The course our remorse takes seems to be quite a mistake.

    Yet we still guilt trip each other into nonstop headaches?

So why torture ourselves over past debts?

    Shouldn’t we forgive and grant ourselves that much respect?

No matter, because I know our inevitable stasis,

    and many more are finding truth on a daily basis.

This discovery is available for all to uncover,

   except too many are silenced or staying undercover.

It’s time we deal with our cards and never fold,

    because it’s through us the true story must be told.

And this path includes Uniting our Stars,

    along with healing both real and invisible scars.

So be careful with how, when and where you travel,

    because too many continue to pillage and trample.

This wrath seeks to capture, maim and cage everyday,

   but we must remember our Original Nature is the only way.