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Module 2: Story Heart

Lesson 3 (of 6) – Antagonist

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Playbook Action Step(s):

Action Step #1 – Your antagonist:

Focus your one core antagonist

Who is your antagonist and what is their one clear-cut mission?

– Who is your antagonist?

– What is your antagonist’s story goal?

– How does your antagonist’s story goal relate to your protagonist’s story goal?

Your antagonist must oppose your protagonist and their story goal. Yet your antagonist needs their own story goal and it must relate to the protagonist’s story goal.

Reminder: Your antagonist should be an actual character and not a natural disaster, general idea, or opposing theme.

Example #1:
The Lord of the Rings
Protagonist = Frodo Baggins
Protag. Story Goal = Destroy the ring
Antagonist = Sauron
Antag. Story Goal = Obtain the ring
Story Goal connection = The ring

Example #2:
Gone Girl
Protagonist = Nick Dunne
Protag. Story Goal = Prove his innocence
Antagonist = Amy Dunne
Antag. Story Goal = Frame Nick for murder
Story Goal connection = Nick’s freedom