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Module 7: Writing Plan

Lesson 4 (of 4) – Preparation

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Download and complete the Prewriting Checklist (editable PDF)

Worksheet Action Step(s):

Action Step #1 – Your prewriting checklist:

Create a Prewriting Checklist to better prepare yourself for more productive writing sessions

You must actually write during your writing sessions – the entire time.

So it’s recommended that you recognize your prewriting routine, and prepare yourself to defeat any potential distractions or interruptions that will cut into your limited writing time.One simple approach to prepare yourself is a Prewriting Checklist.

This checklist will include your regular prewriting routine along with a list of preparations that will help you stay focused.

Note: Once you’ve created your Prewriting Checklist, please go back to your Writing Schedule and update it as necessary to account for your prewriting routine (assuming it will cut into your writing time).

  ❓ Please review the sample Prewriting Checklist you can download here on this domain’s page. Or you can simply create your own fresh writing prep approach.  😉

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