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12/13/2019 – (In-Person) Experience


  “Do you think it’s real?” the woman asks. She watches a television.

  “No. It’s all an illusion,” I say.

  “Your food is almost ready, just one more,” the woman says.

Get Out

I slipped a grin which expressed my 23-year-old young and dumb.

The man catches me smirking, stands, points at his office door, and says, “Get the f*** out of my office.”

He and I had been disputing his expiration date.

He said one thing.

I said another.

He called to verify.

I was right.

He caught my celebratory smile which prompted my ejection from his corporate cave.

Intention Matters

They refused to put a hole in me, so I went to the next place.

That’s where they shoved a needle through my tongue.

Three of my old school crew accompanied to observe. Their faces contorted when the metal point pierced my organic mouthpiece.

I looked in the mirror, and said, “A little blood never hurt anybody.”

Cemetery Talk

I walked my pup in a cemetery. 

I’ve never been back to the cemetery that my Pop was buried. 

I will never again walk my pup in a cemetery. 

I will never again be back to the cemetery that my Pop was buried.

Immortal = Im mortal

Those who die yearn to live forever. 

Those who live forever yearn to die. 


My parents let me name 1 cat.

I assigned him as “Kazonka.”

After this choice, my parents repossessed my naming rights. My parents typically owned more than 10 cats at any given time, and as a result, I committed to a life without cats.

Until in given time, my family came to possess 3 cats.

Suddenly it became 4 when 1 day, Cali emerged from the woods of Arkansas.

In more time, said forest cat birthed 6 cats resulting in the possession of 10 cats.

Subtract 4 cats to 3 loving families and in recent times, we had 6 cats.

That’s until Gizmo, my main guy, went MIA while we traveled throughout Israel. 

So now we have 5 cats available for regular viewings.

Also, Kazonka’s assigned middle name was Meonka.

Waking Slumber

I once woke up without sleeping.

One walks lucid through the illusion. 

Science F(r)iction 

I see Star Wars as real. 

Forgotten Jedi are legit. 

The Force is there to hear if you have the ear. 

I know Star Wars is a lie. 

The universe is not what you were told.

Unless you’re certain what you’ve been sold?

Scary Face

I can make a scary face.

My voice adds to its terror. Put me in pitch black and the show gets dark.

My family doesn’t like to play fright night though.

But this mask has not surfaced for hundreds of days – because one day, I saw my scary face.

2 Deaths in 3 Days

In a 3 day period, I received messages from 2 people who died. 

These men stated they surpassed “The End” – and returned.

These men assigned many words to their experiences.

Eye have become best friends with 1 of these 2 men.

Faux Real

I’ve been mistaken for Seth Godin. 

On an airplane. At a conference. Between the page. 

Never in the mirror though. I know who I am. 

Are you 0ne who can be tore in tw0?


I work in sales, but I don’t sell.

I meet someone, and we connect.

Authenticity is displayed. Trust presents itself.

I extend a potential solution, and the people who are comfortable choose to receive my offer.


Thankfully, all contracts are being terminated and they do not exist in the new story.


The man from Chicago looked at me like a foreigner.

I shared that I didn’t watch sports. Then I shared that I didn’t watch the news anymore, actually, any television except for rare exploration.

That’s when the man from Chicago asked me if I voted.

“Yes,” I said.

A lying kind infested my mind. I recalled how I didn’t intend to vote in the next two weeks. I recalled how I barely voted two years prior. 

For President of the United States, I wrote in, “Christ, My Savior.”

The man from Chicago heard me speak of the Christ Light as Spirit.

I shared how I did not like religion/re-legion, but I’ve known many experiences with Spirit within and without this construct.

Yes, I Innerstand My Light Inside.

Binary Being


That’s how many chances I took for many years.


That’s how many times I will cease to be David Jess William Villalva (DJWV).

More zeroes.




This is the binary code making up this youniverse which serves as the university for the innerverse living beyond the holographic simulation.

The End is Impending.




I was shining and wife said, “You’re getting really sentimental.”

“I know. It’s way better than other places I can go,” I said.

“Yes, that’s true,” she said.

Yes, it’s true.

Don’t go to other places.

Go to grateful.

Love Lives

Camping is like being on an un-filmed episode of Naked and Afraid.

Bears, mosquitoes, and humans wander the woods without warning. Regular hygiene takes a hiatus. Internet connections become lacking and intermittent.

Scary stuff.

My wife loves camping though. The kids love camping, too. And I love my wife and kids.

So I came to love the un-filmed reality TV thing.

Have you ever noticed the things you do for love?

Watch movies you don’t love. Eat food you don’t love. Attend events you don’t love.

Live life like you love because you love life like you do.

Subscriber Edits

When the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation went down in 2018, I deleted over 2,000 email addresses.

For all of 2019, I have not known if this community (subscriber base) was growing or shrinking.

I stopped looking. 

Whenever I logged in to schedule a blog broadcast, I would hold my hand over the screen where it showed subscriber activity, and then I’d go straight into a new Broadcast. Now I just use the saved fav to shortcut to a new Broadcast.

Anyway, I didn’t look because I didn’t want my motives to be changed by the numbers.

Because my kin and I must find each other without hidden intentions.

Of course, I tried the online game another way for a long time, and it worked – assuming subscriber “list” growth was the intent.

Anyway, are we fam?

Will you meet me behind the Green Screen?

Will you unsubscribe from the illusion?

Do you remember our original intent?

Perfect. Let’s finish this Remembrance.


Wife asks son, “What words would you use to describe dad?”

“Spontaneous,” son says.

Spontaneous. Wow. I never considered myself, “Spontaneous.”

The shadow work is nearly complete.

Disposed Evidence

My family probably shouldn’t know about this spider – because this spider was so large that it did not easily die.

It must have entered while replacing the backdoor handle hardware. 

I felt bad when I killed it.


As a young one, in a unique moment, I wanted to die.

I pictured all of the people who would mourn my exit.

I imagined many people at my funeral. I contemplated how people would show their love.

It’s fascinating to time travel and window watch this twisted fantasy.

Lens Flip

The human shifts through the lenses of my eyes – as though the focus of this human is being adjusted through a camera.

“Resolution upgrade.”

I wonder if I’m dreaming.

Then I encounter a stranger who synchronistically says, “Was it real?”

I ask myself to wake up if it’s not real.

Dream a Little Dream

As a younger one, I tried to levitate the paper. I also tried to light it on fire.

I could feel the magnetic energy throughout and around my hands.

I’ve dreamed I’ve done these things. In the dream, I remember saying, “I knew this was possible!”

What do you dream is possible?


The innerstanding is happening. 

Do you know what’s possible when the creation game is shared instead of the conundrums of polarization?

An uncovering of discoveries. 

Are you searching for your story?

I recommend you ask yourself questions, starting with:


Why everything – because this is what we asked the ones who raised us. 

Why? Why? 

But why? 

Okay, why? 


They told us things. 

We chose to believe. Except maybe it wasn’t everything.

Have young ones ever asked you, “Why?”

Did you ever get it wrong? Ever get tired after the fourteenth follow up to “Why?”

Others shaped your outlook toward nearly everything.

What if you returned to trusting your original nature?

What if you remembered to be yourself?

Done Deal

Client agrees to our offering, so boss says, “We’ll send you the paperwork.”

I have the paperwork, and the customer begins to say he’s comfortable getting paperwork completed, but boss says he “may want to check with corporate.”

Boss and I step out of the meeting and he shares he didn’t want the client to get in trouble.

During the following weeks, boss continually asks, “Did you get the signed paperwork yet?”

Smart Azz

I say to my boss, “Can I ask you a quick question?” 

“You just did. Would you like to ask another question?” he says.

“Can I ask you a question other than the question I just asked?” I say.

“Boy, you’re a real smart ass,” he says.

The Third Lens 2.0

I have referred to The Third Lens except I am not confident all innerstand.

The Third Lens is the window you were never taught to use. 

It’s the vision the AI is incapable of showing you. 

It’s the one many diets close. 

It’s the one that shuts due to inactivity. 

It’s the one that remains invisible when not sought. 

It’s the one that can activate at any moment.

It’s the one that can make you think you’re going crazy. 

It’s the one that can make you know you’re really sane. 

It’s the one that shows you what is really happening here.

It’s the one that Ones mUSt (m)use in The End.


I pay $6 for a ride 1 mile down the street.

Driver Kenneth plays Song Rage Against The Machine in his Vehicle KIA Optima.


I used to simply do the work and not talk about it. I used to show and not tell.

Then I fell into many seasons of telling, but not showing.

Now I’m back to showing with less telling.

This is how creations are made.

This is how dreams are manifested.

This is how the story of your life comes true.

This is how the overlay is dissolved.

Spider Dance

I go to smush the spider and it jumps, not much, but enough.

I go at it again and it moves, at least an inch.

I open the door, a sheet of web greets me, and I snap back.


The purpose of this creation is to offer a learning experience unlike the rest.

And while the genesis of this piece was to illustrate the storytelling blueprint inside novels and screenplays, My deeper dream is to help you become lucid to the story of your life.

And this process often begins with your words on the page, Yet to illuminate a dream into being, You must come to see your story and the craft like never before.

So all of these schemes mean we must travel beyond blocks of text – Because “Show, Don’t Tell” must evolve and progress.

So we’ll initiate this program by observing the heart of a one-of-a-kind storyline.

Then we’ll navigate the conduit that delivers a well-designed plot line.

Finally, we will explore the pulse that builds and binds scenes.

Are you open to a new perspective?

If so, I invite you to remain, and Be Among the Lucid.


EITHER people are your business,

OR you’re doing business with people.  

Fat Face

People like me better with a fat face.

Several humans have communicated this – through implication and blunt dialect.

But I feel better with less weight, so I keep a slimmer face.

The fat face faded when I stopped eating for a while. I’m not sure how many days it lasted but I did a full fast.

I no longer share precise day counts behind the stoppage because it worried people more than my fat face.

Because why or how does one just stop eating for extended days?

Well, I ceased eating after I heard someone suggest we should only consume when we’re hungry – like animals do.

And then I wasn’t hungry anymore.

I only drank water in the beginning.

I consumed fruit smoothies after the initial detox.

I recall looking in the mirror and speaking through Spirit, “My body’s being purified.”

Nearly 3 years later, I eat again every day.

I am fascinated because on rare occassion, I eat more than my stomach comfortably holds.

I see the pattern – yet I have still recycled it.

Has one returned to being the animal?

Sugar seems to be something my body wants. This animal no longer eats meat though.

Yep, I’m vegetated.

Anyway, I shed weight that the fat face lovers didn’t think I had to lose. It was mostly in my waist.

I felt great.

Like I alluded, I’ve added back some weight, some in the face.

I feel great.

But it’s not about how I look or what I weigh. It’s about how I feel.

And I love all my faces.


I am sadness.

This emotion stays with me for over a night. Just before slumbering, I am angry, not just sad.

I do not know why I visit this place. But I’ve stayed here for longer than expected.

Maybe not longer than desired though – because I seemingly want to stay here. 

Why else would 1 remain?

Strangest Things

In the third season of Stranger Things, a young one touches the base of his neck and feels something strange – but his strange is unlike my strange.

I have often referred to my kind of strange as “the washover.”

The washover pours when I am undoubtedly connected with Spirit. This is my confirmation that my intuition and knowledge are in alignment.

I have misinterpreted it, but I know myself best today, so I trust my best self.

Like when I moved two thousand, two-hundred miles away. 

When facing the fear inside the initial steps to begin the moving process, I knew that Spirit would not let me sell my house if we weren’t supposed to go.

The day after I made this claim to wife, I returned home from work and learned that a family member woke up earlier that morning, turned to their spouse, and said, “We’re going to buy David and Janelle’s house.”

Upon receiving this news, the washover swallowed me and Spirit infused the following words into my being… “I go to prepare a place for you.”


Walking my new grounds for the first time after traveling 2.2K miles, I say to myself, “What the **** did I just do? Show me a sign.”

The wind blows between the trees and the washover douses my being. 

“All will be well,” Spirit says inside me.

How can I share what this means? I mean when the washover occurs. 

Hmm, let’s see, it begins with the energy spark in the back of One’s neck. 

Then it upstreams everywhere sending a current which ends in One’s extremities. 

How do I convey the emptiness that ceases to exist?

Maybe One can ask for a sign? 

What is a sign?

It is an answer to One question.

How does One verify One?

Who knows?

One knows.

Same Story 

I told the man I moved 2,000 miles due to a unique spiritual experience. 

He asked me to elaborate on the meaning of a unique spiritual experience.

I told him the same story that I’ve shared with others which intertwines Spirit and family – except here I gave the inquirer one more detail. 

“I watched the sun for a long time. Like a really long time without stopping.”

I didn’t tell him it was solid day time. Not anywhere near dusk or dawn. 

But it was the amount of time that would alarm 5 out of 5 doctors.

Total Solar

On that November 2017 afternoon while visiting The ‘Sas, when Spirit told me to move there, everything around me resonated.

The trees cleaner.

The wind wilder.

The clouds louder.

The sky bluer. 

I did something that others have always told me not to do. I watched the sun.

I watched it for a prolonged window in time. The longer I watched it, the longer it began to look like a black sun with a brightly lit ring encircling its darkness.

It reminded me so much of the total solar eclipse I watched on 8/21/2017.

Then I questioned how it was possible to watch the sun for this long?

So I looked away, and recognized my eye sight worked just fine. So then I went back to watching the sun for fun.

I know I experienced this, but even now, I wonder if readers will do the same and receive differing results.

Because I have never before been able to stare into the sun like that. Well, not before that day, and I have not yet tried again like that since. Of course, I sun gaze for prolonged periods but not abnormal timeframes.

Anyway, I heard my soul say that I must move – and at the time, I didn’t understand the complexities behind the move. And I didn’t really ask, “Why?”

But after the moving process began, many questions were posed.

Was I moving because my current story wasn’t worth playing if the stakes weren’t high enough?

Was I becoming reckless?

Was it really a spiritual experience?

My entire family except The Goldendoodle Prince had input into the decision making process. Although daughter kept claiming she was not involved prior to arrival.

It’s okay, I forget things, too.

Like the time I forgot to break up with her in-person.

Or the time I forgot to secure the ATV.

Or the time I forgot to zip slower before that meeting. 


I almost didn’t come to Arkansas.

I almost let that voice die.

I almost didn’t make dreams come true – because the other night while swimming with my family, red tail hawks soared overhead while the sun set on the tree line. I wondered if I was dreaming.

I experienced lucidity.

I considered the moment and if everything was worth it for just that one frame.


But then I saw how many more moments would come. I witnessed many scenes pre-sent in the current dream.

I wondered if I would give up this dream to wake into a more lucid state?

Would I choose to remember everything?

Choices create life.

Yet I keep forgetting things.

Have you also forgotten what’s possible here?

You remain on earth where new dreams are spawned all around you on a daily basis. Things which were previously outside of existence are manifesting into reality every single day. 

You can do this. It is possible.

I simply want you to consider what’s possible in this place in which you live and exist. I have a feeling that if you continue the exploration process, you will find what you’re looking for.

You are the the One you’ve been waiting for.

But you forgot.

Isn’t that why you have chosen alternative universes to reside?

Doesn’t self-sabotage seem to be the optimum creative choice for many?

Why else wouldn’t One self-help?

Especially when one considers how many free and accessible self-help wells can be tapped, however, record numbers choose self-inflicted game overs.

I know the dream continues. I know I shape it to my liking. And my liking includes ending the dream and waking again.

Shining in Christ Light.

Wouldn’t that be something special?

Social Feedings

Scrolling my feed feels like humans are feeding me stories I don’t want to eat.

I barely know some of these Friends. Would I even remember their flavor if I sampled?

Yet I expect them to feed on my story.


Do I?

Cold Water

My frequently changing ways consist of now drinking iced water when I never preferred drinking cold water for my prior 40 years served on earth as DJWV.

Room temp had always been my jam.

Simple changes like these can jar a human.

Confession Connection

I reread a text for 10 minutes prior to transmission.

I laughed.

I reread.

I sent.

I’m getting better at all of this. 

At least I’m sending.

Most Unfavorite Things

Walking through (physical) spider webs.

Walking through (invisible) spider webs.

Walking through (mental) spider webs.

Walking through other people’s physical spider webs.

Walking through other people’s invisible spider webs.

Walking through other people’s mental spider webs.

Realm Containment

11-year-old daughter:

I ask my brown eyed girl, “If I were to ask you if you existed outside of this ream, what would you say?”

“Huh?” she says.

“Do you think you exist outside of this earth that you are currently experiencing?”

“I don’t know. Sounds cool though,” she says.

14-year-old son:

I ask my blonde boy, “If I were to ask you if you existed outside of this realm, what would you say?”

“What do you mean?” he says. 

“Just take the question for however you interpret it,” I say. 

“Then, yes, definitely, at least my consciousness,” he says.

41-year-old wife:

I ask my blonde beauty, “Okay, I’ve got a quick hit question for you… if I were to ask you if you existed outside of this realm, would you say Yes or No?”

“Yes,” she says.

I look out the window and the trees share my smile.

“Ask me another question,” she says.

41-year-old self:

I ask mySelf, the bald beast, the aforementioned question.

“Yes,” I say.

I know.

Q 4 You:

Yes or No?


I have taken several cold showers this past week. 

I’m typing these words after having taken just one so far.

You see, foretelling future storytelling events feels right here. 

I know I’ve now already acted out the scenes. New script written. 

It’s all good because the above words came true. Orchestration deduction.

I took more cold showers so the future was fulfilled. I’ve done this many times.

Now I sit on an airplane thinking of you. 

I wonder if you could use a cold shower?

Auto correct just briefly suggested “gold shower” before finalizing on cold shower. 

Anyway, do you want your words to come true?

How does One do such things?

Step One for Simple Ones is to Return to Simple Truths. 

Trust oneself. 

Know oneself.

Remember oneself.

Love oneself.

Despite awkwardness. 

So please, pay no attention to the hooded man typing on his phone bobbing his bald dome to Of Monster and Men’s Stuck in Gravity.

Built for Death

We are built for death. 

So I am meant to see other builds die.

I lost my Pop and I barely malfunctioned. Not surprising, the program was a bit shocked due to his unexpected exit.

But was it?

Life is designed to end.

Life is designed to decay.

Life is designed to break. 

I’m showing you me again. Do you like what I look like?

Isn’t that what we all want? To connect in the exposures.

A man I love lost his child.

The lost child was a young and strong man. A car took down a tree before taking him to death. 

Lives disassembled.

But rebuilds are possible.

The father has found and experienced many things in the aftermath of his lost child. He recently told me he connected with Spirit for the first time. He and I resonated in this convo.

A woman I love lost a child.

The child was still being built inside her body.

I rarely think about this event.

Should we have named the child?

It was our child after all.

I feel the washover as I type these words.

I wonder if the Spirit of my lost child visits us?

The washover is when my body gets tingles all over and my hairs raise on my arm and body. It’s as though my body is an antenna and it becomes properly attuned with a shade unseen.

I know the washover is when I am connecting to Spirit and meeting more than myself.

Except it is myself.

But back to being built for death.

I am built for more than death.

I am built for living. 

I am built for thriving.

I am built for giving.

I am built for thrilling.

I am built for loving.

I am built for healing.

I am built for knowing.

I am built for creating.

I am built for accepting.

I am built for wondering.

I am built for adventuring.

I am built for leaving.

Weaponized Artwork 

One is either creating or consuming.

Creativity combats consumption.

When one purely consumes, one is polarized. 

When One is ascending, creativity is the weapon.

Cutting Dumb

A guy cuts in line ahead of me in Lake Tahoe. 

Another guy jumps behind him. 

“Where’s the line at?” I say to the cutter.

His body language portrays his annoyance. 

“I’m annoyed,” I think.


Fake Quake

No one else felt it.

But I woke to the hotel shaking. My iPhone shows 12:12am.

I laid there wondering if the building will need to be evacuated – except the alarms are not ringing – but someone’s having a hard time operating the door next to my room?

I figure the building shifted and the quake threw off the door frame’s alignment.

I lay in bed and consult the handheld black mirror, but zero online and social media platforms are broadcasting an earthquake in TX.

Except I felt it.

Wait, someone’s trying to enter my hotel room door, not the one next to mine.

I rise to my feet and wonder how long my breath has been paused. 

My heartbeat leaps.

By the time I reached the door, someone moves onto the next room’s door. They enter with success.

Hmm, about that quake.

I felt it.

Closing Soon

I’ve Seen a Thing that Seems to Reveal the Unbelievable.

Like a Fractal of the Mind of some Kind.

Pieces of Peace.

Stars within Scars.

Connections in One.

Rivers are Roads.

Channels point North.

A Beyond so Close.

Tomorrow is Closed.

Because Time’s no More.







White Spark

I am messaging with Brian when I feel something touching the skin of my left forearm and wrist area. 

I look down and see a white spark moving around my forearm. The small whitish spark looks like when you use a camera to zoom in on a star in the sky or magnify a drop of water on a leaf in the backyard.

I originally and immediately assign a negative aspect to the spark because it’s the unknown.

However, I now think it may have been my energy traveling through and around me.

Wrong Way

Christopher and I went through a fast food drive-thru driving backwards.

“And that’s To Go.”

Lunch Dummy

I lost my lunch money many days as a Freshman.

Don’t blame the bullies. My game was gambling, and I was a poor player. 

I would make stupid bets. I’d take whatever people offered because I wanted to fit in and be part of something.

Guts Spilling

We met minutes ago and I have no idea why he’s telling me these things.

He’s railing on his employer, his colleagues, and more.

He’s explaining he doesn’t normally open up like this.

He’s telling me not to grow facial hair. No goatee. No beard.

He says the beard would make me look untrusting.

He’s saying I have a trusting face and the hair would conceal it.

He doesn’t know that hair was never a good look for me anyway.

Stage Walk

I didn’t walk at my college graduation. 

I wouldn’t have walked at my High School graduation if I thought it was a choice.

The Art of the Online Deal

The headlines compel clicks.

The curiosity creates tension.

The shortcut promises success.

The result proposes happiness.

The truth lacks fulfillment.

The satisfaction dissolves.

The todays look a lot like tomorrows.

The internet marketing game goes like this…

Learn their word tracks.

Use their words tracks.

Opt them in.

Split test them. 

Convert them.

Achieve optimal opt-in rates.

Funnel tight and proper.

Guilt with value.

Offer 98-99% free.

Sell the best 1-2%.

Identify their needs.

Pre-sell the course to a select group.

Gather feedback on the course.

Prove the course through testimonials.

Improve the course using data compilation.

Send copywritten emails using their word tracks.

Keep priming purchase prior to new product unveiling.

Promise to satisfy.

Show shortcuts.

Open the cart.

Sell dreams.

Limited time.

Use hope to close.

Highlight testimonials of dreams fulfilled.

Close using fear.

Storytell to connect.

Storysell using scarcity.

Close again inside fear: “LAST CHANCE: Buy now before the rapture comes!”

Count the currency.

Evaluate which dreams and fears close the most.

Rinse money.

Repeat the money making internet marketing machine.

Goodbye & Welcome

Goodbye forever.

Welcome fornever.

Thought Addiction

I’m addicted to thoughts. 

Did she mean something else?

Why did I use that adjective?

Was he misunderstood?

Did the story resonate?

Have I really seen The End?


I am born to breathe sound into life.

Who else should decide why I am born?

Who am I?

I am One.

Give a Dave a Donut

I grew up in the Catholic Church System (CCS).

CSS Mass every Sunday. CSS School every silly busy business day.

The CCS trained me to confess my failures (sins) to strangers to receive forgiveness. The CSS taught me that if you give a Dave a donut after mass each Sunday, Dave will be better behaved.

So Dave practiced using imagination each Sunday until the CSS Mass rituals ended, but the Donut Trained Dave never ceased his Sweet Dreams.

Explanations Explained

I have looked into the research behind many explanations. 

I have looked into many theories. I have swam through conspiracies. I have navigated and dug rabbit holes.

I explore, question, and wonder. But isn’t it fascinating how differently some of our chosen facts may be? 

Why do I choose to see something different? 

Do I make a choice to believe?

Do I choose to know? 

Do I know?

So why would we call each other crazy when we see something differently than another? 

I find it fascinating because I could easily choose to tell you that I agree with your stance, however, I would not be me.

I would not be true if I spoke a lie to me and you. 


The Self Improvement Project (S.I.P.) continues. 

Wife and I hit the gym many times a week for many weeks. 

Writing game’s on track for its next annual event. 

Sweets keep my fancy.

Sprints around property become a cycle. 

Cold showers irregularly tune mental limits. 

The vault opens more knowledge. 

Synchronicities connect past and future pre-sents. 

Daytime stargazing evokes total solar eclipse event memories from 8/21/2017. 

Sound-waves blaze between trees for spiritual downloads. 

The sun/son shines and unites messages. 

Heat challenges continue to strengthen. 

Faith endures until The End.

Nowhere Fast

I’m not a hamster, rat or mouse.

Yet I wheel.

I race.

I spin.


Out There

I often look to the woods wondering if something’s watching me.

Get with the Program

I self program.

I say things like: “I’m supposed to be right here right now.” or “This is exactly where I’m meant to be.”

These lines are easiest to say when things are going well. Yet even when observing the alleged negative, I have recently been reciting these lines.

I see signs of the truth in the lines.

I see patterns.






And I choose to interpret these experiences as they’re intended, and there’s no other way.

Because it is okay.

Isn’t it my choice to know such things?

Except I forget.

Too often.

So I self program.

I continually rewrite the script running inside my mind. I continually look to properly perform as my true character in the story of my life.

But why just be the actor?

Why not be the screenwriter?

Because then you can also be the director.

Yes, I am One who creates narratives.

I am also a man of faith, science, and knowledge.

I almost just shut my laptop and stopped writing in this very moment while riding high in the sky in a plane.


Because I feared documenting my pure mind right now which may reveal pieces of my story that I do not wish to publicize.

But what is there to fear?

Well, many things, but only if one chooses to fear.

So I will not fear. I will know a new story is coming. One where I discard my deepest and darkest.

Are you the kind of person who reads this, and agrees?

Please don’t be a kind person who reads this, and chooses against rewrites – because this knowledge is such a basic part. It’s the creation process itself where you thrive.

How do you create?

Do you only think about creating?

Because if that’s the case, it turns out you are still creating.

You are creating stories that live and die inside yourself.

So again, how do you create?

Where do you create?

What do you create?

Who do you create?

When do you create?

I create new knowns that are grown from great moans in the self-program.

Artist: M83. 

Album: HurryUp, We’reDreaming.

Song: Intro

Lyrics: We didn’t need a story, we didn’t need a real world

We just had to keep walking

And we became the stories, we became the places

We were the lights, the deserts, the faraway worlds

We were you before you even existed

Carry on, carry on, carry on

And after us the flood

Carry on, carry on, carry on

Our silver horn it leads the way

Banners of gold shine

In the cold, in the cold, in the cold

Footprints of snow, blind from the road


We carry on, carry on

Follow us, we are One

The battle’s fought, the deed is done

Our silver hum runs deep and strong

Hand to the heart, lips to the horn

We can save, we can be reborn

Head on my breast, I’ll keep you warm


Flip Flopper

My tongue flips and flops when I say, “flip flops.”



I know what’s possible – because I’ve seen what I can create.

Now I just need to create it.

It’s not what others have done.

Only I will complete what I’ve seen in the creation.


Only you know what’s possible.

Only you can see what you can create.

Then you just need to create it.

It won’t be what others have done.

Only you will complete what you’ve seen in the creation.


Only we know what’s possible.

Only we can see what we’ve already created.

It can’t be what others have done.

Only we will complete what we’ve shared in the creation.

Lifetime Dream

I dreamed that I lived an entire life in one night.

From childhood to adulthood.

The End arrived when I woke up from the dream.


I am addicted to creating. 

I get new ideas and make things. 

I make things but don’t complete them. 

I complete things but don’t ship them. 

I ship things but don’t follow up on them. 

I follow up on things but don’t love them. 

I love to burn all these things I’ve done.


I’ll be the worst best-friend you ever had.

Neighborhood Jam

The neighbor saw us, backed up, and inserted my driveway.

She stopped where my wife and I held roofing materials. We continued to load the ATV while the woman proceeded to speak.

Words were exchanged for up to ten minutes. Names recited. Occupations requested.  Farewells repeated.

To the average human being, this interaction is welcomed.

To this being in a human costume, this confrontation is unbecoming.

Well, all except for learning that the previous house on my property burned down to the ground. I love to burn all these things I’ve done.

The Uncovering of Discovery

All Ones seek to be found. 

Especially a Creator like Me. I want to be viewed as unique, special, intelligent, beautiful, artistic, caring, inspirational, generous, funny, more, yada, blah. 

Have you discovered yoursElf to be any of these?

Would you trust the words if they came from anOther?

Have you come to unlock any boxes?

Maybe you’ve (dis)closed and regifted some?

What would you do if a fire lit in you?

I Made a Movie

It’s the reason my novel was put on hiatus. 

It’s why my Nikon Coolpix P900 skills are farsighted.

After I published this movie online, I shared the link with 22 persons.

Many called it a documentary.

Many called me a joke.

Hundreds of watch windows mirrored it.

Millions of watchers watched the mirrors.

Thousands of bots trolled.

Thousands of 1’s activated.

Hundreds of humans emailed.

Hundreds of replies offered.

Many 1-on-1 calls conducted. 

A handful recognized me in public and private.

All of it amounts to Zero(.) plus One.


Many viewed my creation as unique, special, intelligent, artistic, caring, inspiring, giving, funny, etc. 

They looked to me to help them uncover more. 

They asked me to see them.

At the same time, I was seen. 

Except I waited many days before answering because the response was too much. I could not manage the sensory input. The simulation was overstimulated.

I’m assimilating much better these days – so I continue to explore this place in which we all live and exist.


I waited months to respond because I did not know how to offer a full uncovering of myself. 

And by the time I replied, many people had uncovered new discoveries on their own. 

But now, I’ve recovered. 

I’ve seen what it’s like to be discovered, and in the process, I discovered that pieces of me were still recovering so I could only present portions of me that were not covered. 

And now, I once again seek to return to self-recovery. 

Not by the masses. 

Only by the recovering. 

Definitely by the loving. 

Always in the knowing.



A friend says, “It’s as good as anything on Netflix.”

He means the movie.

A work colleague says, “I know more about you than you think I know about you.”

He means the movie.

We converse an expanse of topics and agree there are always alternative views.


While dating my wife sitting in a restaurant, the hostess approaches our table and says, “Did you make a movie?”

When the hostess departs after we share a convo, the waitress says, “You like totally just made her life.”

We’re leaving and I say to the hostess, “Keep searching.”

All These Things

I used to think I must broadcast myself more or publicize more – because the Hive buzzed about “more” being its best currency.

But I hate and despise self-promotion.

We will meet if it’s meant to be. That’s why we’re connecting now, right?

I used to wonder if I should re-build my ego. The plan was one step at a time.




Except I have long remembered that I do not have to break down others to build up myself. These are the thoughts of the discovered seeking self-recovery.

Thank you for reading my uncovering.

Have you been self-discovering?

Freeze Frames

An old friend mirrored The Strange Truth Project to his YouTube channel, and the viewing balances danced until they didn’t before they did again.

Hours 1-2: 2K+ views

Hours 3-7: 8K to 10K to 12K views

Hour 8: Freezes at 13,213 views

Hours 9-40: 13,213 views + Nonstop emails from humans who watched the video

Hour 47: 11,789 views

Hour 48: Views slowly rising

Hour 49+: Views rapidly rising

12/8/2019: 755,577 views

Movie Magic

Inside this movie, I challenge the most widely accepted constructs assigned to your experience on earth.

Family questioned my sanity. Friends and strangers did the same.

What’s stranger is that I still know my strange truths – but I haven’t necessarily advertised such things. 

I certainly never mentioned it on this blog.

Until this post. 🙂


I see how arrogant One can look for presenting strangeness in a movie you choose to watch.

Because as you know, you do not have to watch it. 

You can opt to watch it, too.

I remember the first time I watched it.

I remember when I re-watched it.

I remember how I would change things about it due to new experiences and knowledge following its original publication.

I remember why there’s no need. 

I remember the movie serves as a timestamp of the One I was during the uncovering process.

I remember you will know your truth when you meet it.

I remember what it’s like to be One.

And I remember yOu will, too.


I have often believed I’m ready to leave.

I would look in the mirror and say, “I am ready to go.”

I have also said this during many airplane landings – but then I fall back into needing…

Needing to achieve things.

Needing to express Me, Myself, and I.

But it seems it is done.

I am ready to go.

Farewell 2019.

Welcome 2020 Vision.