Hey storyteller,

I shared a couple months ago that I planned to create some new, free stuff for you.

So I surveyed the community and received some fantastic feedback. (Thanks again!)

After taking some time off traveling to a couple countries, enjoying family b-days and more, I’m back at the blog and ready to start delivering what you asked for.

I’m getting back to basics and beginning with a video recording of the free plot structure guide I give away to every new subscriber in this community.

You can go watch the video HERE at my homepage if you’re interested. Or simply check it out to hear what my voice sounds like… High Pitched or Deep & Dark? 😉

Of course, I’ve got more stuff coming soon including new articles, more videos, and other fun stuff.

As I shared a couple months ago, my goal is to innovate storytelling, deliver messages in unique ways, and help you create and finish your story.

I plan to honor my commitments all around.

Until next time… Keep creating. 🙂