Wife agreed it would be “cute” if I got my daughter’s face tattooed onto my chest.

Then she suggested it would look better on my shoulder.

Before I could respond, the aforementioned fictitious tatt had been relocated to my right breast, but wife asked, “What would they do with your nipple?”

TMI or WTF(udge)?

So that’s just one example of the bizarre banters with my best friend.

Granted, these exchanges often occur because I toss thought grenades to stimulate dialogue in the story of my life.

And I’ll never forget wife’s response when she learned I wanted to be a storyteller – because I wrote the beginning of my first trunked novel without her knowing.

Here’s where we must meet in laughter because for a few weeks after my epiphany struck in the bathroom, I was a closet storyteller.

I would sneak into an empty room, fire up my laptop, and write a scene or brainstorm a character. In fact, silly Dave thought he would complete a masterpiece for the ages and hand it to her as a surprise.



After realizing this whole storytelling journey would take a bit longer than expected, I decided to loop wife on my behind-the-scenes dream.

So I sat her down, and confessed my secret affair with storytelling.


She’s not calling me crazy.


I thought wife would tell me I already had a solid career. I thought she’d tell me dreams were meant for younger guys without kids and mortgage payments.



She said she supported me, and she thought I would do it.


I have wondered what led her to believe in my writing potential.

Maybe it was because I edited her emails while we dated long distance prior to wedlock? Maybe it was because I would edit her Facebook posts many times throughout marriage? Or maybe it was because she saw the dream igniting in my eyes?

Either way, she believed in me, and it reaffirmed my own faith.


Okay, I recognize many people lack a spouse or friend who supports them without pause.

I also know that it can be a scary thing to tell others about your dreams – because most humans do not understand what you must create.

They cannot see the projects being auditioned in your psyche.

They can’t fathom the scenes being simulated in your mind.

They don’t realize that your imagination is working to transform reality.

They do not share your dream.

I often wonder if too many people have forgotten how to dream – because it seems they have already forgotten that others still dream.


You have now seen into one of my deepest dreams.

And it came true – because I am a storyteller – and I have experienced some “success.”

Yes, I still dream for it to be my full-time career – and I know it will be – not just because wife believed – but because I am doing the work to make the dream come true.

And obviously, I believe support from another person will help you achieve your dream.

So I believe sharing your dream with just one person is the next simple step to making it come true.

A couple benefits to putting your dreams out there are:

1. Sharing your dream can solidify what you really want.

– Telling someone else what you want can offer clarity because the process forces you to articulate your dream. And maybe that clarity will help guide you toward the core of your truest dream.

2. Sharing your dream can help you hold yourself accountable.

– A dream must eventually live outside of you for it to come true. Otherwise, it will forever remain a fairytale inside your mind. So telling another person makes the dream more real. Plus, it empowers someone else to ask you about your dream at any moment, and that may compel you to actually keep working on it.


So please share or reinforce one of your deepest dreams with someone you trust.

But as previously mentioned, you may not have a partner, spouse, or close friend who will support you… so I’d like to extend an offer.

How can I help you?

Do you still dream?

Does another know your deepest dream?

Will you tell me your dream?

Are you open to making a new connection to further solidify your dream?

Do you actually believe your dream will come true?

Because if you’re unable to help me or someone else see your dream, then how can we come to believe in it?


Seriously, CONTACT ME and tell me one of your deepest dreams.


Maybe it is your writing dream.

Maybe it is another passion that you’d like to position as your career.

Maybe it’s something burning inside you that should be shared with another.

I promise to believe in your dream.

I promise to offer help to the best of my ability.*

I promise to be on your dream team.**

*Offer limited to hero(in)es only.

**Yes, villains not included. 🙂