I’m here to Bring to Light a string of idioms because brighter vibes must Come to Light.

    This is due to too many getting Blinded by the Light and losing sight inside songs like “Blinding Lights.” 

And others purposefully invoked wicked weather through enchantments such as “Light as a Feather…”

    Blah, I, too, have been guilty of barking bewitched, for instance, “Light ‘Em If You Got ‘Em!”

But it’s high time everybody realeyes such spells basically translate into The Lights Are On, But Nobody’s Home.

    So I command we unite in A Lightbulb Moment and cancel all contracts that stamp us Out Like a Light.

Oh how I’d love to Light into Someone and Make Light Work of Something.

    Oh how I dream of being the One to Shed Light on Something and burning the Guiding Light.

Oh how I hope that We, The People immediately see and agree to “Come to The Light!”

    And once we’re together, I’ll say, “Don’t fret, Travel Light, and know you must come to trust your own Ray of Light.”

Fam and friends, yes, I’m bawling and screaming, “Let There Be Light!”

    Have you ever felt like you’re Light Years Ahead of the times or your mind? 

Maybe this is why I’m trying to justify convergence In a Different Light?

    But don’t think twice, there’s plenty of space here so I wouldn’t cite, “You’re in My Light.”

Okay nice, you already discerned that prior quoted line was designed in a False Light.

    So then why standby? Shall we simply Light the Fuse and awaken to See in a New Light?

Cuz if that works outright, I’m ready for revival so let’s begin At First Light.

    But sometimes people may want the igniting to happen In the Cold Light of Day.

Otherwise, I’m also available at CandleLight so what do you say?

    Don’t think thrice, I have a Light Touch and refuse to Stand in One’s Own Light.

Are you catching my plight? I’m shouting it’s critical that we resonate in Sweetness and Light

    because I’m so frickin’ finished coexisting In a Bad Light.

And what if I desired your assistance, would You Light Me Up?

    Too much to insist? Whatever, I guess we can keep this Light Hearted.

But let’s only Make Light of this “enLightened” rhyme for a couple of lines 

    because I’m genuine about amplifying the Spirit of Truth and broadcasting Your Name in Lights.

Ha, it’s funny because a lack of gravity used to make me Light Headed,

    but that was before I came to gleam and glide in The Christ’s Beam of Light.

Nowadays I just close my eyes and Get the Green Light,

    not just to Lighten Up, but to Light Up because this One is ignited from inside out.

And despite sampling the SpotLight, I’ve mostly opted to Run a Red Light 

    because I’m way too uncomfy basking in the LimeLight.

So In Light of my countless breaking In Broad DayLight, 

    I’m grateful because it’s never manifested as a definitive Lights Out.

But seriously, what if you were tasked to be The Light of One’s Life?

    Would you first require another to Light a Fire Under your spine?

Are you capable of staying Light on Your Feet during the shift that’ll soon transpire?

    Must I remind our kind what we’ve aligned, and that After the Darkness Comes Light?

Straight up, please just remember to Put on the Armor of Light and stay humble 

    because we’re about to reach The Light at the End of the Tunnel