 4 the Greatest of All.

Make the Call

Many years ago, my iPhone’s Caller ID displayed my own saved contact, “David Villalva”

I was calling myself—except I hadn’t dialed myself—so I didn’t answer my own ringing. But then, I quickly called me back—and I went straight to my own voicemail.

Hmm, I wonder what I wanted to tell myself? Maybe I’ll call back someday.

Answer the Call

Of course, I know that masked robots run black ops by offering false digits—yet my curiosity still leaves me pondering what happened that night—because that call remains the sole time my phone ever phoned me.

Ha, I almost just googled, “My cell phone called me.”

But then I remembered I would simply find someone else’s simple explanation for their similar situation—except their storyline could never be identical to mine…

So in the meantime, I’m watching for All—because I’m finally prepared to Answer the Call.

What about you?

Are You 1 to Call 4 All so All can be Called 4 1?