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Module 7: Writing Plan

Lesson 2 (of 4) – Time

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Worksheet Action Step(s):

Action Step #1 – Your writing time:

Take inventory of your free time and choose how you’ll commit the time to finish your draft, fast

I believe you’ve worked harder than 99%+ of the storytellers out there to create a well-designed scene-by-scene outline – and that means you must insure that you take advantage of your limited free time to draft your story – fast.

So it’s critical that you look at your life and consider how you spend your rare free time – and then you must determine what you’re willing to sacrifice to write your draft – fast.

Always remember: People make time for what’s most important to them.

  ❓ List the most common ways you spend your free time. Please do not be shy. Speak to the page and confess.
Now prioritize the most common ways you spend your free time (the same ones from the previous page), and list them in order of their importance in your life.
  ❓ While considering the ordered list (from above), which activities / listed items are you willing to sacrifice (by simply doing them less or giving them up) to write your draft in record time?

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