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Keep creating!

In 2001, I sat down in my S. California apartment to write a big story.

I just finished reading Syd Field’s Screenplay. And it gave me structured hope to pursue my writing dreams. So with a pen in hand and notebook on my lap, I started to create my big story.

But 30 minutes later, I put down the pen, closed the notebook, and gave up.

The task overwhelmed me.

Because I didn’t believe I was talented enough to craft a big story. I didn’t think I had the potential to make it happen. And my lack of faith killed my dream for almost a decade.


In 2009, a stranger shifted my perspective.

Because in the first two pages of James Scott Bell’s Plot & Structure, he exposed the Big Lie that I told myself eight years earlier. He wrote about how he wasted 10 years of his own writing life because people taught him great writers and storytellers were born and not made. Even he believed people either had the talent or they didn’t.

That’s the Big Lie.

Reading Plot & Structure for less than two minutes renewed my writing dreams. Because James Scott Bell revealed my potential was not determined by fate, destiny, or luck.

So I replaced the Big Lie with the truth.


The truth was that the art of writing and craft of storytelling could be learned, developed, and mastered.

The truth propelled me to keep moving forward. The truth helped me survive my first story coach offering me a refund. The truth led to the launch of this blog in 2015. The truth helped me publish small and big stories that have touched people’s lives.

Are you open to rejecting the Big Lie and accepting the Truth?

If so, you can start living the truth today. All you have to do is commit to closing the gap between your current skill set and the storyteller you’re meant to be.

Here are 3 immediate steps to help you live the truth and reach your potential:

    1. Compose your headspace. The truth is You are the One you’ve been waiting for… Believe that your writing dreams can become reality. Then fortify this personal narrative because the story you tell inside becomes the story you live outside.
    2. Write your stories. The truth is you must take action… Journal your life experiences. Free your fiction. Script your daydreams. Write anything with a beginning, middle and ending because practice improves potential.
    3. Explore timeless storytelling principles. The truth is structure and creativity can coexist, even complement each other… Check out my epic guide about the three-act structure and plot diagrams to develop a story readers love.

That’s it for this Saturday, one creative writing tip to help you craft stories that connect.

I hope you benefited from this piece, but if my approach doesn’t vibe with your style… I get it and no worries if you unsubscribe.

I won’t be upset if you break up with me. 🤓

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See ya next week!


— David “Truth over Lies” Villalva

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