4/2/2017 – Dream

Dream: Gifts were hidden in the house.

The game was to have everyone find the gifts before they exploded (including the kids).

4/6/2017 – Thought

Tests have been done.

9/15/2018 – (Gateway) Experience

I astral projected for the second time.

The first occurred in 2001 when my consciousness detached from my physical body, went through my bedroom door, wrapped around the bar, and witnessed a black hole in the kitchen’s white wall beside the stacked washer/dryer combo inside that same San Diego apartment where the apparition presented itself to Brian and me.

This dark portal into the unknown frightened me so greatly that I wished to immediately return to my body resulting in my consciousness snapping back into physicality like a rubber band prayer.

This second time, 17 years later, I was not scared.

I was traveling my grounds and sweeping for irregularities and undesires as I have often done when I seemingly transitioned into an OBE.

I flew around my property, across the woods, and circled the cemetery. (I considered that I was seeing through the eyes of the owl which I’d watched swoop down just before the daylight disappeared.)

Also, earlier in the day, Brian and I asked for the Armor of Light before viewing The Gate. He’s visiting and he said he’d been searching for the movie everywhere which I had synchronistically received without request by my brother.

Last, earlier in the day before the movie watch party, Brian pointed out a hole in my driveway. He suggested it was a sinkhole.

It synchronistically appeared to be a narrow, bottomless pit like the hole in The Gate.

Brian experienced deja vu like the waitress when I spoke of original assignments.

I found the moth on the underside of the hammock blanket. Like the moth in The Gate.

9/16/2018 – Experience

I unfold a wire clothes hanger.

I measure its maximum length in reach as 16 inches.

I walk outside, insert the hanger into the hole in my driveway, and it goes as far as possible to the point I could drop it. I do not let go. I snap photos.

I pray over the hole and another.

I know I am protected.

I know the external cannot harm my innerverse unless I feed the fears.

I know some laugh at this, but I know who I am.

I am remembering.

9/21/2018 – Dream & Thought

Dream: I was running from someone.

Not just me running, but a few people. We were all running from someone.

I remember at some point that I had to drive the getaway car. I also had to pick up someone and carry them over my shoulder.

I also had to jump off the edge of a cliff into some water to escape. I swam through a little water and we got away safely.

Thought: I am a Lucid Storyteller.

9/22/2018 – Dream

I was at a place I needed to escape.

At this place were rooms, devices, men, and women.

It was almost a Mad Scientist meets Fun House meets Asylum kind of place.

9/24/2018 – Dream

Dream: I was with someone else and trying to lead a large group of people out of a large building which was like a big deadly game.

There were temptations all around such as favorite candies and more.

Crazy acrobatics and more were needed to get out of many places.

Stairwells went down deeper. We were also being chased by some type of entity that enjoyed teasing us.

It knew us and played with our minds through a labyrinth of games.

9/25/2018 – Dream

Dream: I saw a Yin Yang symbol and its dark half chased me often.

Because someone was trying to get us.

We survived which shocked the bad guys.

I was concerned about using my light and we were going to ride bikes to Freeport area.

Then it was like I was in a setting similar to Big Trouble in Little China because we were enclosed in a large mythical palace.

I was running with stealth, and battling them.

Ha, I looked like Thomas Jane at one point.

In The End, we made it.

I remember all of the bad ones (and ones who did not help, but who were not evil) saw us.

All of these bad and unhelpful ones were shocked we were alive.

10/1/2018 – Dream

Dream: I was in some type of repeating cycle.

I remember a car, water, and certain people.

10/4/2018 – Dream

Dream: I remember I eventually left that place with a guy who drove with a different kind of GPS.

The road ahead showed us going through water and more.

It was like warp speed interdimensional travel.

10/5/2018 – Dream

Dream: I was out near the woods and waiting for an Owner to arrive.

He eventually showed.

The dream faded quickly.

10/6/2018 – Dream

Dream: I was making The Storytelling Blueprint and I saw how all the nodes connected.

Everything clicked.

Then I thought the number of Creation was 22.

10/8/2018 – Dream

Dream: Interdimensional.

I was trying to find someone who disappeared.

I needed to build something.

10/9/2018 – Dream

Dream: I was in some kind of interdimensional salon or something.

There were many floors.

I remember a few faces.

Above all, I remember mute colors and not a lot of life in this place.

10/22/2018 – Thought

Spirit spoke to me yesterday as I was mowing the grounds.

“You are on the precipice of something special and amazing,” Spirit says.

It felt as though I was on the perfect path and that I was doing the right things to keep moving forward.

10/31/2018 – Dream & Thoughts

Dream: We were a team trying to take down a group.

We did it but then we moved on to the next group.

It’s like I can almost see all of the images and actions from the dream like a boat and a car and a desolate street, but the details are escaping me.

Thoughts: It’s Halloween and I don’t really like celebrating it.

The candy is bad for me and kids are running around neighborhoods asking for tricks and treats.

It’s really weird.

It’s fun for dress up as another I assume, but some of the characters seem twisted including evil costumes.

Plus, I think the twisted and evil minds prey on people on a night like this.

I ask the Light to protect His children in all ways today across the earth.


11/1/2018 – Dream & Thoughts

Dream: I was at a school.

Big open classroom with benches like a stadium.

I had no idea how to do the equations on the test. The teachers said to look at them as “something fractions.”

I can’t recall what the “something” word was that he used to describe the fractions.

I remember seeing someone else’s answers. “4” and “8” were on their papers but I did not know how they got there.

Then I needed to get home and it was quite the ordeal. I felt lost.

Thoughts: 4 and 8 in my dreams are something special.

Like there are 4 equations I must be able to understand like in my dream.

Mother has her first chemotherapy tomorrow.

My mind keeps jumping to personnel issues…

11/2/2018 – Dream & Thoughts

Dream: I was staying at a big hotel. I was rushing to a meeting.

There were a bunch of assassins. I do not remember many other details other than trying to find my way while avoiding the assassins and getting a little lost.

Thoughts: I often wake up with strange thoughts.

Like, “ What is life?”

“When will I die?”

“Am I living right?”

“Will I die soon?”

“This life is flying by.”

I know Spirit guides me.

I must start posting blogs again. This is my main way to show Spirit what I am truly trying to create.

I also want to send love and positive healing thoughts to Mother today as it’s her first chemo treatment.

Life happens in interesting ways.


11/3/2018 – Dream & Thoughts

Dream: I had it and then it fled because I became consumed in my mind with a life issue.

Thoughts: I just started to do it again.

I began to role play my past conversations with humans.

I just started doing it again.

I am loving. I am caring.

I have also seen some people are unwilling to accept responsibility and do certain things.

I am sad because of what I must do.

11/4/2018 – Dream & Thoughts

Dream: I remember a thinner girl. Possibly a work scenario. I don’t remember more.

Thoughts: I woke up to thunder and lightning and then spiraled around life thoughts, personnel issues and an impending separation.

Guilt and Fear.

11/11/2018 – Dream & Thoughts

Dream: I was in a backyard with a pool.

Thoughts: Physically trapped and today I’m going to help burn a pile in our backyard with a pool.

11/12/2018 – Dream & Thoughts

Dream: I was preparing to travel somewhere.

I think with wife. I almost grabbed some of her clothes.

I remember she wore a red vest with a red long sleeve shirt.

We needed to leave for some reason.

Thoughts: I saw a glimpse of another life on this property where I was a full-time creator and storyteller. These things will happen.

11/13/2018 – Dream & Thoughts

Dream: I was in a house and…

Thoughts: I feel like I’m still on the cusp of something.

The newness often scares me.

I just need to keep moving forward…

11/14/2018 – Dream & Thoughts

Dream: I was somewhere but the dream keeps slipping away before documenting…

Thoughts: I woke up wondering how I got to where I’m at in the sense that I was waking up to fly somewhere I didn’t want to go…

11/15/2018 – Thoughts

Pop’s b-day was yesterday.

I didn’t contact Mother.

I see the changes coming. I may be one of the last standing.

I must thrive and make it work online through Spirit’s guidance.

11/16/2018 – Dream & Thoughts

Dream: I was in a huge compound that reminded me of the Ewok’s home in the woods.

I can almost see more but it’s just out of reach.

Keeps fading.

Thoughts: Mother has another appt today.

Sis-in-law, niece, and niece are now at my house but I’m in Houston, TX.

Spirit keeps telling me I’m on the cusp of something greats so now it’s time to complete what’s being said.

11/17/2018 – Dream & Thoughts

Dream: I dreamed about the Era.

Thoughts: I (and wife, son, daughter, sis-in-law, niece, and niece) are about to leave for son’s meet soon.

It is 4:45am.

I also woke to a text from Mother stating her hair is falling out. She said the kids can be told and she’s okay answering questions, too.

11/18/2018 – Dream & Thoughts

Dream: I was part of daily protection briefings.

I was also in a line to get a free ice cream.

But I was part of a team that helped stop bad guys.

Me and 2 other people shared special responsibilities around this job.

The jobs rotated each day between the 3 of us.

Wife helped me with some important paperwork on day.

I wondered if others really wanted the bad guy stopped.

Thoughts: My mind is tired today.

Feels like I’ve got a bit of a cold.

I have come closer to relaunching the blog.

I always have something I’m workin on, but never seemed to relaunch the blog because it hasn’t been right, but I feel like it’s time.

11/20/2018 – Dream

Dream: I was with a family member and stranger in a floating, confined space somewhere (floating like maybe no gravity or on water).

11/21/2018 – Dream & Thoughts

Dream: On a boat with stuff needing to be assembled.

Everything was somewhat okay and controllable.

Thought: I will relaunch my blog tomorrow.

Need to finish my blog post and update YouTube channel.

It’s time to make the new dream happen now.

11/22/2018 – Dream & Thoughts

Dream: Someone was fired.

The guy fired was related to someone else.

Wife was there as we sorted out things. We were going up and down stairs.

Thought: Today’s date is a special one/code for the simulation.

I just feel it.

Today I’m beginning the blog again.

The limits must be unlearned.

11/23/2018 – Dream & Thoughts

Dream: I was at a church or business.

A woman was helping me. We had to pitch this repair but we weren’t sure it was worth it.

We eventually pitched it.

I remember flying around.

The woman and I had an unspoken connection.

Thoughts: Everyone but brother-in-law, dad-in-law, and I are Black Friday shopping.

Wife suggested last evening that I take bro-in-law to Julie’s Sweet Shoppe  for his b-day today.

Mother and I talked last night and she’s having a hard time. She said she needed more help with some simple things.

I’ll be out there next week so that’s cool.

I hope everyone can help a good amount.

11/24/2018 – Dream & Thoughts

Dream: I did some kind of take out. The food was being prepared and I to make sure the order and recipe was right.

Thoughts: I feel a new hope.

Like something new is being born.

Looking forward to helping Mother at her house.

11/25/2018 – Dream & Thoughts

Dream: I was powerful and strong.

I survived something.

Thoughts: I have been getting more greedy with money.

I have been worrying about what’s fair.

All money is just a means.

More comes so I am close to letting it go.

11/26/2018 – Dream & Thoughts

Dream: I was battling evil and bad.

I withstood it and helped lead to the place we needed and wanted to be.

Thoughts: I am going to travel to Mother’s today.

Sis-in-law, niece and niece are here with wife, son, and daughter.

Then two days without company before wife’s friend and her son come.

Busy days.

This will be an awesome and solid week.

12/1/2018 – Dream & Thoughts

Dream: I do not see it but I am well rested despite going to bed late.

Thoughts: Mother got another chemo treatment yesterday.

I did 3 Review Plans the day before yesterday.

I keep thinking about one of them.

All of this will dissolve away some day.

All will become the new story someday.

12/2/2018 – Dream & Thoughts

Dream: I seem to have had okay dreams.

Thoughts: My mind feels a bit rested and distressed upon waking.

The personnel issues continue to run around in my mind.

I will perform to potential.

12/3/2018 – Dream & Thoughts

Dream: I saw at least 1 or 2 dreams but then they drifted.

Thoughts: I will create The New Story starting with the new story of my life.

Mother will become better and regain her strength.

The personnel issues will become something new and better soon.

12/4/2018 – Dream & Thoughts

Dream: I I saw them.

They were more vivid than other days and nights.

Yet I saw the images leave.

Tonight I will remember and document.

Thoughts: I feel more awake and alert today.

I am a bit more free.

Truth is I’m always free but I am now seeing and feeling it.

12/5/2018 – Dream & Thoughts

Dream: I remember getting ready nut being late to go to the airport because I lost track of time.

I remember looking at the clock and the time being 8:45am and my flight was 9:30am, and I wasn’t sure how I was going to make my flight.

Then just as I was rushing, I ran into Molly Church and we were excited to catch up.

I gave her my card, but it was my old David Villalva.com card.

Thoughts: I am building a new connect with Lucid Beings.

I am creating through Spirit.

I am bringing into existence the new story for myself.

Be Among the Lucid.

12/6/2018 – Dream & Thoughts

Dream: I do not recall. I do not feel drained though which is a great thing.

Thoughts: Woke up this morning thinking a company dissolves away.

Today is wife and my 15-year wedding anniversary. Something amazing and special.

12/8/2018 – Dream & Thoughts

Dream: I remember different pieces of an event or time being needed so I could move forward.

Thoughts: I’m in Tulsa, OK for one of son’s meets.

Mother-in-law is flying in today and the rest of the fam is driving to California.

I am going back to Arkansas. Then I’ve got a day trip on Tuesday.

12/9/2018 – Dream & Thoughts

Dream: I remember there being the old St. Francis Elementary playground.

I was trying to finalize 2 setups of positioning.

I remember trials and making it all work.

It was a challenging but powerful dream.

Thoughts: Wife, mother-in-law, son, and daughter are driving to Cali.

They’re trying to make it Flagstaff.

12/10/2018 – Dream & Thoughts

Dream: I do not recall but they were meaningful.

Thoughts: I woke up to some fears.

Fear of losing money.

Fear of other people losing their money.

Now my mind resets like it did in bed and it remembers that there’s only right now, the pre-sent, and I trust myself Spirit to take me through whatever scenarios I/we may face…

I will continue to make progress and build the lucid story in the appropriate timeframe.

12/12/2018 – Dream & Thoughts

Dream: I was in some kind of puzzle game house that had to be escaped.

I made it through one time, then started over, and started going through it again(!).

Thoughts: I am considering trying to fly out a day early to see my family and Mother a little early.

I can be selfish though.

I know who I am.

12/13/2018 – Dream & Thought

Dream: I remember something but now it’s on the edge of my memory.

Thought: Mother’s tumors are shrinking.

12/14/2018 – Dream & Thoughts

Dream: It was political.

Thoughts: I’ve been eating a lot of sweets.

Too many sweets.

Going to take a break from a lot soon.

12/15/2018 – Dream & Thoughts

Dream: Political again.

Thoughts: I’ll be hanging it up soon. Just need the focus to achieve some real dreams in 2019.

12/16/2018 – Dream & Thoughts

Dream: I was on a work trip at a hotel.

Some colleagues were with me.

One was John Goodman or at least someone who looked like him.

I was a little worried about getting everything packed. John’s mother was in the room and I forgot to check on her.

John came back and checked on her.

Thoughts: I will hang it up soon.

It must happen.

I am creating the new story of my life.

I am building the blocks that will become The Lucid Story a.k.a. The Lucid Project.

12/17/2018 – Dreams & Thoughts

Dreams: I saw them and then I didn’t

Thoughts: I woke up worrying about work pain.

Whatever happens happens.

12/18/2018 – Dreams & Thoughts

Dreams: I saw some and they went away. Pieces of something being worked on…

Thoughts: Spirit, please help me find the place I am supposed to be.

With work, with play, with love, with joy.

Please help others find all of this as well.

12/19/2018 – Dreams & Thoughts

Dreams: Again, they were there momentarily, but then they were gone. I saw glimpses before they left me.

Thoughts: I’m traveling today.

Checking on chickens, heaters, cats, gecko and more before leaving.

It’s a great day and I will continue to tell the new story.

I look forward to reconnecting with my family…

1/1/2019 – Dream & Thoughts

Dream: I did not remember it by the time I am writing this but I will remember more.

I am on the path of clarity and destiny so I am lucid.

Thoughts: I am praying fro Mother and I’m thinking Happy New Year to all.

I am thinking about fixing and doing a lot of things this year.

I must make the dream a reality.

Ah, the dream is already my reality.

1/2/2019 – Dream & Thoughts

Dream: I was trying to text myself a message.

A bunch of people were gathered at a grassy area next to the Bel Air near my mother’s house. It had been remodeled.

Gary Vaynerchuk was there.

I said to a guy I’d been trying to face that we were here to “run interference.”

Gary said I was wrong.

I said to Gary, “Okay, we were here to play a game and we often play a role that runs interference.”

Gary seemed to like that, and he jumped down and walked some of the grass with me.

Gary told me his dad couldn’t be there but I wasn’t sure why.

Thoughts: I woke up thinking about past mistakes.

I prayed for them all to work out okay, mainly for others to be okay.

I still search.

I see myself but then I don’t.

I forget from one moment to the next.

I needed it but didn’t…

1/3/2019 – Dream & Thoughts

Dream: I was at the game field and I was ready to play, but I didn’t know where my hear protection or uniform was at.

Later, I ran into the coach and found out it was a scrimmage game. But then he helped me find my car as I talked to him.

I had a Toyota Tundra, but then I remember riding a bike home and the truck was suddenly gone.

I stopped for a photo opp with some people at a restaurant.

Thoughts: Why do I have so much fear in losing what I have?

I hate this feeling.

I fear losing something I can’t really stand for the most part. It’s such a bizarre experience.

And then, this morning, I feared emailing my newest blog post that’s kind of weird.

1/4/2019 – Dream & Thoughts

Dream: I was in a house where I saw some old friends playing sports games outside my backyard.

They were the old UCC b-ball crew.

Pop and Mother were there, too.

A salesman was trying to hard sell a new truck to Pop and it was driving me nuts. The sales people kept making him feel like he’d be an idiot to not buy the truck.

I then began to position it as though it would be nuts for the sales person to not buy the truck himself so he could flip it for profit.

I could not stand the sales person.

Thoughts: I wake up at 4:30am to use the restroom and I was stressed about work.

I must transmute this energy into positivity to create my new life.

1/7/2019 – Dream & Thoughts

Dream: I had a cool set up for a picture that I wanted to get.

I kept waiting for everyone to be ready while at someone’s house. Waiting.

Then I was unsure if I’d get shot.

Thoughts: J(Wife) and I started the day with prayer.

It was awesome.

We’re also going to fast during the day.

We are so blessed and I pray for this realm to be changed.

1/9/2019 – Dream & Thought

Dream: I was at the DMV or something like that.

I was with someone maybe Mike S. I think he missed getting his Driver’s License by 2 points.

Someone died.

Thought: I am a Lucid Storyteller.

1/10/2019 – Dream & Thoughts

Dream: I was exposed to some toxic stuff.

I also dreamed I was at Mother’s house. Vincent C. was there.

I remember Marie’s Donuts being a target.

Mother was going out to dinner with work friends.

Thoughts: J(Wife) and I continued our daily prayer this morning.

It’s awesome.

I am a smart, talented, creative, loving person.

I am among the lucid.

1/11/2019 – Dream & Thoughts

Dreams: I was with Mother at her house and she had people over.

She had tons of energy and she was super fresh, giddy, elated, and moving around with Spirit.

It was awesome.

Another dream had me involved with a special device that could do damage to people.

It was like an episode of 24.

I remember backpacks being swapped and I had to get mine back.

Thoughts: I J(Wife) and I have a date night today.

I got another blog post out for the 5th or 6th week in a row. All-time streak for me.

Today is Sonja’s b-day.

J(Wife) and I prayed again this morning. Our fast ends today.

I Love You Spirit.

1/12/2019 – Dream & Thoughts

Dream: We were at a house in the country for a large potluck.

The Coffee boys were there along with Brian G.

A small child almost fell but caught himself.

I remember flying a short distance.

Another child almost fell but someone else saved him because I couldn’t get there in time.

I remember eating a donut near The End.

J(Wife) and I were driving back there later as I changed into regular shorts and a big  guy knocked on the window.

I assumed he was bad and told J(Wife) to speed up.

I woke before anything could happen.

Thoughts: J(Wife) and I had a great date night last evening.

I pray Mother heals.

I am a Lucid Storyteller.

1/13/2019 – Dream & Thoughts

Dream: There was a girl next door who tried to tempt.

Thoughts: I woke up at 4am.

I am just going to work at my dreams early this morning.

1/14/2019 – Dream & Thoughts

Dream: Casey called crying because he said he just left a very intimate thing at Jeff’s house.

It was about me.

Casey said I had been hurt.

Jeff G. and Jeff E. both manifested in this house.

I was told a truck jumped the curb and it pinned me. They told me they knew when I was going to die.

It was so real, and Jeff and Jeff were so sad.

I told them things were not set, and it did not have to happen.

Thoughts: This dream above really hit me.

It’s time to do something in life because I don’t know when I could get hit by a truck or I could lose my life.

I must create my life for real.

I mean the new story I want to live.

Time to finish the story…

1/15/2019 – Dream & Thoughts

Dream: Mike S. and I waited in a line with paperwork.

The Highlander and trailer were stuck in a driveway perpendicular to a big truck and trailer.

“One last try at a time,” I say.

Thoughts: I slept good but was still tired this morning.

Def a better awakening than yesterday. But today will be a great day.

I am a loving, helpful Spirit.

1/16/2019 – Dream & Thoughts

Dream: I do not recall, but I’m certain I had some. I do not believe they were bad though.

Thoughts: I’ve been worried about my own security.

I pray for mental strength here, guidance for where I should be, and for my creative path to take off and flourish.

The desire and fire must burn.

Love You Father.

1/17/2019 – Dream & Thoughts

Dream: I J(Wife) and I were in a bedroom during the day at a house and we realized some kids, our kids, were outside the house playing.

I also remember being in a bathroom, changing, and feeling stressed.

Thoughts: I keep thinking about team members who will likely be gone soon.

I must find peace that I am human, and Christ has me.

I am protected.

1/18/2019 – Dream & Thoughts

Dream: I remember going around a super touristy place.

Thoughts: I woke up thinking of him and how I didn’t do my best, but I did my best.

I pray this is all over soon.

I pray I remember who I am.

I must remember I am a strong man of faith. The enemy will try to break me, but I am Spirit./

I pray we are blessed. Ha, your will be done.

You’ve always provided for all of us. I love that.

My mind seems to be all over the place. Please ground me.

I am thankful for life, for what we have, who we are, I just struggle sometimes, please lift me up.

1/19/2019 – Dream & Thoughts

Dream: I was in my boxers a bunch of the time.

J(Wife) and I were hosting people at our house. It totally did not look like our house. It was a big open area.

I remember something splattering on my shoes.

Thoughts: Team work to make the dream work.

I pray you bless us with your angels in this house or wherever you take us.

I pray kind and loving spirited people enter our home and you bless the entire experience. You have always done us right.

I pray you continue to help us in all ways.

I know challenges happen, yet you can also help with timings and more.

1/20/2019 – Dream & Thoughts

Dream: I was at a fair, not sure about which city.

Colleagues told me business was lost and one feared losing more.

Later, I remember looking for my glasses and other people I knew being around including one guy playing with a bear. I was worried for the one guy.

Then it was like a bachelor party of some kind. The big fair looked like an MTV Beach Party of some kind with drunk people, bathing suits, and more.

I hated it.

Thoughts: I am grateful for the love I have with so many.

I am grateful for my home and all our crazy blessings.

I am grateful for the dreams I’m able to purse.

I am grateful for my family and their health.

I am grateful for friends.

I am grateful for my job.

1/22/2019 – Dream & Thoughts

Dream: J(Brother) and I were in a house we lived in, kind of a Twilight Zone vibe going on.

The place looked like a weird small open world, like from a Star Trek episode.

Pop and Mother left and didn’t come back. I thought something bad may have happened to them.

Something eventually happened.

People were there but it didn’t seem real.

Two cousins were there. Very weird.

I also recall some board games.

Thoughts: I am grateful because I am in California today and I get to take Mother to chemo treatment today.

I am grateful Mother is alive. I am grateful I gets to spend this time with her.

I am thankful for my own health.

I am grateful for my current role that brought me back to Cali.

I am blessed and thankful for my wife and kids and pup and everything.

I am in love with life.

I am a lucid creator, storyteller, businessman, entrepreneur, giver.

I am winning at the game of life.

2/21/2019 – Dream & Thoughts

Dream: I was with Mother at her house.

Then we were going to meet at dinner, but I didn’t have my car, except then I did have it.

I remember driving around crazy obstacles.

Thoughts: I am grateful for my health, mother who fights, wife who lives strong, son who loves with strength, daughter who dances with creativity, family who exists as they must.

Thank you for life!

3/21/2019 – Dream & Thoughts

Dream: I was evaluating people.

Something about cheese pizza being there. Steph Curry, too.

I remember a guy owing me money and he held onto it because he didn’t want me to leave.

Also, I missed a flight or I was about to miss it.

Thoughts: I am still in D.C. with my family.

I am a little run down with my head (possible cold but I will not give it power).

I feel good and it’s a great day.

I am blessed with a family that fills my heart. I am grateful that J (Wife) supports me during all days, even when I make a video that scares other people.

I am so grateful for G (Son) because he trusts my words.

I am so grateful for O (Daughter) because she’s strong willed and innocent and loving!

I am so grateful for my job and the amazing opportunities I’ve had to be creative.

I am training everyday to help more people!

3/22/2019 – Dream & Thought

Dream: I had to escape in the snow because someone was after me. I made it out, but it was hard.


Thought: Woke up thinking I came to change the world.

4/11/2019 – Dream & Thoughts

Dream: Chris was there and I was in a game/escape house.

There seemed to be ghosts.

We were trying to escape and also shoot stuff.

Thoughts: Today is my b-day and I feel great.

I am so grateful for my family, friends, career, creativity, blessings, and more!

4/12/2019 – Dream & Thoughts

Dream: My situation was like a video game.

Gizmo was there.

Thoughts: I woke up worrying about a deal that is suddenly questionable.

I am blessed and the deal does not define me. I am grateful for my day and life challenges.

Easy does not help me grow!

I am grateful for J(Wife), G(Son), O(Daughter), Mother, Family, Friends, Kilo, Work, Other Job, future Lucidity, and so much more!

Thank you Spirit!

4/20/2019 – Dream & Thoughts

Dream: Water flooded an old building, maybe an old school hotel.

I had to escape rom a higher floor by jumping out a window twice.

I remember someone else emptying a dark pool.

Thoughts: I slept in until 8am today and felt bad, but my body felt like it needed it.

I am making coffee and I remain positive toward life!

I am grateful for my life, the woods, the wife, the son, the daughter, the dog, the family, the friends, the Christ Light, the Father, the Spirit, the life I get to live where I am creating stuff I love everyday.

5/7/2019 – Experience

A woman approaches me in the hallway outside of the hotel’s conference rooms.

“You did a great job,” the woman says.

My head tilts to gesture my miscomprehension.

Her eye lids squint.

“I’m sorry, you may be mistaking me for someone else,” I say (despite no other bald man with spectacles speaking).

She looks at me oddly and says, “Didn’t you…?”

“I am scheduled to speak tomorrow,” I say.

Perplexion is her new expression.

No more words are exchanged.

We part ways.

Once, my brother and I exited a movie and we agreed a time shift occurred.

Get over it.

Shift happens.

5/18/2019 – Dream

Dream: I see a battlefield…

I was avoiding napalm like the fire above.

6/3/2019 – Dream

Dream: I was somewhere with shapes and goals…

6/5/2019 – Dream

Dream: I was somewhere that I was filling in spaces and pieces.

6/11/2019 – Dream

Dream: I was trying to protect someone.

6/12/2019 – Dream

Dream: I was in pursuit of something,

6/19/2019 – Dream

Dream: Someone did a crime and disappeared.

I was trying to help them escape.

7/2/2019 – Dream

Dream: I was jumping around a bunch of ruins.

Maybe it was an old school or historic place. I made one big jump that was supernatural and it surprised a woman I was connected with.

I was feeling good about myself.

7/4/2019 – Dream

Dream: Somebody wanted to ruin me.

Aquaman was there to help me though.

Someone stole my wallet and phone, they they swapped my phone with another. Wife was kidnapped and they got scary photos.

I had the kids and I was trying to get home to wife. It was a gang or something that did everything to me.

7/13/2019 – Dream

Dream: Me and 3 others had gifts.

We were done, but 2 had to go back to being stuck with a master or something.

Me and 1 other tried to free the other 2.

It was all good for our 4 in The End.

7/29/2019 – Dream & Thoughts

Dream: I was on an island.

There was a scary house we had to solve to escape. It had to do with a wedding, too.

I was scared but became courageous enough to overcome and solve the puzzle despite the disgusting zombies and monsters.

Thought: I am strong and I did not let the dream’s scary setting, missions, and characters stop me.

7/30/2019 – Dream & Thoughts

Dream: I was finding a place to fit.

I remember trying to help someone else and others.

Thoughts: My body is empty this morning… in the physical sense.

I am full in Spirit though. I am doing my best to remember Why I’m here as I wake up this morning.

I remember that during this day I will feel good all day long. I remember who I am and I remember my intentions for this physical body.

I am grateful for J, G, O, Family, Friends, Animals, Job, Colleagues, Breath, this Land, and all of the Loving Energy on Earth. I am grateful for everything that my body resonates because I am making myself an astute and beautifully vibrational being.

I am growing and I am grateful to be in sync with Spirit.

8/1/2019 – Dream

Dream: I was in a house and I had puzzles to solve.

I found a creative woman in an underground hiding place.

8/2/2019 – Dream & Thoughts

Dream: I was back at Sac City Junior College.

I was a little lost. I missed some of the classes but it was okay by the end of the school year.

Thought: I feel a little tight and sore but I am grateful because I was able to mow and edge the grounds yesterday.

The back door’s glass got cracked due to the edger kicking a rock twenty feet into it.

Oh well, things here are just temporary.

8/3/2019 – Dream

Dream: Some backpacks were stolen from a building I was at.

One of the backpacks included my laptop.

8/4/2019 – Dream

Dream: I didn’t book a flight and I was embarrassed.

I remember trying to find sweets and flying like Superman in a special park.

8/5/2019 – Dream

Dream: I was riding to safety in the ocean.

It was the end of a work trip.

The water was candy and we could also walk on it.

8/6/2019 – Dream

Dream: I was near a party but I didn’t party.

Someone got sick and a kitty didn’t make it.

8/7/2019 – Dream

Dream: I was in a house changing and there was a pizza box.

I felt like I needed to change my clothes so I could make it to a meeting on time.

Then I was helping some people present on Shark Tank at the last minute.

There was some miscoordination with attires matching.

8/8/2019 – Dream

Dream: We did a conference call with a client.

The client wanted to wait 6 weeks before committing.

8/10/2019 – Dream

Dream: I dreamed of green, wife, and fam.


Dream: I do not recall it yet it seemed taxing on my shoulders. Or maybe I did not relax my body as I should have last evening.

Thoughts: I am ready to experience this world. I must create a little bit to begin my day. I can see the current of truth running through me and I am no longer standing in the middle. I run, dance, and slip inside it.

I am grateful for wife. Her compassion. He kindness. Her open ears. I am grateful for son and daughter who resonate on wonderful levels.

I am grateful for family, friends, enemies, colleagues, work, jobs, creations, givings, receivings, and blessings in body, mind, and spirit. I love life and I will breathe as myself. This is how it’s supposed to be.

Goal: Blog, Fast Draft web pages

8/19/2019 – Dream

Candace from Junior High School was there.

I was flying. There was a special sunlight and energy over a pool that Candace and some others were inside.

I kept flying around and it was super empowering. I knew I had lucidity and I was strong again.

It was amazing because I knew it was not normal.

Then I needed an escape pod to to go to another dimension.

10/19/2019 – Experience

I saw something new today. I’ll assign it my first light spirit.

I was standing there going to the bathroom and I saw a flare pass by.

I looked over my shoulder to try and find the source.


Then it passed again and I realized it was a new experience.

Week of 10/7/2019 – Character Backstories

Monday: Thomas Kingston

Tuesday: Katherine Waters

Wednesday: Jezebel Goodwin

Thursday: Lazarus Taylor

Friday: Supporting Characters

Saturday: Refine characters

Sunday: Play with anything

Week of 10/14/2019 – Outline Scenes

Monday: Summarize best character backstory scenes, assess plot points inside 4 Parts

Tuesday: Build one Part, any of the 4 Parts

Wednesday: Another Part

Thursday: Another Part, post/schedule blog

Friday: Last Part

Saturday: Review Scenes

Sunday: Review Scenes

11/11/2019 – Thoughts

Do you know the ringing sounds?

Have you seen Southland Tales?

Tuning forks.

11/19/2019 – Thoughts

Once, I didn’t know how to get home.

A friend’s parents and I studied their map before stopping at a payphone.

That’s when I called my parents for directions on how to get home. At least I knew their number.

Still, my friend said, “You don’t know how to get home?”

My unknowing drove us crazy.

My embarrassment still haunts so I’ve decided to broadcast past brain misfires.

During my first year of high school, the same buddy with the quoted question above became my best friend.

He invited me to Lake Tahoe every weekend. His family owned quite the cabin.

One time when there, I sled through a tree. I couldn’t turn the sled and my face took the brunt of the branches.

I now laugh because I asked my friend for his frozen glove to absorb my face’s blood.

I used mine because he declined.

I dislike it when my brain misfires.

On another trip, I tweaked my back hitting a wicked jump riding an inner tube.

Due to more injuries during Tahoe weekends, I began calling myself accident prone.

I no longer say such things because I deleted this improper self-programming. However, this timing did coincide with the ending of many injuries.

After some time, I began to decline the weekend getaways. I couldn’t handle the weight of the relationship.

We saw each other at school. We often hung after school. Add in each weekend and it’s a hat trick.

Seriously, how is someone who cannot find his way home expected to manage such levels of commitment?

Because you see, I need my space to stay in a good place.

During the following high school year, we began running in differing social herds. Near the end of the school year, we barely saw each other.

Many times, I have understood that friendships possess a lifecycle. Two friends can share connections for time periods that end.

I know because I have broken up with many friends.

Some have dissolved. Others were calculated. Some just a break. Oh yeah, I married my last girlfriend after we broke up.

Except this Tahoe buddy and I never had a proper breaking. Although, it’s possible I forgot.

I dislike it when my brain misfires.

I transferred high schools going into my Junior year. That’s when I saw another friend who said something happened to the Tahoe buddy.

I was told a story about this old school Tahoe buddy and how he played with drugs that made his brain permanently misfire.

Many times, I have wondered if an extended coupling could have changed anything. This wonder prompted me to ask why I initiated our time to end.

Why did I want to change schools?

Why did I change?

I dislike it when my brain misfires.

I believe this thought pattern of questioned intentions often results in mostly disheartening data. Because it is rarely accurate despite the vast time invested in processing the possibilities.

11/28/2019 – Dream

Dream: I laid down with lions and tigers playing around me.

I had to play it cool.

I faced the fear and we shared the space.

12/5/2019 – Experience

My Return key on my 1-year-old MacBook is malfunctioning.

When I click it, it brings up a menu.

It’s been doing this for a few days. Reboots and closing apps does not resolve ongoing issue.

Return prompts the following menu options: Scene Heading, Action, Characters

It has now begun working once again as I document this mental particle.

Return no longer malfunctioning.

I laugh.

I re-read this entry 5 days later on 12/10/2019 at 3:11pm because the Return key has returned to malfunctioning.

I search and add to this entry 1 day later on 12/11/2019 at 11:00am because the Return key has returned to working as I revisit these mental particles.

On 12/12/2019 at 6:50pm, the Return key continues to function within normal parameters.

12/7/2019 – Thoughts

Early: The dream patterns shadow the waking patterns.

Everything is okay in The End.

Later: “That’s a nice fire,” son says.

“I am about to stoke this fire. I’m stoked about this fire,” I say.

Latest: Most people do not know what they’re thinking about.

You say to Yourself, “I am the One I have been waiting for.”

You choose to Know.

12/10/2019 – Thought

I discover that 11 and 22 are Master Numbers.

12/11/2019 – Experiences

10:33am: “I think I want to burn the boat and plant roses,” wife says.

“Mom wants to sink the battle ship,” I say.

“What?!” daughter says.

11:08am: I read wife journal entries 11/22/2018 and 11/23/2018.

11:57am: I say to wife and daughter, “I need to check out the moon tonight. There’s a meteor shower going on but it will be harder to see due to how full the moon is. But it’s bright and this will be the last time in 2019 that I get to see my shadow at night under the full moon.”

12/12/2019 – Thoughts

The purge continues.

Pieces of me are being put down.

Last eve, wife and I stood under the cold moon which went officially full at 12:12am.

The moon light shines brighter and the shadows fall darker.

The man whose name means shining forest will perform his final service on 12/20/2019.

12/21/2019 = Remembrance

12/13/2019 – Thoughts

Today is Friday the 13th.

Do you have thoughts?

Do you have dreams?

Do we share some?